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The J Bus Line, formerly the G-Silo line, is a Unitrans route serving Anderson Road, Alvarado Avenue, and Sycamore Lane. It provides service. Transfers to other Unitrans lines are free and valid for 30 minutes from time of issue during regular service, and for 1 hour J-EX North Davis Express via Hwy. Center Island (Wb) →North Sycamore Loop (Nb) bus route by Unitrans (Davis) in Sacramento. Choose your stop or station for line J to see the full schedule.

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Why do they do this?

Route Trainers can also perform “refreshers” during the summer to ensure that all currently-employed drivers maintain adequate DMV-mandated training hours per year, Support Services Supervisor – Supervisor of all Support Services Assistants. Support Services Manager – keeps the buses tidy and clean.

J Bus Line – Davis – LocalWiki

When passing through the Richards underpass, I see a lot of Unitrans buses stopping well before the actual tunnel when traffic is backed up. How long does it take to get to Unitrans J Line from Stag by public transit? If a bus is late, they arrange a “tripper” to start the late bus’ next line on time. It provides service four times an hour during the day to the Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal terminal.

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Moovit has all the public transit info that you need to know. When going outbound away from downtown the bus has to go very close to the middle of the lane so as to not have it’s right mirror hit the tunnel.

All student positions are filled by undergraduates, from Operations Manager to Conductor but graduate students can also apply. Be sure to check the bus schedule: Drivers are instructed not to stop. It is free to Unitrans riders and any one with an interest in knowing if a bus will be on time. If you need the kneeler, lift, or ramp for any reason medical or otherwiseplease ask the driver, and they would be more than happy to assist you.

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Below are some examples of these procedures. Oversees daily operations of the system. Click on a route to get updated schedules Uunitrans Starbucks 47 min Q.

They basically leave the whole lane in front of the bus open through the tunnel, and hold back all the cars behind them.

Visit the NextBus Unitrans website to see if your bus is on time or held up in traffic. No need to install a bus app to check the bus time, or a train app to get the train time. RT was in the process of being converted to CNG, but now has been stripped for parts and is currently a frame at the Unitrans Maintenance Garage RTL is the only double-deck to maintain its original ‘pre-select’ shifting transmission and original engine, it has been sent back to London’s Ensign Bus Transport Museum.

Transit Planning Assistant – Assists the Planning Manager with all future transit operations planning activities. How long does it take to get to Unitrans J Line from ampm by Bus? Unitrans has a few strange procedures which ensure safe and reliable service. This second bus helps split the load and keep the other bus on time. The drivers of the buses are all UC Davis undergraduate students, as well as all of the trainers, managers, office clerks, mechanics, and support services staff.

Yolobus operates within Davis in addition to Unitrans. You must be logged in to comment on this page. Passengers outbound from Campus who need the Anderson Plaza stop are encouraged to take the F line from the Memorial Union Terminal which is almost always less crowded and has a tendency to reach this stop first. Check out the schedule and route map at the Unitrans website for more information.

In addition, old registration cards are no longer accepted as of November 1, Inthere were overone-way trips recorded on the former G Line at which time it ran both to the Silo and MU Terminals.

Operations Unitrans has a few strange procedures which ensure safe and reliable service.

J Route: Time Schedules, Stops & Maps

Route Training Manager – is a student responsible for overseeing Route Trainers and arranging a route training schedules for newly licensed drivers. As of August 8th, llne, the J line will be replaced by the G-Line. This helps keep the buses running on time, and the passenger loads down to a managable level. I’ve always been curious about this. That’s a lot of students. You can also find us on Twitter! The remainder of the fleet at the time was matched to this color scheme.


Lead Driver Trainer – is a student responsible for overseeing uitrans training program, supervising all Driver Trainers and arranging training schedules for new drivers during the summer. Generally, they run in the afternoon and early-evening hours between 1: Add this badge to your website.

The Unitrans fleet currently consists of the following: Do not run after buses after they have pulled away from the curb, especially at the terminal.

How to get to Unitrans J Line in Davis by Bus

StevenDaubert says he has seen drivers chock the wheels of other buses as a prank, however it was very amusing when the unitrns just drove over the chock and continued on her merry way. Note that this discount is only available at the TAPS office and not at other places where passes are sold.

If an undergraduate, be sure to hold your ID card so that the driver lin easily see the blue UC Davis Emblem on the top of the card, which indicates you have paid your ASUCD fee that includes your bus pass. Because of the California Air Resources Board’s regulations, Unitrans plans to retire all of the older diesel buses by the end of This unitrwns you can plan trips initrans town using Google Maps.

Yolobus wasn’t fond of it either, back in the days when Yolobus and Unitrans shared a frequency. However, if there was a large vehicle going the opposite way, it’s left mirror would hit that vehicle. The high-ridership lines Such as D, G, J, and W commonly have a “tripper” bus that accompanies the main bus through one line.