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Thanks to God, Dr. Loyd, JoHanna, Cathy, Susan Glynn and all The Healing Codes staff for your heartfelt work! May the New Year be a prosperous and healthy. Heart Issues Finder from The healing Codes. Pinpoint the Issues of the Heart that need to be healed. Free page report!. LT3 information: what it is, how it works, how to sign up to get personal coaching with Information on The Healing Codes and Healing Codes Coaching from.

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LT3 Testimonials

Alex himself, LT3 is a five-week program that combines small group training with one-on-one sessions to help you master all aspects of your life, health, relationships and success. LT3 is our ultimate program — the only one-on-one training Dr.

Alex does, and a program that will equip you for a lifetime of health, healign and success. Learn all there is to know about how to totally change your life and achieve happiness and success.


In the literally thousands of modalities that use these methods, certain points and charkas are identified and stimulated based on the location of an energy blockage in the body. The stimulation is to relieve the blockage — which elicits an immediate healing effect.

Alexander Loyd – The Healing Codes – LT3

Even the most complicated and expensive modalities only stimulate certain points and charkas. It would be very cumbersome and time consuming to stimulate all of them — they are literally all over the body.

In my training and research I have not found any reference anywhere of this discovery in the year history of acupuncture points, meridians, and charkas. The implications of this are absolutely staggering.

It is more effective to activate all points and charkas at the same time than to activate only certain ones. There may be many other blockages that are not found and relieved.

You can do it multiple times each day — as needed. It takes 30 seconds to do. This is only one of five components in a new program called LT3.

LT3 also activates a third healing system that may be even more important, even though it is not as well known. I take NO credit for this discovery.


Alexander Loyd – The Healing Codes – LT3

It happened through prayer. For the very frst time on planet earth, you can learn this technique for yourself and your family starting in Nov, We have a few spaces available.

Below I have attached the original invitation letter to this program, which was sent in April of Your email address will not be published.

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