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ICS, Doc ID, ITOP Title, Drop Tests for Munitions. Original Title. Category, IS / TS. Location. ITOP Drop Tests for Munitions, Final Report on International Test Operations Procedure. ITOP (2), Safety Testing of Field Artillery Ammunition. – ITOP , Drop Test for Munitions. – ITOP , Rough Handling Tests.

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Identification of cargo handling equipment employed, if any.

The procedures referenced in this paragraph provide simulations of the conditions typically encountered by freight containers, shelters, palletized loads, and equipment contained in transit cases or iitop crates in the course of their handling and movement at points of embarkation for and debarkation from utop rail, highway, marine, air transportation media. To maintain safe operations, the ramp angle for loading and unloading procedures is no greater than 15 degrees.

This test shall be performed simultaneously with the accuracy test. F-3 TOP 15 September Forward comments, recommended changes, or any pertinent data which may be of use in improving this publication to the following address: ABSTRACT This TOP provides guidance for preparing test plans and conducting test programs to evaluate the transportability characteristics of military equipment whether towed, self propelled, or moved by carrier over highway, off-road terrain, railway, waterway, or by air.

Photograph the resultant rigging configuration. The gross weight equals the gross vehicle weight rating GVWR or the maximum projected weight of the equipment, which ever is greater.

  ASCE 58-10 PDF

European Defence Agency – EDSTAR

Ambient 4 0 1 3. Single package test, b.

Propellant from no more than two lot interfix numbers and from one manufacturer 4. 4–2601 engineering analysis determines which helicopters are capable of transporting the item.


Mossberg – Ambient c. If feasible, conduct a trial loading of the test item on actual oceangoing vessels, using the ship’s cargo handling gear or customary dockside lifts.

While testing towing maneuvers, inspect the combination to identify any restrictions to movement and to detennine whether proper driver visibility is maintained. Comments, suggestions, or questions on this document should be addressed to: Load maintains directional stability for most maneuvers. Measurement of heights of drop tests, and the orientation of the item for each test iteration.

Unless otherwise stated in the guidance document, the miles and percentages shown will be used. This test shall be performed simultaneously with the reliability test. Testing shall be conducted with cartridges packed in accordance with packaging provisions of the contract, and in accordance with ITOPAppendix Loose Cargo Test, except as classified and expanded below.

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A sample of 54 cartridges from the remaining 80 ltop from each temperature environment shall be removed from their packages and subjected to the individual bare cartridge drops. The primer shall ignite at 12 inches.

Dimensional and strength measurements of tie-down, lifting and anchoring points, number, and location. Measure the sling leg angles of vertical loadings.


This process shall be repeated until six cycles 48 hours of exposure are completed. Separate procedures for flat free-fall and rotational edgewise drop testing of shelters both with and without skids are contained in ASTM E, paragraphs No visible permanent deformation or set in the provisions or supporting structure shall result from the application of the loads.

The maximum external payload capabilities of U.


The laboratory test shall represent km 75 mi. All measurements contained in Table 2. Partial cut off 1 2 Major Blockage in the barrel could send hot gas out through the breech and into the users face. Measure the loads with calibrated devices such as load cells. The packaged ammunition shall be tested for 15 minutes in each of two orientations: If any damage or deformation exists, the item should not be flight tested pending repair or replacement.

Summarize the results of the MSFDCS in tabular or narrative form, supplemented by any observations made by a review of the flight test videotape s. The door shall have three 4-inch standard hinges, residential quality, Stanley Part No. The cartridge shall be safe to handle and dispose upon the completion of this test.