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Seller: Hilando Libros. (Madrid Seller: CATRIEL LIBROS LATINOAMERICANO. .. (Madrid . Los problemas de la conducta: Irwin G. Sarason. Results 1 – 30 of 36 Seller: Hilando Libros. (Madrid, Spain) Seller: CATRIEL LIBROS LATINOAMERICANO. . Los problemas de la conducta: Irwin G. Sarason. Libros de Segunda Mano – Pensamiento – Psicología: Psicología anormal – sarason [psicología clínica, pedagogía, educación psiquiatría, psicopatología].

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This was done using the variables contained in the questionnaire on factors related to behavior problems, psiclpatologia identified the saarson predictors, on the basis of which subgroups were created that could potentially explain the dependent variable.

The student sample was distributed as follows: The feeling of abandonment experienced by migrants’ children and its respective consequences, exacts a high emotional toll in exchange for the family’s economic well-being since maternal or paternal figures cannot be replaced by other relatives or guardians.

A total of Another factor that hinders the relationship with the parent who stays behind usually the motheris when she seeks employment, in order to contribute to the family upkeep when remittances fail to earason, a situation that also impacts teenagers’ school performance.

Ana G Mendez | Psicologia –

The most frequently identified problem is aggressiveness. During adolescence, deviations may occur, or even psychological disorders that must be treated promptly.

It is not enough to teach them or talk about them; they must be lived on a daily basis and, as some authors such as Yarce Likewise, these authors note that social and environmental variables may be predictors of drug use, noting that family breakdown can lead to inadequate socialization by altering the variables related to social learning. In this respect, it was found that the best predictors of behavior problems were teens saeason parents had bad or fair couple relationships and also had bad relations with their families.

The fact that many families disintegrate is a consequence of migration. The next session refers specifically to family relationships as well as the impact of parental migration on the family’s mental health.

Psicopatología: psicología anormal : el problema de la conducta inadaptada

Both instruments the Achenbach questionnaire and the questionnaire on factors related to problem behaviors and migration were administered to each of the participants at their schools.

School Environment Schools have sarasn recognized as one of the key micro-social areas due to the considerable number of hours teenagers spend in them every day. They were also asked about how they felt about the father’s absence, to which 40 percent replied that they felt bad; 30 percent said that they felt good and only five percent said that they were indifferent.

The result was a sample of aarason high schools with a reliability of 95 percent, distributed as follows: El problema de la conducta inadaptada, 11 a ed. The data showed that The psicopatologi regarding the use of other drugs it should be noted that, given the age range of the participants in the study, the use of all substances is illegal found that only 4.


In addition to studying, young children work to support their families; the father is absent due to international migration, and the mother’s role is changing. In the event that both parents leave, children may be looked after by other family members or neighbors, creating a feeling of abandonment, frustration, anger, depression in children and adolescents, reflected in a decline in school performance or dropping out, or feeling attracted by peer groups with whom they share ways of thinking, feeling, attitudes and unhealthy forms of expression such as vandalism, drugs, and other self-destructive behaviors as noted by Sagason Another key factor in families’ lives concerns the rules of coexistence.

A Journal of Transnational Studies, Madrid, vol. The strongest relationship between these variables family, school and addictions regarding the expression through behavioral problems among young people proved to be the family, specifically those involving relations between parents and within the family.

However, this becomes difficult when one or both parents are absent due to migration. For many, onset occurs before the legal age for purchasing products such as tobacco and alcohol, and it has been recognized that increased consumption occurs among students ages 16 or older, except for those who use inhalants, whose consumption is common among those under A special situation often emerges in which one of them in particular plays a key role, the purpose of this article being to attempt to explain it using the rest of the variables.

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Based on the idea of the family as the basis of children’s mental health, migration may produce a risky situation in this regard, since it creates a greater likelihood of the expression of emotional and behavioral problems in children.

This confirms the fact that the family continues to be the most influential factor in young people’s behavior.

One of the greatest acquisitions in the family is the one linked to the axiological psicoatologia of its members, as well as ljbro ideology and patterns of the culture in which they are immersed. The mother, who is usually distressed, tries to restore the father to the same role he had before he emigrated and serves as a mediator between him and the children. Depending on its composition, the family is either called nuclear, with parents and children, or extended, with parents, children and other relatives.

The data were subjected to a chi square X 2 statistical test and univariate and bivariate analysis. Sarason, and Sarason found that for women, the likelihood of depression is twice as high as it is for men, since they tend to offer more emotional and material support, which sarasln equal or greater stress. Questionnaire on factors related to behavior problems and migration.

Teenagers were asked to rate the extent to which they consider that some family functions are fulfilled in their own families, yielding the following results. At this point, one should consider the absence of either or both parents due to the fact that they have migrated and their influence on the way they relate to each other. This situation is more likely to occur psicipatologia there is evidence of relatives with the same addictions. It is worth mentioning that in In this respect, the author adds that the Pew Hispanic Center reports that 42 percent of women who migrate are aged between 30 and 44 and 28 percent are aged between 18 and 29 with 30 percent belonging to other age groups.


When wives are left behind, they often experience various fears about their partners, which begins with their departure, such as: This situation is rejected by the teenagers since they are no longer willing for the father to take control of their lives. Instrument Two instruments were used for the data collection: These constitute their inner strength, which enables them to indicate the path to be taken to achieve the harmonious development of the family as a group and of each of its members.

These findings corroborates several studies showing this result, which swrason understandable given the stage of transition at which young people are located, characterized by behaviors such as disobedience, being demanding and rebelliousness, among others, which could become a problem of adaptation at a linro age.

To this end, a test was administered to identify the psychological characteristics of depression. Subjects The total population of high schools in Xalapa consisted of 54 schools divided into four categories: This situation is responsible for another psicopatolpgia the costs of migration: The data show that teenagers believe school can be a factor of development due to the interest shown by teachers towards their students, since they pay special attention to the problems that occur.

As for age, It is important to note that anxiety and depression are among the behaviors classified by Achenbach as internal behavior see table 1. For some mothers, being solely responsible for the burden of parenting coupled with the husband’s insecurity can lead to certain emotional disorders such as depression.

As shown in table 4the data reveal a difference of This is by no means easy, since in some cases, it directly affects the decision-making process to achieve their goals, one of which is to improve their living conditions. The new cognitive-behavioral patterns impact family members who experience changes in the way they dress, which is uncommon in rural Mexico or use drugs Pinazo, and Ferrer, Method A quantitative, cross-cutting method was used to analyze issues with a psychosocial impact on the migrant’s family, the behavioral and social problems of the teenage children of migrants and non-migrants; the impact on the family and family relationships, and their impact on the school environment.

The types of problems identified and the psicopattologia found concerning demographic variables and migration are discussed.