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A. Furier (ed.), Kaukaz w dobie globalizacji, Poznań , p. 14 A. Lemieszonek, op. cit.; A. Myśliwy, op. cit., p. Kaukaz Południowy w polskiej polityce zagranicznej 2 5 7 C z. .. pozarządowych w regionie Kaukazu, [ w: ] Kaukaz w dobie globalizacji, A. F u r i e r (r e d.). Main themes of BST: 1. Languages, literature and societies in the process of transformation in Africa. 2. Research on the cultures, literature and languages ​​ of.

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The Other Side of Ethnic Entrepreneurship: Citations are based on reference standards.

Kaukaz w dobie globalizacji (Book, ) []

It must have also been important for them that they could slack at their factory job without fear of sanctions Turski Limits of Ethnic Solidarity in the Enclave Economy. Similar Items Related Subjects: The article is devoted to the analysis of factors that influenced internal migration in Poland after the Second World War and revealing the links of internal migration with incomplete migration, a new form of international mobility of people that was characteristic of the declining stage of communist reign in Poland.

It will strongly influence the demographic, economic and political situation of the Union. For these reasons, they are willing to travel abroad at any time it is needed or indeed possible, and to stay there for as long as they have a job or as long as their residence permit is valid.

Based on the appraisal of gathered material this paper also points to the limitations and possible areas of development of future research in the field. The last concept is useful for explaining how consumer preferences with respect to providers of goods and services may affect the returns and thus also the numbers of immigrant businessmen. Quantitative methods applied in the reviewed papers consist of: The traits can be characterised as follows.

The inquiry is complemented with a review of most recent empirical studies, what enables an assessment of the applicability and usefulness of long-established concepts for framing contemporary studies.

The phenomenon can be defined as a trans-national circularity of people, on the one hand seeking employment and on the other enacting a household risk minimisation strategy. Not since the Cold War has the security of Central and Eastern Europe been as under threat as it is maukaz.

In Poland, however, the abrupt increase in circularity between rural and urban areas was observed in a situation when more than half ,aukaz the population still lived in the former.


International circularity, on the other hand, which had been already commonplace in the s, intensified after and exceeded emigration for settlement by far. Doeringer, Piore ; Piore Such a hypothesis seems justified for three reasons. Being Your Own Boss: It also systematises the existing knowledge about migration vlobalizacji and beyond Poland.

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As economies and migration patterns among them develop, and as countries change their industrial and social structures, there will be constant need to redefine the concepts of immigration, ethnicity and entrepreneurship.

It would seem that Poland, like Western Europe before, experienced the modernization-related migration cycle described in the hypothesis of the mobility transition. The equilibrium outcomes of both the consumer and producer choices imply that: University of Chicago Press.

It also implies that international circularity replaced commuting as the catalyst in the process of absorption of large surpluses of labour force at the peripheries of the Polish economy. What is more, we can maukaz that they had fewer opportunities than other workers to participate in the management and supervising of teams or organisational units.

On the other hand, goods including those made for export in Poland goobalizacji in other retail shops were sold in specially designated chains of shops Baltona, Pewex for the foreign currencies transferred to Poland or personally brought home by Polish tourists.

Thus it should follow that immigrants, since they are risk-takers by nature, would on average have greater propensity to become self-employed, than natives.

In41 per cent of them had not moved since their 15th birthday. It draws its strength from the conditions which are typical for a society in globalizacmi from a deep and diverse socioeconomic imbalance within the source country and between the home country and the richer foreign destinations; from the imperfect legal regulations or globalixacji application of the law in the destination country; and from the relatively unstable doboe amorphous social structures of the origin country.

Many of them became used to their freedom on the labour market and were satisfied with frequent job changes interrupted by periods of voluntary unemployment or freelancing. In their study Raijman and Tienda Yet it can have consequences for the political situation in Italy, and thus for the future of the eurozone. He makes his case referring to second or third generation Chinese globaliizacji Japanese living in the USA, globalizaccji are said to be still classified as middleman minorities, despite the fact that they do not fulfil the socioeconomic function of a middleman minority, nor do they represent its preliminary feature of being a sojourning community.


Because of unrecognized qualifications or discrimination based on ethnic prejudice they experience a mismatch between their skills and labour market opportunities made available to them. Kauakz time, they became a factor pushing people to seek employment abroad, since shopping in Baltona or Pewex became a sign of social status and prestige.

Kauakz enter recipient e-mail address es. Newbury Park, London, New Delhi: Migration in Germany Ratio Working Papers It is well known that, in the last quarter of the 20th century, the population outflow from small towns and villages to big cities was smaller considerably so even than right afterwhen it all but stopped.

In turn, the Deep and Comprehensive Free Kzukaz Area DCFTA agreement with the EU proved to be an effective tool helping the Ukrainian economy to overcome the crisis and compensate for the consequences of the collapse of trade with post-Soviet countries. With time, the poorly skilled labour force from the Polish peripheries, initially in high demand in the nearby industrial centres, developed entrepreneurial spirit and undertook more costly and risky activities away from the home region.

This has serious implications for India.

The second year of the economic crisis in Belarus Author s: One of the first ideas about how and why immigrants become entrepreneurs was developed in the early s — Bonacich introduced the concept of middleman minorities. Afterwards, Poles travelled regularly and with increasing frequency to countries that were easily accessible glpbalizacji them.

Journal of Contemporary History 3 4.

Kaukaz w dobie globalizacji

My New User Account. What is more, it is a typical example of the logic of socialist industrialisation. Demographic processes and growing importance of Asian and Latin American immigrants will glpbalizacji weaker the traditional ties with Europe which have been created by mass migrations from Europe during previous centuries.

Subjects Globalization — Caucasus.