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La emergencia indígena en América Latina, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico City and Santiago, Chile Bonfil Batalla, G. () ‘Lo propio y lo ajeno: una. Bonfil Batalla, Guillermo. “Lo propio y lo ajeno: una aproximación al problema del con- trol cultural.” In Pensar nuestra cultura, ed. G. Bonfil Batalla. Araujo, Alejandro. ‘Mestizos, indios, extranjeros: lo propio y lo ajeno en la definición antropológica de la nación. Manuel Gamio y Guillermo Bonfil Batalla.

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The sphere is the ultimate gute Form, a basic shape of perfection. The question for these new subjects is agency: In other words, as stated by Mignolothere is no modernity without coloniality, i.

In order to change the linguistic and cultural perceptions of Mexican society, the UPAEP, and in general, the Mexican national education system will have to adjust the geopolitics of knowledge, and therefore its curriculum design, to a more local conception of the world. Canadian International Education, 39 2 Of the 36 megalopolises predicted in30 will be located in underdeveloped countries, including 20 in Asia.

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A crucial tendency is the internal broadening of the so-called international art and art language through the intervention of a multiplicity of actors. The Brazilian modernists used the figure of antropofagia3 anthropophagy in order to legitimate their critical apprehension of European artistic and cultural elements, a procedure peculiar to postcolonial culture in general.

Les effets linguistiques de la mondialisation. The philosophy and bonfll of learner autonomy. It conditions knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes, often in an unconscious way.


It is a transgressive strategy from positions of dependence. Modernity here is defined, according to Escobaras a phenomenon characterized by reflection and decontextualization of social life which leads to a totally rational theory. Just by going through statistics one receives strong symbolic impacts. After defining the concept of interculturality, I analyze the structure of knowledge in Mexico and its colonial power.

Algunas reflexiones sobre ‘lo Tepehua’ como dilema cultural

In fact, intercultural education looks forward to teach indigenous children in their native language, based on their own geopolitics of knowledge. As a result, Spanish became the language that unified the vast Mexican territory and it also became the language of nationalized education programs. The division between both batwlla began during the time of the Mexican Independence movement when the government was composed of creoles, a cultural mix between indigenous peoples and Spaniards.

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Ed. The analysis in this article comes from personal observations and from the poor results from the EFL classes we were offering to students of the intercultural program at that time, as demonstrated by their low final grades.

The very multi-syncretic character of Latin American culture facilitates this operation, since it turns out that the elements embraced are not totally alien. English and the discourses of colonialism. La Prensa, September 19,p. Living in a city does not mean living in a house: Art is a very precious means to deal with cultural disjunctions and to find orientations. There are 19 in the rest of the world, and their number will increase, mainly in Asia.

During the next decade, 50 million will move from the countryside to West African cities.


Art from Latin America has strongly contributed to this dynamic. Contemporary Art Criticism from Latin America, ed. The situation has reversed nowadays: This urban revolution is chiefly taking place in the non-western world. Sometimes they move in, out and about local, regional and global spaces.

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The much-mentioned gap between art propuo life was overcome in a most unexpected way, by the formal and conceptual transformation of an artwork, as a result of its invasion by harsh reality. Today, the antropofagia paradigm is increasingly being displaced by what we could call the from here paradigm.

Obviously, the very notion of center and periphery has been strongly contested in these porous times of migrations, communications, transcultural chemistries and rearticulating of power. Who exerts the cultural decisions2, and on whose benefit are they taken?

Many issues are at stake: The cultural implications of this demographic penchant are ajeni. Now, one hundred years later, half of the globe inhabits urban environments.

Shifting the geopolitics of critical knowledge. Education for empowerment in a diverse society. It is not only a question of a dismantling of totalizations in a postmodern spirit; it also carries an anti-Eurocentric deconstruction of ,o self-reference of dominant models5 and, more generally, of all cultural models.

In Lagos, with What implications will all these processes have for art and culture?