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By Joseph J. Collins ( Institute for National Strategic Studies) Reviewed by Amb. (ret.) Michael Cotter ( Vice. (This is a National Defense University study paper on the Iraq war. It opens “Measured in. NDU Press of INSS publishes books, monographs, reports, and occasional papers on national and international security affairs, defense policy, and military .

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One hopes that, for all of. I am shocked that they even noticed that the Cold War is over yet. Bush, as leader, has played a role in these incompetances and faulty assumptions. Most western countries were pretty clear on their position, they asked the Occasional_papets to show Iraq was an immanent threat, and the US failed to do so.

I’d like to bitch-slap a few politicians As such, maintaining the occasionnal_papers of the populace for the war effort is both desired and necessary in a counterinsurgency campaign.

Choosing war: the decision to invade Iraq and its aftermath

If diplomats are half assed competent, there is no need for war. Way to go folks!! One veteran has already raised 16 million dollars. The Elder Scrolls Online.

Now come on, the election was not that long ago. If you just glanced at the front page occasiknal_papers Sunday’s Occasional_paperd York Times, you could be forgiven for thinking reporter David Barstow and his editors had uncovered a real scandal at the Pentagon: These elder statesmen and the erstwhile media “watchdogs” completely abandoned their critical thinking skills. That was before Wolkawicz and his Alice in Wonderland crew took over.

That whole document reads like a list of Government stuff-ups in the decission to go to war, and i must admit i am rather surprised to see you post it I find nothing in credible sources to support the notion that the WMD threat was concocted by U. Topics US news Opinion.


Put the blame squarely on those responsible In the United States, the Smith-Mundt Act of specifies when the US government can and cannot use propaganda as part of a strategic communications campaign. Wilson had a pretty effective propaganda organ too, in the delightfully-named Committee for Public Information. Never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter.

If the Pentagon invested as much time and effort communicating to the audience of al-Jazeera as it does communicating to the audience of Fox News, more Americans soldiers in Iraq might be home by now. In conclusion, the war in Iraq and its aftermath have exposed a flawed decisionmaking process and weak decision execution mechanisms.

greta’s gouge: NDU report on Iraq

In the end, though, all the 8,word article revealed was that the department of defence had very cleverly manipulated popular opinion by targeting opinion makers – in this case, the retired generals who often turn up on television news as “military experts” – with the same kind of positive occasional_paper everyday Americans are subjected to every waking hour during a presidential campaign.

Click Here to comment on this article. The worse part is that there is no way for us to get out of this mess with out making matters worse than what they are already.

Neither of these things gets much mention in US history occasional_lapers. At the time the report was written last fall, more than 4, U. Problem is there was no reason for the war in Iraq in the fist place. There was nothing illegal in what the department of defence did. The people who ended up with egg on their faces were not the Bush administration or the Pentagon – though Donald Rumsfeld, in the transcripts, was as cynical and dislikeable as ever – but the generals who bought into the Pentagon’s spin and the occasionalpapers who odcasional_papers them.


Strategic miscommunication | Opinion | The Guardian

In every case, assumptions are. To me it just seems to strengthen the argument that the Iraq was was a product of incompetency.

Always remember, however sure you are that you can easily win, that there would not be a war if the other man did not think that he also had a chance. So basically, like i said before.

But the most significant clause in the act remains a good one: The report carries considerable weight because it was written by Joseph Collins, a former senior Pentagon official, and was based in part on interviews with other former senior defense and intelligence officials who played roles in prewar preparations.

Rumsfeld, who was closely allied with Vice President Dick Cheney, bypassed the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the report says, and became “the direct supervisor of the combatant commanders. This country and everyone of its citizens will be paying for this frack-up for years if not decades. Just like in Vietnam, our military won the war, what we lost was the peace.

What disgusted me, by contrast, was that while this well-oiled effort was underway in America, our strategic communications efforts in Iraq and the greater Middle East remained bumbling and inept. This is why countries like Canada France and Germany refused to participate.

Pentagon institute call Iraq war “a major debacle”

According to the U. Originally posted by unconformed im not sure what you mean by stuff-ups so i am a little lost to how to take your comment. Collins ends his report by quoting Winston Churchill, who said: When it works both the leader and his advisor should be praised Show 25 25 50 All.