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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Managing Middlescence | They make up more than half your workforce. They work longer hours than. Welcome to middlescence. Like adolescence, it can be a time of frustration, confusion, and alienation. But it can also be a time of self-discovery. Citation: () “Managing middlescence”, Human Resource Management International Digest, Vol. 14 Issue: 5, ead.

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The question is, Will they find it in your organization or elsewhere?

His advice to others: And some people, especially those who have reached positions of authority, stop seeking development opportunities because they hesitate to take risks or don’t want to admit that they have things to learn. You might not be fired, exactly, but the general managiing was that you’d be displaced.

He was sandwiched between obligations at the office and at home, and miedlescence work group was demoralised after two rounds of downsizing. One in five is looking for another. In middlescence many are asking themselves: In the spring ofthe HR director for the company’s fast-growing China operation quit, and Jeff volunteered for the job.

The China operation hopes to double its sales in two years and redouble in four, so the unit was already facing shortages of experienced technical and professional people when Jeff arrived. But he’s having fun. maanging

Managing Middlescence.

They make up more than half your workforce. The solution is to widen access to leadership development programs to both rejuvenate mid-career managers and refill the leadership pipeline.


Many of the executives we spoke with in our research cited shortages in their leadership succession pipelines. Jim liked the company and networked with a variety of managers to learn what kinds of opportunities there might be. As a result, many mid-career workers are overdue for a serious infusion of training which can include refresher courses, in-depth education to develop new skills, and brief introductions to new ideas or areas of business that expand their perspectives and trigger their interest in learning more.

Increased longevity, delayed and multiple marriages, and large numbers of two-career households have altered family patterns such that middlescents are often sandwiched at home between raising children and caring for aging parents precisely at the time when their job responsibilities are peaking.

When in June we at Age Wave and the Concours Group conducted a survey with Harris Interactive of more than US workers, we found that people in this age bracket work longer hours than their older and younger counterparts, with 30 per cent saying they put in 50 or more hours per week. Mid-career employees are the least likely to say their workplace is congenial and fun or that it offers ample opportunity to try new things.

Earlier generations looked to their work for security and material success; the way to combat restlessness was usually to hunker down and focus on one’s current job. Companies are ill-prepared to manage middlescence because it is so pervasive, largely invisible, and culturally uncharted.

Have I had the impact I expected to have? You’d have to be dead not to have fun in this job. These assumptions are, at best, middlescencs partly true.

Managing Middlescence. – Semantic Scholar

The program began in a chip-making factory in New Mexico inwhen Intel was growing, and many of the factory’s managers and technical experts were being transferred to new locations.


Firms are too often blindsided when valuable people up and quit. Other research has yielded similar findings: That neglect is bad for business: For middlescents, serving as a mentor is a personally fulfilling way middlescencr share a lifetime mddlescence experience, give back to the organisation, and make a fresh set of social connections in the workplace.

It’s just a better kind of tired. We all have strengths; find yours and play to them.

Managing Middlescence – Business Leadership: A Jossey-Bass Reader [Book]

According to a Conference Board survey, the largest decline in job satisfaction over the past 10 years occurred among workers between the ages of 35 and 44, and the second largest decline was among those aged 45 to The results for Jim and the company were beyond excellent.

Family and financial pressures outside work make them conservative in their career choices, and many cannot afford moves that would involve cuts in pay or benefits. Increased longevity also means the average 50 year old today could be looking forward to 30 years or more of healthy, active life.

Middlescents often dream of and in some cases end up pursuing something fundamentally new. Many of today’s mid-career workers are well educated and have retained their love of learning.