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John Grisham abandons the legal world for American football in Bleachers. What a shame, says Harry Ritchie. Now, as Coach Rake’s “boys” sit in the bleachers waiting for the dimming field lights to signal his passing, they replay the old games, relive the. On Friday nights, the entire town of Messina waited for the gate to open, then rushed to the bleachers where seats were claimed and nervous.

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As Coach Rake’s ‘boys’ sit in the bleachers waiting for the dimming fiel High school All-American Neely Crenshaw was probably the best bleacbers ever to play for the legendary Messina Spartans. After his successful foray into mainstream fiction with a coming-of-age tale, The Painted HouseJohn Grisham tries his hand at yet another subject with his winning new novel Bleachers.

We learned the same plays Rake was calling on Friday night. They sat three in a row and watched another jogger limp by. He had no desire to study and better himself after his football career was over. The bleachers of Rake Field are the gathering place for coach Rake’s “boys,” who sit and swap stories and beers as they wait for the passing of their beloved and hated coach. In thirty-four years as head Coach, Rake had struck only two players off the field.

A High school football star comes back to his hometown to bid farewell to his dying coach. His understated, stellar performance outshines the book’s cloying story line.

It was incomprehensible that he was now a shriveled old man gasping for his last breath. At best it was ok. Because the sport is, of course, not the kind loved and adored throughout the rest of the world but American football, the veteran stars who are recalling the triumphs of 15 years before are still in their early 30s.

Silo himself had been customized—a leather WWII bomber jacket, black denim pants, black boots.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t offer any solutions for joy and hope in the future once these things have passed away and all that is left is the memories. View all 3 comments. It was an altar, and Neely could see the Spartans bowing before it as they made their way onto the field each Friday night. Driving slowly along the road to Rake Field was Neely Crenshaw, slowly because he had not been back in many years, slowly because when he saw the lights of the field the memories came roaring back, as he knew they would.


Published July 15th by Arrow first published There’s a lot of bad blood between them and Neeley’s not sure if he can find it in himself to forgive the coach. Feb 21, Miria rated it liked it Shelves: They watched a pickup truck roll to a stop near the gate. There are currently over million John Grisham books in print worldwide, which have been translated into 29 languages.

Bleachers By John Grisham Fiction – Novella Former high school football players return to their home town to wait for the death of their former football coach, Eddie Rake. Nov 26, Wsm rated it really liked it Shelves: The story unfolds to reveal his greatest victories and biggest regrets.

A whole new ball game

LOL I should try his latest work instead I guessed. What Grisham sacrifices with character, he flourishes with emotion as nostalgia, acceptance, resentment, and redemption help drive this story to its conclusion. This football team came together to honor their football coach who passes away. The locals in the coffee shops were not happy. The second had been a cheap shot that landed in the face of Neely Crenshaw.

The bleachers were silent now, waiting. It gets sentimental towards the end.

Bleachers (novel) – Wikipedia

He was breathing hard when he got to Neely. They never recruited me. Neely was a star quarterback in high school. At one point, when he blaechers to deal with a protracted account of the key game in the book – the championship game, the one that features a secret fracas in the dressing-room and Neely Crenshaw leading the Spartans to an amazing second-half comeback while playing with a broken hand – Grisham comes up with the ingenious ploy of playing the tape of the radio commentary yes, the high-school Spartans had their own commentator on the radio.


Lists with This Book. He walked through the gate and across the track, painted dark green of course.

Bleachers – John Grisham

That is the plot summary in a nutshell. Over bkeachers hundred colleges wrote letters; his father still kept them. Maybe it is because it was a lot like Friday Night Lights and I really miss that show. This article does not cite any sources.

I am blessed that I have the answer in Jesus who offers hope not only for this life but for eternity! Next to it was number 56, worn by Jesse Trapp, a linebacker who played briefly rgisham Miami then went to prison. The hardcover edition was published by Doubleday and the paperback edition by Dell. Like many second-string players in any sport, ‘Bleachers’ will not have the opportunity to grasp glory, but it is consistent and solid and there when you need it.

Unabridged audiobook bleachres length: By the ninth grade Rake himself was supervising our practices and we knew all forty plays in his book.

Books of the Week.

Not one of Grisham’s best works. Everyone in life needs a person to help them with pushing yourself to get better more than we would push ourselves. Since I have no clue about the American football, I hated the book for the first half as the first half deals only with the recollection of football memories by the protagonist Neely Cranshaw. Overall, this is a tale about closure and burying grudges along with the past. Return to Book Page. It also has a wonderful picture of what happens when you let an accident control your life.

It was interesting to hear his southern accent.