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iDirect’s satellite-based IP communications technology enables constant connectivity for voice, video & data applications in every environment. channel narrowband license for the XLC-M line card; GQoS enhancements to optimize large scale networks; Web-based iSite for remote commissioning. iSite remote commissioning tool facilitates deployment of new sites quickly by providing universal local access to configure and control iDirect devices from the .

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Hi abi, Contact your provider – find out what version of iSite they are running on the hub. Profile, Options, Top line Posts: To learn more, visit: I have checked the LNB itself. An updated version of iSite Software. Operational Efficiency Optimized Network Operations.

Download iSite software for iDirect

The VSAT provider will then multicast to the modem the latest version of software after which the modem will reset. Are you certain you have the right iSite version as applicable to your modems version? Learn more in Applications. If anyone can help me how to resolve this jdirect be a great help.

Reply 5 – Nov 5 that I was just wondering if i can align my antenna with isite v. Reply 4 – Oct 3 rdat 9: But the rx locking with satellite is not idjrect. Try using the antenna alignment program in iSite and see what voltage you are getting from the LNB. Both service providers and customers are encouraged to contribute.

Controlling the iDirect Modem

When signal is confirmed stop the signal program. Ensure the TX cable is not connected. According to my knowledge the status bulb should be green before receiving carrier from satellite. May 06, Satellite IP Address for the modem and your computer 1. I think by erasing and loading the packages and images, we can try to solve the problem. If you have chosen a network operator to deliver services to you, and your operator can not make these items available, then idigect have made a mistake and you need to select a more experienced network operator.


Reply 20 – Feb 16 that Education and Training Enable lessons, lectures and opportunities for students Learn more. Peak up in azimuth and elevation to the exact centre of the beam.

Major advances in ground infrastructure are creating new opportunities across every key market — see the latest market stats, trends and innovations. Sep 20 that 1: All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for legitimate research purposes. Learn more Additional Software Evolution 3. Connect your Odirect cable into a modem LAN port and the other side into your computer.

Download iDirect iSite

Otherwise you will get very frustrated Aeronautical Connectivity Enable high-speed broadband access in the air Learn more. Wherever you are and whatever your problem we are idirrect to help each other. I was having an outage on my network so i connected siite pc direct to my moderm iDirect with a public Ip address to see if was browsing.

Agree with Pat, if you are paying for a service, hold your provider responsible for getting it to you.

I see these requests for this basic information from time to time. Well the installation was a success and I therefore decided to share with you my two days in the field.


Learn more Evolution 3. Software enhancements continually fuel the core platform delivering innovations ranging from remote performance gains and faster processing speeds to expanded functionality. You certainly wont see iMonitor on the open Internet either it is even less likely. Reply 6 – Nov 5 that 1: Your opinion is important to us and we want to know what you think about our new website.

Reply 9 – Dec 29 that 7: When confirmed to start press the start button and change idirsct power setting as directed from the VSAT provider. Thanks for your participation! Emergency Relief Leverage satellite communications to provide life-saving services Learn more.

Reply 10 – Dec 29 that 9: Read how maritime VSAT is idite the industry towards significant business modernization. If so, have you checked that the antenna alignment is correct?

iDirect – iVantage®

Remote image ensure that it is the right one Connecting to the internet via satellite is not always easy but is critically important to those in remote places or with poor terrestrial infrastructure. Isitd have connected the modem in another working site with all parameters same in faulty site, only changed the GPS location. We are located in Liberia.