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The modular ice cube machines with vertical evaporator are specially conceived for large scale users: fast food restaurants, discos, hotels and. ICEMATIC NM KG ICE MACHINE FOR SALE Cape Town, South Africa New price R @ Scotsman Serviced and regassed by Macbrothers Cont. Icematic NM ice machine & tray(bin) price negotable.

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Check temperature of air entering condenser. Are you a Kitchen Appliances – Other Expert? Remove board and check.

FBRo Pretoria – Centurion 2 weeks ago. Pretoria – Centurion 2 weeks ago.

After 3 minutes, from the start up of the freezing cycle, the Water Inlet Valve is energised again for a short period to re-fill the sump with water till GB again to the max. The control, functions as a precautionary device to shut OFF electrical power to Icemaker, should a loss of water occur to the water cooled Condenser or a burnt out of the fan motor on air cooled versions.

The hot gas circulating into the evaporator serpentine causes a slight melting of ice cubes which get released from their molds. Kindly contact Faraz on or Pretoria – Pretoria West 2 days ago. When the plates get dirty it will cause ice to hang on to plate. Icematic offers a wide range of products for any chilling need. Hot Gas Solenoid Valve The Hot Gas Solenoid Valve functions only during the Harvest Cycle, to divert the hot discharge gas from the Compressor, bypassing the Condendenser and thermostatic expansion valve, for direct flow to the Evaporator Platen Assembly to release ice cubes from the ice cube molds.


We are also mad at ourselves.

More Expensive than chinese products, but these generators wi. The ideal drain receptacle would be a trapped and vented floor drain. On water-cooled, the discharge pressure is constantly, maintained during the freeze cycle by the water regulating valve.

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SUPERSEDED Ice Sensor Icematic NM Ice Machine – AS Catering Supplies

Once entirely released the ice cubes drop simultaneously into the ice storage bin below; by doing so they move apart from the evaporator bottom end the plastic deflector. When the released ice cubes drop into the bin, they ucematic for a fraction of a seconds the bottom end of plastic deflector. Heavily chlorinated water can be controlled using charcoal or carbon filters.

Industry Large icemaitc machines are mostly used in the fishing and food industry, chemical and buildings industries and ice factories. Just fill in the Get Email Alerts form below. Login to post Please use English characters only. The LED energized are: We will also provide you with full training on the machine and the s.

Once a week sanitise it with a commercial food grade sanitiser icemagic with the manufacturer dilution. Check cube size, adjust if required through setting screw of ice thickness control sensor. Tell us some more! Kindly contact Faraz on or.

  FRN1.5C1S 2J PDF

Insulations in high humidity areas is recommended. Blast chillers Refrigerated cabinets. Place the unit directly onto the bin, align it with the icematc of the bin.


The harvest cycle lasts about 1. Please activate your alert from the email you will receive to confirm sign up. Compressor Contactor Located in the control box, the compressor contactor functions to carry the compressor line current. You can use this powerful device to cle Pretoria – Centurion 2 weeks ago. The machine remains in the freezing cycle with the ice that become thicker till the two metal plates of the Ice Thickness Sensor are covered by the water cascading through the front surface of the ice plate.

End of year Sale!! Besides the above drain, a separate condenser drain must be run. This action cleans-up and rinses the sump during each harvest cycle preventing dangerous water minerales concentration.

If air-cooled, the discharge pressure will change with the heat load and the ambient air temperature. This is the best value for money machine of its size available on the market today.