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The Master of Go is a novel by the Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in The novel was first published . El maestro de Go. Front Cover. Yasunari Kawabata. Emecé, Author Yasunari Kawabata was born in Osaka, Japan on June 14, He experienced. El Maestro de Go by Yasunari Kawabata, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The more interesting points are the grammar.

Soseki, Tanizaki and Kawabata. White played an empty triangle 1. Kawabata, an amateur as he repeatedly reminds us, but still pretty good by amateur standards and familiar kaeabata with the game to report on it for Japanese newspapers, describes not just the game between the Master and his challenger, Otake, but how it reflects the arc of their personalities and the Master’s past and Otake’s future.

Aug 02, J.

It does not matter to know which gained, the challenge is not there. Then, in this context, we’d be content with the country, that is, Japan since, I think, it’s not fair or sensible to compare between a master of Japanese Go and a master of, say, Thai chess. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The Master seemed like a relic left behind by Meiji.

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El maestro de Go – Yasunari Kawabata – Google Books

The group of four captured White stones become four unnumbered Black stones in later diagrams. As a young prodigy Cho had been the student of none other than Kitani and, with his victory, many in the go community breathed a sigh of relief.


What could be next? There’s the ever-present nature, beautiful and heart-breaking, accompanying and reflecting the joys and sorrows of the protagonists. That seems to make kawxbata even more important to place this book properly in its go context. The novel is also an excellent example of the Japanese form of shosetsu – a kind of chronicle novel that does not sacrifice art to be factual.

Search for Shusais games. The attitudes of the players softened over time. During that time, Kawabata keeps on visiting with the man and often spends the night at the same hotels where he stays. View all 9 comments. A new stone is astutely placed on an intersection. In chess terms, I’d say that’s about equivalent to an International Master title. And we don’t need all these “dans. One scene features a visibly angered Otake threatening to forfeit because the length of the game has forced him kawbata be away from his family and school for extended periods, sometimes due to the caprice of the older Honinbo.

As multiple conflicts rage simultaneously in different kawaabata, timing becomes critical and moves take on various flavors. It may be said that the Master was plagued in his last match by modern rationalism, to which fussy rule There was something unreal about the pictures, which may have come from the face, the ultimate in tragedy, of a man so disciplined in an art that he had lost the better part of reality.

Il maestro di Go

My opinion has also been colored by the knowledge that Shusai himself had been a highly divisive figure throughout his life, a discovery that tempers the idea of him as a figure of bodhisattvan temperance, enduring one last painful game to glorify posterity. Seidensticker’s version seems to capture that.


He did this several times, and each time analyzed the position together with his students before resuming. I wish, as I wished when I read Hikaru no Gothat I was good enough to look at a single move and appreciate its sublime brilliance, or how it casts a shadow over the board, or why go professionals can study and discuss one move and its many long-reaching implications and how it indicates that the player is aggressive, weak, uncertain, reckless, subtle, devious, or resolved, etc.

It was not just This is probably not the best novel to get started on Kawabata. From the way of Go the beauty of Japan and the Orient had fled. Another, more subtle motif in the story is the idea of the game as a pure form, untouched by the outside world. So, from whence comes the drama and conflict in this slow, thoughtful game?

An era when a single game would last more than 6 months with close to 50 hours of combined play with a single move taking more than three hours and the game bearing so heavy on the players minds that they would suffer serious health problems to the extent of being hospitalized.

The battle at its center ended exactly 78 years ago akwabata. On top of that, it was a commentary not an explanation wrong nuance. Does the mystery and the nobility of a game is diminished if played away from the land of its maesgro