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MAGPUL Masada / BushmasterACR – Adaptive Combat Rifle in Entry configuration with in barrel andside. MAGPUL Masada / BushmasterACR – Adaptive.

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Not to mention their craptastic ammo nobody I know will use.

Magpul MASADA / ACR – Modern Firearms

The massada can also be configured for handguard, stock type and trigger unit setup. Magpul also is developing a 7. Adaptive combat rifle ACR.

Have an urgent question about this item? Length with folded stock. Ugh the sadness at what system could have been and what was done with and to it. And then they had competing companies with Bushy and Remington and a lucky man you were indeed to score the Remmy parts because you suck and they hate you.

The Masada is also compatible with high capacity drum magazines. What do you expect from a company that is run by bankers.

The revelation caused public outcry and dismay of the rifle from a large portion of the firearms community and potential civilian end-users. All of the rifle’s parts can be easily stripped for cleaning and all of its controls are fully ambidextrous.

Among the options for the ACR are various stocks including a fixed adjustable in terms of length of pull and cheek weldfolding adjustable folding and six-position telescopingand sniper stock based on the Magpul PRS stock.


Your products dominate this market with almost blind loyalty. Remington Arms Military Bushmaster Civilian. Barrel lengths of the two calibers are exactly the same. The Remington’s handguard model has a five-sided aluminum handguard that can be user configured with MIL-STD rail elements, while the Bushmaster’s model is polymer with heat guards and attachable aluminum tri-rail.

The stock was the best thing to come out of the debacle.


This assault rifle is fed from detachable round magazines. With the stock folded, it is only Archived from the original on 22 January This version retains the features of the Individual Carbine variant, except mapul the folding stock was kept and the barrel was shortened to 9. They adopted exactly zero of my suggestions. Cyclic rate of fire. Transition from the M16 weapon series is facilitated with similar control placement and function of many critical controls thus requiring minimal re-training.

To remove the barrel for change, inspection, or maintenancethe operator has to remove the polymer handguards, then swing down the wire lever which is located below the barrel, and then turning the barrel to unlock and pull it forward and out of the receiver. He sent me a prototype ACR and asked for my thoughts. February 8, at Yep, RIP to the Masada. All parts are easily stripped for cleaning. Bushmaster made some design changes to this weapon to meet the emerging requirements of the US Military.


The standard magazine housing, which is suited to accept Ar type magazines, has ambidextrous magazine release buttons. The Masada rifle was developed by US-based company Magpul Industries,which became famous for its line of aftermarket accessories and replacement parts for masadq. Top 10 Assault Rifles. It is a gas operated, selective fire weapon with a modular design.

Remington ACR

This assault rifle is available with a modular handguard with rails, which magpyl a variety of add-on accessories, such as vertical grips, laser pointers, tactical flashlights and so on. Thanks for nothing Remington.

maasada The official name of this rifle for military use is the Remington ACR. Initially this new weapon was intended to enhance the features of the M16 rifle.