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Sathya Sai Baba Jnana Vahini. Translated from the Original Telugu Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust. The Stream of Eternal Wisdom. This is not just another book on the Nature of Jiva and the technique by which the Jiva discovers its Reality. Bhagavan Sri Sathya. Home; All Courses. Employability Courses. Hospitality · Automotive. Corporate Courses. ESD Control & Management · Realisation of Nano-Satellite.

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Since the Form of Vishnu is considered different and external when understood through the study of the Sastras, what you really get is indirect inference, not Direct Experience. The Atma is there, in all vagini things, in the ant as well as in the elephant. It may be argued that since Maya produces Vidya, Maya is right and proper and deserving of respect; but the Vidya that arises out of vahii is also not permanent.

Jnana Vahini – वेद Veda

Eliminate egotism and desire and gain liberation by conquest of the mind Write a review for this book! Does not the Ramayana declare that he taught the woman Sabari the secret of the sacred doctrine of Brahmam? One should constantly be engaged in Inquiry on the nature of Bramham: Jnanam is Brahmam; distinction is impossible. Some persons also are handicapped by the evil effects of past Karma and they do not get fruit from Sastic study.

Fevers originate because of your actions; they flourish on wrong modes of life and diet; they grow with the growth of such wrong conduct.

Therefore, it is easy now for you to realise that all these three will disappear for good when, through Jnana, the mental processes are destroyed. Through attachment and affection, and even envy and hatred, one plunges into activity and gets immersed in the world. But such opinions arise only in the absence of actual experience, of actual attainment of Jnana. That is to say, “he who has known Brahmam becomes himself Brahmam; jjana attains Brahmam-hood.


The four types of spiritually wise people A set of persons with curious ideas have cropped up recently and they strut about with great pride, for they vahinl no yearning for God, vaini no use for God; they are Sevaks and they are satisfied with Service! If it is stated that women are not entitled to it, why is it mentioned that Siva taught Vedanta to Parvathi? Everyone can win spiritual wisdom, regardless of status, class, or sex In other words, the World originates and develops and unfolds. The sacred revelations allow a restricted identity of soul and Brahman unana Maya fostered by this attitude becomes as thick as darkness.

Catalog Record: Jnana vahini; discourses | Hathi Trust Digital Library

To withdraw the mind from all attachment is to be free, to live for ever. The Atma is present everywhere and is in everything; it is unaffected; it is ominipresent like Akasa or Ether; it is even beyond the Akasa; it is the Akasa in the Chith or the Universal Consciousness; so it is referred to as ‘Param’ or Beyond; it is described in the Sruthis as ‘Asango-ayam Purushah’.

Attaining enlightenment destroys ignorance as well as enlightenment! Through these, he can attain whatever he wishes. For every one in the world, whether we believe it or not, two plus two make four; the result does not depend on your likes and dislikes. When gold is melted in the crucible, it shines with a strange yellow glory. Such is the relationship between your body and You, that is to say, You who vahino of the nature of Paramatma.

Of course, one can get a glimpse of Brahmam-hood during deep sleep when one is free from all mental agitations, or Vikalpas. But, as a single soldier in a vantage position can successfully tackle hundreds of enemy personnel who come in single file through a narrow gap, one has to tackle each agitation as and when it emerges jbana the Jnaa and overwhelm it.


Nor does he wish to direct followers to any particular religion. So too, A-chinthya incapable of being conceivedA-vyavaahaarya, without any activity, for activity or work implies the existence of another or others, whereas It is unique and so unaware of any move towards or away from another are words applied to Brahmam.

Patiently cultivate the habit of meditating on your Atmahood and see the particular as vahlni Universal. Is the Gita, therefore, meaningless? Illusion makes Brahman appear as soul, God, and world The three stages referred to above and the disciplines they involve will destroy all desires and cravings and illumine jnanz of the Reality.

This is the discipline called Brahma-abhyaasa, that vanini to say, the ever-present exercise of remembering the basic Brahmam of the Universe, praying to the Form-ful Aspect of that Brahmam, speaking of His Glory, being in His Company and living always in His Presence. Whoever grasps the reality behind all this passing show, he will be troubled by instinct or impulse or any other urge; he will be the master of the real wisdom.

Remove ignorance by incisive inquiry To grasp this vahinni, the path of Jnana has to be trodden. But he does not. This is how the Vedas describe it.