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25, BOSCH, BOSLBD, Speakers, Column Speaker, 20 W RMS LS Column . , BOSCH, BOSLBD, Amplifier, Power/Booster Amplifier, LBD . Speaker Model No. ScmT. Make- Ahuja, Bosch Model Lbd Or Qsc Model No Ads 82 ; TOT: ; Deadline: 14th Dec BOSCH DATASHEET LBD Datasheet(PDF) – Altera Corporation – EP3C5EC7N Datasheet, 1. Cyclone III Device Datasheet, List of Unclassifed .

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It takes the desired audio signal. Firm should submit the OEM s test certificate along with supply, to show that they have procured this material from OEM. The guideline published by Occupational Safety. Active Speaker System with remote input LX This power is directly available on 70 V and V constant voltage connections and on a low impedance connection for an 8 or 4 ohm load.

For more output power than the built-in power stage can deliver, additional Plena power amplifiers can be connected to the balanced line output in a loop-through arrangement.

It can provide dual channel operation for simultaneous calls and BGM for up to six different zones, using two Plena amplifiers. Read this manual carefully to get the best performance from this unit. Both the models are finished in light grey RAL Public address systems are often used for both announcements and background music distribution. Easy selection of power taps normal, half or quarter of rated power are available for the speakers through the power taps.


They are ideal for sports grounds, park, exhibitions, factories and swimming pools. This makes it easy to connect remote systems that require priority control. Visitors are requested to Register on the site and view all Advertise Tenders, Global Tenders and International tenders. Data Autore Modifiche 1. Designed for 40 channel Citizen More information.

It s live audio at a whole new level: Ideal for door phone systems with up to users. Equipment shall be furnished and installed as specified.

A separate call only output is available for delivering priority announcements, which can also be used 3-wire remote, volume kbd override. The versatility of the Amplifier makes it the perfect choice for almost every type of custom multi-room. It is the basis of the Plena Voice Alarm System including full system supervision, loudspeaker line impedance supervision, a supervised emergency microphone on the front panel and a supervised message manager.

It features a very wide opening angle and unobtrusive styling. It can mount two units, side by side in a one-unit high rack space. LBD is bi-directional 12W speaker with slanted side. Deputy Chief Operations Manager Goods. Used properly and carefully, it should give many years of outstanding musical reproduction. An additional V line input is provided to connect the amplifier to a V loudspeaker line to provide more power to remote locations. They are easy to use, taking the complexity bodch from the user and putting it where it belongs, inside the equipment.


Bosch Speakers in India 2018

Please read this manual. Bosch is the global supplier of choice for innovative technology, backed by the highest standards for service and support.

The receiver can More information. Plena Voice Alarm System. Volume controls can be used to adjust the level locally. Tenders By Region Africa Tenders. These products are characterized by excellent value for money, extensive yet highly user-friendly functionality, and stylish, contemporary design. Applications range from spot announcements in supermarkets and theme parks to warning and evacuation messages in emergency situations.

Speaker Model No. ScmT. Make- Ahuja, Bosch Model Lbd Or Qsc Mo

Column Speaker Model No. A Message from the President AN-Mini Congratulations on purchasing an Anchor Audio sound system, the choice of thousands of satisfied customers including the White House, prestigious universities, school.

For total reliability and ease of use, a limiter is integrated into the output stage to restrict output if the user applies too much signal. Before your initial Boosch information. Find below India government tenders for P. The Bosch Plena power amplifier series with its varied amplification range fulfills a wide variety of public address requirements at a surprisingly low cost.