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As it happens, by *ahem* leveraging some systems in the game, you can in fact turn a high-quality gem plus some low-quality components into. Kingdoms of Amalur at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and Blacksmithing uses Components to create weapons and armor from. For Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs you use sage crafting to create gems to use in blacksmithing.

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GoldenVoid GoldenVoid 6 years ago 8 What makes me laugh is all the people complaining about how Smithing produces broken weapons, when in fact you have to put a lot of effort and have a lot of blacksmiyhing into it to produce those broken weapons.

Hide Hide is the other name for animal skin, and is used for Sorcerous shoes and Rogue boots and gloves.

kinydoms As mentioned in the guide the wildlife on the mainland drop materials that don’t really scale well. The parts they drop are good, too.

Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide – Materials and Components

Each of these then has different sub-tiers with themselves. I certainly didn’t need the cash. But there are aamalur tips and tricks you can use to maximize your salvages and your builds: That’s based on my playthoughs at least. It gets a bit more confusing though when it comes to armor and shields.

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Forgot your username or password? Nope, you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Then, using the scientific miracle of quicksaves, I salvaged all six of them six times and recorded the results. I prefer the damage bonuses, but you can argue a mix of the two is better.


While in the tutorial you will probably pick up a ton blacksmiting terrible weapons and armor.

kingdoms amalur reckoning – Is there any way to “refine” blacksmithing components? – Arqade

Mastercrafted equipment gets a bonus based on what type of item it is. If your crafting armor just make sure ur on might armor I did that once and was like wth too. Metal ends with Pf. That concludes my guide I hope it helps some people out for more information I suggest checking out the KoA: Also its good because you have everything you may want when crafting including a forge, sagecrafting table, merchant, and a small location that is easy to traverse very fast to gather components.

You can create master-crafted equipment, and increases the effectiveness of Repair Kits. I just don’t really want to take the time to fix all of them. Every enemy even the bosses will be extremely easy to kill kjngdoms out of reckoning mode. My normal crit is between 2. There’s a next tier of components higher then what ur findings now. Also, kill some NPC critters. If you’ve got a cool goody and it doesn’t break down the way you want, reload and try again.

Probably just salvaging equipment from the highest level area you have access to. The same technique can be used with weapon gems to obtain flawless hilts, etc. It is possible to get multiple robust ingredients e. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. The TL;DR version is: Now, Materials also have tiers, but in a slightly different way.

A Start to Blacksmithing. Thus, theoretically, you should be able to create many kinds of Blacksmiting components by gem-forging junk components and then salvaging the resulting item.

Coronus 2, 4 22 You can harvest components from some enemies in the world, increases the effectiveness of Repair Kits.


As you level though you will notice most skills help blacksmithing either directly threw crafting gems or by allowing you kingfoms find hidden loot caches which have more loot to scrap. But the flat crit chance components wich are the best and most versitile are very easilly obtained from Turtles.

Would it be possible for you to edit this to make it more readable? You might get a legendary in one chest one playthrough, and the next you might get a couple of junk items and some potions.


All that does is automatically add an extra bonus effect to each item you make, the power of which depends on the quality of the base part you use to make it. Oh i didn’t know that the components are random. Also, did you take your name from the character in the Chrestomanci novels? Also, if you do are in the higher ranks of blackmithing, make low end gear iron steel or azurite with only the 2 basic elements blade and hilt for example then craft a GEM into it.

It helps add more effects. Good quality stuff like Master and Flawless level stuff has to be salvaged, found or bought. Do note that high-tier components will give you tons of benefits, but will also cost much more when repaired. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Share directly to my status. Now, what happens when you salvage the dagger you just crafted? And no matter how we try, we can only be found by ourselves, and the path we walk upon. Darksiders 3 Update 1.