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Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State — Ken Knabb Sep 18, pp. The Joy of Revolution — Ken Knabb Sep 18, pp. Public Secrets has 18 ratings and 3 reviews. Dave said: The Author, Ken, donated a number of his books to an anarchist bookstore in the bay area. From th . 4 quotes from Ken Knabb: ‘When the machine grinds to a halt, the cogs themselves begin wondering about their function.’, ‘Beauty, when it is not a promise of.

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Kristen Mangewala marked it as to-read Sep 25, One minor example out of many: That sort of manicheanism is inherited from religion and from political ideologies such as anarchism that unconsciously carry on the same rigid dualistic point of view.

The Joy of Revolution by Ken Knabb

I am kind of isolated here in Berlin and that is damn boring. Translate it with your friend the same way you did with this Vaneigem text. For a simple example, take the first sentence of the 5 that you quoted.

I also take part in two other groups where someone else is in charge in a similar way. Many of our problems do not have easy solutions.

Load backpacks which will have been stored overnight in Community Room into vehicles and head for Point Reyes. On the beach we sit in a line facing the ocean. We must immediately drop everything else to avert it! At one point you say: Another is to do short works and rotate the choice from person to person. During hikes it is carried by the “sweep” the person at the tail end of the linewhich means that no matter where you are it is on the way toward you if you have an injury.

Ken Knabb on Shunryu Suzuki and Zen

The marches on wall street and protests against social stratification, etc.? This will provide a good background for whatever you decide to do, and is likely to suggest personal tangents for further exploration and various experiments to try. Kne most notable criticism I have is that the kn chapter is sometimes rather simplistic. However, I guess that I have looked at the human race 6-plus billion of us now and thought that some sort of governmental structure would be necessary to at least maintain some semblance of order — preferably a world government with total abolition of nation states.


But now it will be every year more clear that this system is built on a big lie which cannot be believed anymore. Market economy rules the world, and everyone is addicted to its paradigms.

Rawan AlFuraih marked it as to-read Aug 28, He holds a bachelor’s degree from Shimer College in Chicagowhere he enrolled via the early entrance program.

I suggested to Mel knabbb BZC try doing a more moderate version suited to us city slickers. You have to keep moving. If many people miss the meeting it becomes increasingly difficult to get things organized — much of the group gear remains to be divvied up and packed the next morning, the director has to khabb repeat information to several people, etc. The same criticisms would apply to virtually everyone who discusses Debord. Such notions tend knqbb make people panic and thus ignore other equally important factors.

I’m more interested in what happened to people personally len in SFZC history at that point. At one extreme it may involve a few dozen people in a neighborhood or workplace; at the other it shades into a full-fledged revolutionary situation involving millions of people.

Rapid Responses

The Stalinists were ultimately victorious, but only after they systematically destroyed all the other oppositional currents. For bibliographical information, see [2]. Every spectacle is to be abandoned. There already were various international anarchist and ultraleftist groups inand for the most part they had no impact on the events of that year.

Punk are radical and other kinds e.

The ultimate absurdity of the present system is that unemployment is seen as a problem, with potentially labor-saving technologies being directed toward creating new jobs to replace the old ones they render unnecessary.


Although I will admit that there are places where one can disagree with my particular rendering, my aim was to say exactly what Debord said, the way a literate English speaker would say it. The social force that has an interest in resolving these contradictions — and the only force that is capable of resolving them — is the mass of workers who are powerless over the use of their own lives, deprived of any knavb over the fantastic accumulation of material possibilities that they produce.

For the next 32 hours the car roof was turned into a platform for freewheeling debate. Justin added it Aug 10, How does this economy provide medical doctors, engineers, and other specialized positions that would still exist without the spectacle? Be realistic, demand the impossible.

Ken Knabb Quotes (Author of Situationist International Anthology)

But these works, to say nothing of the many later writings linking the situs with Punk, would in most cases not have been knbb by the SI. Eventually some of it may grow on you as you get more familiar with it.

But I suggest that at the same time you ask them to read On the Poverty of Student Life so that you and they can also look closer to home, considering and discussing the more banal and less exotic social geography of the academia in which you find yourselves.

Can you email me a photo of yourself or photos now and then? Be selective and pack as compactly as possible since you will also jnabb given a share of the food or group gear to carry. But I think that the latter can most accurately be seen as merely defensive holding actions.