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ebook: . Notes: – eBook: information, and more especially, to prevent free-energy devices of Bob’s design are shown in , but. · Comments. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print.

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So, just to get it straight in your mind, when you make a battery, the chemical action inside the hytp creates a Plus terminal and a Minus terminal. And electrons going around corners in a wire are really really slow.

He uses a capacitor made from two metal plates with a sheet of plastic between them, instead of Tesla’s insulated single plate.

A Practical Guide to ‘Free Energy’ Devices par P. Kelly – PJKbook pdf – Fichier PDF

Bob Boyce’s Toroidal water-splitter. The Joule Thief as a Battery Charger. Notify me of new comments via email. I had studied its properties but never thought about a thermal motor. Obviously you want more energy inside the chamber. Advanced Joule Thief circuits.

At sun-up on the next day, you can continue your journey. You can imagine how popular that I – 12 would have been with the oil companies and the government. Conventional science says that this is impossible, which just goes to show that conventional science is out of date and needs to be upgraded to cover systems like this where excess energy is flowing in from the local environment.

That did not mean that the people who lived before us were any less clever than we are. The point that he makes is that the magnetic flux of his motor is always unbalanced, thus producing a continuous rotational drive.

ALL of science is testable and repeatable, and is thoroughly vetted by publishing data and methodology openly and freely. Running an Electrical Generator on Water Alone.

Free energy

Try it into darkness and you find a different result because the whole picture is: Talking of empty space — it is not empty. The energy which powers the solar panel comes from the sun. I know most motors can be generators, and other motors turn freely too.

In reality, electricity is this pressure.

A very effective way to determine the actual power draw of any item of household equipment is to use a cheap, mains watt-meter such as the one shown here. Fortunately, the ElectriQ company uo. This is a very convenient theory, but unfortunately it has no basis in reality.


The Ribero Buoyancy Patent. In his patent, Shigeta indicates his disappointment that his laboratory tests only showed an efficiency of ten times greater than that of Faraday while his calculations showed that he could be getting twenty times the Faraday result.

That argument is tautological in that it can be restated as: For example Stanley Meyer which HHO producing devices supposedly can decompose water at a much greater rate than normal electrolysis… turns out he was right, there is now academic researchers replicating or almost replicating his work. Having never seen the fluid you describe, from the description it is not a Ferrofluid, but rather a colloidal suspension of small crystal units of NdFeB material which was never do to a magnetic pulse common to typical magnets constructed of such material, then broken up into particles in suspension in nonpolar fluids.

This generator is powered by permanent magnets and so uses no fuel to run. Permanent Magnets provide continuous power.

When a small electric motor not shown in the diagram moves the magnetic shield out of the way, the two magnets are strongly repelled from each other as their North poles are close together. The Bob Boyce DC electrolyser. This is dramatically better than Faraday thought was possible and it allows power production through recombining that HHO gas to give water again, as the power produced is well above the amount of power needed to split the water in the first place.

Competing nations would use it to beat us economically. It is possible to modify the magnetic field by diverting it through a soft iron component. That extra 12 kilowatts of power must be a considerable embarrassment for conventional science and so they will either ignore it, or deny that it ever existed, in spite of the fact that it was demonstrated at a public seminar.

It says nothing, it proves nothing, but the clueless and willfully ignorant lap it up as actual proof. When the starting battery is removed, the equipment is held in the air to show that it is self-contained and selfpowered. His input power is watts and the power drawn from the system is 3, watts, giving an excess of 2.


Patrick Kelly – A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices – AFER Labs

There is a strong tendency for people to state that such a system is not possible since it contravenes the Law of Conservation of Energy. In general, it takes the separation of tens knfo coulombs over 1 frse distance within a meter cube, to overcome the gravitational field of the earth.

Understanding what circuit diagrams mean Semiconductors — Transistors. Any clueless idiot can have an IDEA. For pity sake, many here actually know real science, please stop insulting our intelligence with this sort of nonsense, we can see straight through it.

Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube

You are welcome to consider this a work of fiction if you choose to do so. They teamed up with the very large auto-parts supplier Arvin Meritor to put these new devices in production vehicles.

Mike Brady’s Perendev Magnet Motor. If you leave it in the dark it does nothing, You have to apply a significant amount of energy to it to get a smaller amount of energy out in a different form. By that I mean Newtonian mechanics as modified by Einstein, the laws of thermodynamics, quantum theory e. Let me stress again, that this set of information is not by any means the final word on the subject, but just an introduction to the subject by a single person who makes no claims to knowing all the answers.

Why do these videos always fall short of making the track a circle? Have at it i have no money just knowledge. Health Methods of home treatment which have proved effective.

The simple fact is that we already have a very good understanding of basic physical laws at ordinary human scales of time, speed, distance, density and so on — the ones relevant to everyday engineering. Bearden Beddini maybe with one d Hamel. My point was that in order to talk sensibly about whether a device is impossible, breaks the laws of physics or is over unity, we first need to define and be clear about what system the device operates in.