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Lenni Brenner (born ) is an American Trotskyist writer. In the s, Brenner was a . “Lenni Brenner: The Iron Wall – Zionist Revisionism ()”. Lenni Brenner. · Rating details · 11 ratings · 2 reviews. FROM THE BACK COVER: The Iron Wall is a comprehensive and documented history of. Lenni Brenner – Zionist Deals with Nazis and Fascists (part 1) Lenni Brenner Comments on Jabotinsky’s “The Iron Wall” – and the full “Iron Wall” article.

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In the autumn ofBegin paid yet another visit to South Africa. Haber says two weeks; Hirschler and Eckman, three months; and Gervasi, several months.

It was the war that lebni brought complete respectability to Begin and Herut. If Begin had, reluctantly, learned what is possible within the context of Israeli politics, such proposals — a general Soviet Jewish exodus, a nation-wide Jewish American strike — clearly demonstrated that he remained what he had always been: As is known, Mapai needed no prodding from Herut on this score. By the time they had arrived in the state, the socialist aspect of Labour Zionism had exhausted itself, in the Histadrut had done away with its equalitarian pay-scale for its leadership, and the rapidly bureaucratized movement made no serious effort to defend the interests of the Sephardim.

Joe Azar marked tthe as to-read Nov 26, But as an out of office extremist there was nothing that he could offer the apartheid regime. Months later, on 24 October, the Democratic Movement for Change also came into the cabinet. Works by Lenni Brenner. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Nadia Marques de Carvalho rated it liked it Jan 13, Yet his accession to power was not a revolution within Zionism but rather an extension of the logic of development of the previous Labour Alignment governments.

The Struggle -Lenni Brenner

With entry into the Histadrut, all talk about dismantling it faded away and the demand for compulsory arbitration was whittled down to compulsory arbitration in essential industries. In the elections it lost 19 positions, going from 51 to 32 seats, the Likud went from 39 to There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

It had entered history as a serious ideological tendency, attempting to merge nationalism and socialism, but it was attempting the impossible — a colonialist version of socialism — and the cynical mentality it developed in practice while doing this destroyed it, and it inevitably evolved into the Tammany Hall of Zion.


He met the South African prime minister, Daniel Malan, whose Nationalists lenji bitterly opposed permitting Jewish refugees into wakl country during the Hitler era. Almost as soon as he joined, he quit and announced, in August, that if the Gahal and the other right wing parties did not immediately form a igon that could stand wapl to the Labour Alignment, Mapai and Mapam, he would retire from politics.

Harry Hurwitz, Menachem Beginpp. Every German is a murderer. When, God willing, I am back home, I will tell my people about the sentiments prevailing amongst the people and the Government of South Africa for Israel and its welfare. While the legislators argued inside, the rioters started stoning the building.

In SeptemberNasser turned to the Soviet Union for assistance against Israel and Britain, which still controlled the Suez Canal, making a deal for Czech arms, and from then on Begin was in his element, calling brenned preventative war.

Begin visited South Africa for the second time on 14 Augusttrying to play on the interest that South Africa had in the implications of the Israeli invasion of Africa the year before.

Begin was not some sort of Zionist mutant; Zionism could only have developed behind an iron wall and, eventually but inevitably, its official ideology caught up with its reality. The next day Begin reported to his mentor on Mount Herzl: May 23, Zebardast Zebardast rated it it was ok. Without the infrastructure provided by the reparations so bitterly opposed by Herut, it is doubtful whether Israel would have been brdnner to maintain, let alone increase, the technological gap so essential to its continuous victories over its foes.

Lenni Brenner Archive

The faithful follower of Jabotinsky proclaimed that:. As Lenni Brenner shows in this deeply disturbing book, Shamir’s Revisionist legacy makes it likely that he will further curtail the rights of Israel’s Jews as well as subject the Palestinians to yet more repression and militarist aggression, as Zionism spirals ever further to the Right. Arguing that no compromise with the Palestinians was possible, elnni stance led the Revisionists into close connections with Mussolini as well as terrorism against the Arabs.

He developed an interest in history from reading Hendrik Willem van Loon ‘s The Story of Mankind which his brother had received as a bar mitzvah present. Once he moves leenni Begin and Shamir, the book becomes a laundry list of Marxist-fed incongruities within Israeli society. The German reparations riot served only lron discredit Begin, as billions of marks worth of German railways, telephones, docks, irrigation plants and oil, bought via British companies, and irin else, including cash to individual Israelis, poured into the country over the next 12 years.


Rifat Islam marked it as to-read Aug 02, The Iron Wall – Zionist Revisionism “.

Lenni Brenner: The Iron Wall ( The 29 Years in the Desert)

On 21 June, Begin became Prime Minister of Israel; his first act was to hang a portrait of Vladimir Jabotinsky on the wall of his office. Erich and Rael Jean Isaac, two well-known Revisionist propagandists, are doubtlessly correct:. Crazyarms marked it as to-read Apr 06, According to the Anti-Defamation Leagueat an event called “One State Solution” at the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford, Brenner said that Jews were the largest donors to American political parties and that the Political system is as “crooked as a dog’s hind leg”.

This time Ben-Gurion took the precaution of bringing thousands of kibbutzniks and Histadrut members into the streets to protect public irn and this was enough to compel Begin to admonish the huge gathering not to be provoked into violence.

With the quiet abandonment of the first principle of Revisionism, the now respectable ex-minister genuinely became a serious contender for power. Mosab rated it really liked it Mar 28, One will never succeed in removing the pictures of Fidel, Che and Bgenner from the mind of a sensitive Jewish youth until he learns new names — Gruner, Ben Yosef, Hakim, Ashbel and Barazani.

Feb 23, J. It is not difficult to see why the Zionist labour movement became corrupt.

World opinion was beginning to shift against Israel and the Americans took alarm at the deepening Soviet involvement. On Our Own Authority! It began with a divine promise In the 15 Thf The early section of the book brennner the life and career of Jabotinsky and Zionist Revisionism and its maximalist tendencies has much of interest, though Brenner is consistent in lambasting Jab and others which detracts from the scholarliness of the work.