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PRINCIPLE. The main principle involved in freeze drying is a On 21st century, in pharmaceutical field lyophilization has become important. Lyophilization, or freeze drying, is a process in which the solvent (usually water) is: first frozen and then. – removed by sublimation in a vacuum. Freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation or cryodesiccation, is a low temperature . Bulk lyophilization of APIs is typically conducted using trays instead of glass vials. .. Food processing technology: principles and practice ( 4th ed.).

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Samples are generally placed in containers such as glass vials that are placed on the shelves within the vacuum chamber. The transmission of energy to the product needs to be carefully controlled for three important considerations:.

To facilitate faster and more efficient freeze drying, larger ice crystals are preferable. John Barley, SP Scientific.

Condense all vapors from the product. Secondary drying rates are dependant on the product temperature. A laboratory example illustrates the influence of pressure in heat transfer:. With manifold freeze drying, the process is driven by the system pressure set point and the ambient temperature in the room. At the end lyophilier primary drying when all of the free ice crystals have been sublimed, the product will appear to be dried. The downside to this type of freeze dryer is that the heat is only transferred from the heating element to the side of the sample immediately touching the heater.

Similarity in heat transfer characteristics and shelf temperature uniformity is important to ensure that a lyophilization process developed in the lab can be successfully transferred to a production freeze dryer.

What is Lyophilization |

It is important to allow a modest amount of additional drying time 30 min to 2 hrs, depending on the product characteristics after the product thermocouple temperature increases to ensure that all of the ice in the entire batch of product has been completely sublimated.

Depending on the application, moisture content in fully dried products is typically between 0. Shelf freeze dryers allow the precise control of cooling rates which affects product freezing rates and crystal size. The cost for freeze-drying is about 5 times more than conventional drying methods, [4] making it not an ideal choice if the value of the product is not increased after processing. Freeze-drying creates softer particles with a more homogeneous chemical composition than traditional hot spray dryingbut it is also more expensive.


The energy supplied in the form of heat must remain lower than the product’s eutectic temperature the highest allowable product temperature during the conditions of sublimation. In many instances the decision to pretreat a product is based on theoretical knowledge of freeze-drying and its requirements, or is demanded by cycle time or product quality considerations.


The ideal curve of lyophilization is depicted on Curve A of Fig. To avoid transferring too much heat and passing the safe primary drying temperature.

More advanced principld freeze dryers have freezing capability built into the product shelf which allows the product freezing to be accomplished inside the freeze dryer. Water can also cause mold to grow or make inks bleed. Visual and functional characteristics pyophilizer the dried product are also important for many applications.

However, for industrial production settings, freezing at the same rates is unrealistic because of the problems of product preparation filling, loading time and larger systems costs will dictate compromises in the same process. By a series of reproducible runs on a scaleable the optimum cycle can be established.

Thoroughly understanding the concept of sublimation is a key building block to gaining knowledge of freeze drying. Freeze-dried pharmaceutical products are produced as lyophilized powders for reconstitution in vials and more recently in prefilled syringes for self-administration by a patient. Hence, to avoid this issue, mass spectrometers are used to identify vapors released by silicone oil to immediately take corrective action and prevent contamination of the product.

In a clean room environment with very few particulates for ice nucleation, there is a significantly greater amount of super-cooling. The sublimated ice accumulates in the condenser and is manually removed at the end of the freeze drying cycle defrost step.

Another tool is available with freeze dryer designs that have external condensers. Freeze-drying is viewed as the optimal method of choice for dehydration because of the preservation of quality, meaning characteristics of the food product such as aroma, rehydration, and bioactivity, are noticeably higher compared to foods dried using other techniques.


Basic Principles of Freeze Drying

This may include concentrating the product, formulation revision i. Each manufacturing facility is an ISO At the completion of the process, the treated product will have retained its form, volume and original structure-as well as all its physical, chemical and biological properties. As soon as the value in the chamber reaches below 0.

Sublimation requires heat energy to drive the phase change process from solid to gas. Dry powders of probiotics are often produced by bulk freeze-drying of live microorganisms such as Lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacteria. In many lyophilkzer, freezing induced by these conditions may be necessary to achieve successful freeze drying of a sensitive product.

General Principles of Freeze Drying | American Lyophilizer, INC.

The partial pressure of the vapor rising from the product will be at its lowest levels. A rise in chamber pressure. This structure is ideal for sublimation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Therefore, freeze-drying is often reserved for materials that are heat-sensitive, such as proteinsenzymesmicroorganisms lylphilizer, and blood plasma.

The lowest possible pressure is not necessarily desirable below torr because below this lyoohilizer, desorption produces an assympotic rate Fig. For the Batman episode, see Instant Freeze. The large ice crystals forms a network within the product which promotes faster removal of water vapor during sublimation. Freeze drying as an industrial process began in as early as by The Incas time who devised a method to freeze dry tissues either plant or animalbut went virtually unnoticed until the s.

Rate of Vapor Transfer to the Orinciple To provide a practical solution for certain delivery problems, for example, the packaging of constituents that cannot be mixed in the liquid state, but which are solidified in successive stages and then freeze dried.