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Ley Orgánica de Hidrocarburos i Reglamentos, April Ministerio de Energia y Minas. Ley N° Dirección General de Asuntos Ambientales. Ley ley organica de Uploaded by. Guadalupe Guadalupe Sevillano. LEY DE PRODUCTIVIDAD Y COMPETITIVIDAD 26,; In exercise of the powers conferred by paragraph 8) of Article of the LEY No THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC WHEREAS: Congress.

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This period may be extended for the same period of time.

Legislation Peru (Lexadin)

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation may, for technical reasons, authorize foreign personnel to perform these functions for a period not to exceed six months from the 266221 on which the authorization was granted.

For example, authorizations of this kind have been given in the mining sector. In order to enter into an exploration contract in Peru, foreign natural persons must register in the Public Registry and provide a power of attorney to a Peruvian national resident in the capital of the Republic of Peru. In those operations conducted by Peruvian service providers “explotadores nacionales”personnel performing aeronautical functions on 266221 must be Peruvian nationals.

These percentages will not apply in the following cases:.

Auditing societies shall be constituted only and exclusively by public accountants licensed and resident in the country and duly qualified by the “Colegio de Contadores Publicos de Lima”. Senior managers of enterprises that supply security services must be Peruvian by birth and residents of Peru. Only natural or 2621 persons domiciled in Peru may apply for an authorization to operate a customs warehouse.

Fondo de Desarollo Socioeconómico de Camisea – FOCAM

The shipowner must provide accommodation on board for that representative and a daily stipend, which must be deposited in a special account to be administered by IMARPE. Peruvian-flagged vessels must have a Peruvian captain 22621 the crew must have 26212 least 80 per cent of Peruvian nationals authorized by the “Direcci6n General de Capitanias y Guardacostas”.

If it is extended, the foreign circus will include a minimum of 30 per cent Peruvian nationals as artists and 15 per cent Peruvian nationals as technicians.

The same percentages established in the preceding paragraphs shall govern the work of technical personnel involved in commercial advertising.


Report a problem or mistake on this page. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation, upon providing proof of a shortage of Peruvian aviation personnel, may authorize non-resident foreign personnel to pilot airplanes and leu train Peruvian aviation personnel for a period of up to six months, which may be extended if there is proof of a shortage of Peruvian personnel.

Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement

A shipowner of a foreign-flagged fishing vessel that is not of large scale according 62221 the regulation mentioned above and that operates in Peruvian jurisdictional waters must rely on the Satellite Tracking System in its vessel, except for shipowners operating in highly migratory fisheries who are excepted from this obligation by a Ministerial Resolution.

Archaeological research projects headed by foreign archaeologists must count on a Peruvian archaeologist registered in the National Registry of Archaeologists for the scientific co-direction or sub-direction of the project.

National artists shall receive no less than 60 per cent of the total payroll for wages and salaries paid to artists. Any domestic artistic live performances must be comprised at least of 80 per cent of national artists. The same percentages shall apply to the payroll of salaries and wages. Exceptions may be authorized by Supreme Decree approved by the Council of Ministers in conformity with law in cases of expressly declared public necessity.

To practice as an architect in ,ey, an individual must join the “Colegio de Arquitectos” and pay a fee in accordance with the following schedule:. This time period may be extended if there is proof of a shortage of trained personnel. 62221 purposes of this entry, a Peruvian juridical person is an enterprise 266221 fulfils the following requirements:. In exceptional cases and after ascertaining that there is no Peruvian qualified captain with experience in that type of vessel available, a foreign national may be authorized to serve as captain.

For each case of acquisition or possession within the referred area, the investor shall hand in the correspondent request to the relevant Ministry, pursuant to laws in force. Only natural persons domiciled in Peru or juridical persons constituted and domiciled in Peru may provide tourist water transportation services. Foreign enterprises must establish a branch or constitute a society under the Ley General de Sociedades, be domiciled in the capital of the Republic of Peru, and appoint a Peruvian national as an executive agent.


All employers in Peru, independently of their activity or nationality, shall give preferential treatment to nationals when hiring its employees.

The following water transport and related services supplied in bay and port areas must be supplied by natural persons domiciled in Peru, and juridical persons constituted and domiciled in Peru, properly authorized with Peruvian flag vessels and equipment:.

At least 51 per cent of the subscribed and paid-in capital stock must be owned by Peruvian citizens. The same percentages established in the preceding paragraphs shall govern the work of technical personnel involved in artistic activities. Call-back, understood as being the offer of telephone services for the realization of attempts to make calls originating in the country with the objective of obtaining a return call with an invitation to dial, coming from a basic telecommunications network located outside the national territory, is prohibited.

A foreign circus may stay in Peru with its original cast for a maximum of 90 days.

Fondo de Desarollo Socioeconómico de Camisea – FOCAM

Foreign natural persons may not represent more than 20 per cent of the total number of employees of an enterprise, and their pay may not exceed 30 per cent of the total payroll for wages and salaries. The chairman of the board of directors, the majority of the directors, and ely General Manager must be Peruvian nationals and residents in Peru. The transport enterprise must have its own installations, or those of third parties, properly maintained for the management of the enterprise, which will constitute its legal domicile, where the competent authority can conduct the inspections and verifications it deems necessary.

A supplier of land transport services in Peru must certify in writing that it maintains ground terminals, route stations, stops, and administrative offices in the territory of Peru, according to the corresponding transport services. No partner may be a member of another auditory society in Peru.