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Jenbacher type 3 reference installations model, plant key technical data description. J Containerized solution. Landfill site;. Cavenago, Italy. J Profusa. Rice Lake, Wisconsin, US. Jenbach use of biogas in Jenbacher gas engines including methane biogas to fuel the Jenbacher JGS GS-B.L. engine, owned . Ge Jenbacher J GS Gas Engine. It can be used as ☑ Generating setup, and ☑ Cogeneration unit. ⚫ Features of the engine ⚫ Characteristics ⚫ Types of fuel.

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We are pleased to provide you with our current stock list. Jenvacher, Description Own power plant, running on biogas from the chicken farm wastes, gives the possibility to solve a number of problems connecting to the frequent power supply breakdowns, production of cheap heat and cold.

Product Line Description Efficient, durable, reliable Long service intervals, maintenance-friendly engine design and low 3316 consumption ensure maximum efficiency in our type 3 engines.

Available for sale crankshaft for J Sign up for our newsletter. Please enter your email address below. Contact Details Enter your billing address details. Locomotive Find Out More. Finally a new OEM supply crankshaft damper was assembled to the engine. Design with fixed Tube bundle 1-wegiger version with just the inner tubes.

DN65 occurs 1 x outlet 1 x DN65 Dimensions: Genset, Cogeneration system; Genset, Cogeneration system in container.

Maintained by OEM since installation. J,V, 50 Hz. As a result, it enables to reduce the support costs and consequently the price of the end product. Shopping Cart There’s nothing in your cart yet. Tube-sheets are tightly welded to the tube.

Crankshaft for J jenbacher gas engine. Get More Information Submitting form More than units installed. Jenbacher in container complete CHP Power output of kw Motor is jenbavher hours immersed and new motor has betribsstunden Motor is still possible to see in the new.


Login to your Account. Contact Details Enter your destination to receive a shipping quotation. How does this work? Buyer to dismantle and load.

Item# P6104 – Jenbacher JMS 316 GS-N.L Natural Gas 750KW, 50Hz, 400V Power Plant (2 Available)

Bay Ferries Management Ltd Industry: The own power plant enabled the complex to become independent of the external grids and to produce the heat with very low price. Brand new containerised Jenbacher currently in production will be available November Prechamber gas valve jenbacger for GE Jenbacher gas engines all 6 series.

Its robust design and stationary engine concept result in excellent component durability and a service life of 80, More DK 37 Rask molle, Mollersmindevej. How can we help? Jenbacher Naturalgas kW Running hours Ouverhoul done by hour all services done by jenbacher engine in good condition Scope of supply engine and generator, Abgaswermetaucher, gas control route batteries, charging Cabinet, complete documentation, control cabinet, control cabinet. Description Own power plant, running on biogas from the chicken farm wastes, gives the possibility to solve a number of problems connecting to the frequent power supply breakdowns, production of cheap heat and cold.

Finally the original Turbocharger and Aftercooler were re-fitted to the engine following subsequent overhaul. Thomas Industry Update Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. New pistons and ring packs were installed onto original connecting rods and re-fitted with new LE bearings, complete with jdnbacher spare set of re-worked cylinder heads. One Jenbacher without alternator.


Brown Energy Group Inc. Shipping Method Sorry, no quotes are jenbachfr for this order at this time. If you would like further information on any of our services or if you would like to talk with us about a specific project, then L Block combined heat and power stations.

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JENBACHER JMS – IHB International

Power Plant Classification Reciprocating. On completion of the rebuild, the engine was run-up to complete initial bearing runs and gradually stepped up at loaded increments up to kw to verify performance.

Generator sets can each be purchased separately. Description Cogeneration power plant is used as a main source of electric and heat power supply for the processing needs of the factory. Scope of jenbacber Genset, Cogeneration system; Genset, Cogeneration system in container Applicable gas types Natural gas, associated gas, propane, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas.

The new type 3D generation offers an outstanding service interval with up to 80, operating hours until the major overhaul. Save in address book.


L 7,40 m W 2,00 m H 2,60 m generator end: AT Neuhofen an der Krems. JanuaryGSE completed a minor overhaul of a Jenbacher 3 Series generator, installed at Highfield landfill site, operated by Cory Environmental ltd.

During a 5 day shutdown period, an overhaul schedule was undertaken that included removal of cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods and cylinder liners. FCA free loaded on your truck.