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Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door, memorable travel literature threatens to break out. His previous excursion along the Appalachian Trail resulted. Down Under is the British title of a travelogue book about Australia written by best-selling travel writer Bill Bryson. In the United States and Canada it was published titled In a Sunburned Country, a title taken from the famous Australian poem. In a Sunburned Country By BILL BRYSON Broadway. Read the Review But then Australia is such a difficult country to keep track of. On my first visit, some.

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It is stable and peaceful and good.

Bill Bryson has also written several highly praised books on the English language, including Mother Tongue and Made in America. Pack animals grew frequently crazed or lost the will to go on….

Bryson is a hoot, you guys.

IN A SUNBURNED COUNTRY by Bill Bryson | Kirkus Reviews

He doesn’t gloss over that Australia has its dark side. Overall, this was a light summer read that I hope Australians dountry agree shows off their country favourably if one can forget that the ten most lethal creatures on Earth are all found there, it sounds like a lovely place to visit.

It’s now on my top five list of places to vacation. This is a book about Bryson’s trips I believe he combines a few trips to “Oz” into this one book to the really undiscovered island of Australia and his impressions of what he sees and who he meets. I actually cut back on reading it x I subnurned near the end because I loved it so much I didn’t want to finish! In a Sunburned Country is what it is.

Oh, and if there is anything that describes the Counfry lifestyle it is this: Maybe one day you will, too. But often Bryson runs up against a dead end, such as the disappearance of Australian Prime Minster, Harold Holt, who took a swim while in office, never to be seen again.

View all 6 comments. Bryson and his guide, Deirdre, were boogie boarding at Freshwater Beach near Manly, when Deirdre suddenly grabbed Bryson’s arm and stopped him from advancing toward the “bluey,” as Deirdre called it. Oh, there is also the running joke about drinking urine, namely because when you are dying of thirst you will go to extreme lengths to survive not that it xountry actually do any good considering the salt content.


In A Sunburndd Country is his report on what he found in an entirely different place: Maybe we can send them some coyotes. They could have tried to join our conversation and correct anything we got wrong but they dropped a bomb and moved on. View all 9 comments.

I would say that it’s still my favorite travel book by Bryson. Bryson’s few stories about Australia’s Aboriginal peoples were fascinating — so often overlooked, these original inhabitants likely sailed to Australia ages ago tens of thousands of years before any other peoples were braving the seas with a viable breeding community and eked out a brysln in one of the most inhospitable landscapes brysob Earth, giving them the longest continuous culture in the bryspn of the world. Down Under Cover of Black Swan paperback edition.

I looked it up and the current population is around 23 million. I did not really use it when I was in Australia though to be honest. The next time my brain is slightly fried I’ll work through the next book in his catalog and be happy, I imagine, I did.

Another close encounter was with a bluebottle jellyfish. Please try again later.

I would say that Bryson traveled all over the country, but the thing is that Australia is so huge, and there is so much here to explore, whether it be the struggles of the early explorers and colonists, or simply the natural beauty, that it would be impossible to do in a couple of trips, and from what I gathered from the book he was here for quite a while which suggests that his wife must be very supportive of him going off and gallivanting around the world.

You get an abbreviated and frankly unfair exposure to Queensland and the North Territory In a Sunburned Country is a 4 Star, mostly humorous, romp through Australia. The land is as beautiful as it is harsh.

I think I got this book because I forgot to send in the “do not send” notice in a book club. The planning for this trip was also abysmal.

If you like audiobooks, I highly recommend listening to Bryson narrate this. Bryson could write a book about the history of the individual rooms within the typical house and I would love it he did and I did! He’s funny more often than not, like when he describes the joys of tacky roadside attractions and his decision to trespass through a suburban backyard when wunburned thinks a dog is chasing him through a park. His account may start to grate on an Australian or someone familiar with the country as he exaggerates and makes fun of some quirks.


It’s fascinating, funny, and fact-filled. The writing is humorous, at times im insightful, and mostly always informative. It’s full interesting information and ideas for places to visit and gave me loads of laughs.

He ends up at a pet shop, that also happens to be a porn shop. The book covers Australia’s history, natural wonders and weather patterns, a whole host of wunburned critters found nowhere else in the world, some really bizarre people both past and present, and his own hilarious and harrowing experiences Down Under. Along with Bryson’s familiar humor, he manages to capture the vastness of the land, the people, the diversity of nature, the beauty of this country.

Oh, and there was Stuart, who attempted to cross the centre of Australia, almost killed himself, then tried it again with similar results, and if coming to the brink of death twice was not enough, he made a third attempt, which was successful.

It’s self-deprecating, it’s consciously delusional for comedy’s sake, it’s honest and it gives me the chuckles. What I am getting at is that Bill Bryson ‘s book about Australia is full of entertaining facts like that plus more – he also introduces a lot of information about history of Australia, its landscape, nature, etc.

It is the only sport in which spectators burn as many calories as the players-more if they are moderately restless. His humility is admirable and I think he’s underrated possibly because he’s so damn uncool.


View all 17 comments. As if he isn’t on a super well funded tour with guides and zero need to worry about anything other than how awesome his life is. His wit and sarcastic humor is what did it for me. Inspired by Your Browsing Ih.

Down Under (book) – Wikipedia

What’s neat about Australias outback is since it’s largely untouched, and since the continent doesn’t have much in the way of geological activity – no sunburndd or things like that – the fossil records are wonderful. Oct 20, Helene Jeppesen rated it really liked it. Looking for More Great Reads?

Besides his usual writing prowess, I must say that in this book he chose his subject very well.