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Tutorial on how to install and configure htDig search for your web site. The Linux Information Portal includes informative tutorials and links to many Linux sites. WWW Search Engine Software. Contribute to roklein/htdig development by creating an account on GitHub. Htdig retrieves HTML documents using the HTTP protocol and gathers information from these documents which can later be used to search these documents.

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This FAQ is compiled by the ht: It is not meant to replace any of the many internet-wide search engines. No, as above, ht: While there is theoretically nothing to stop you from indexing as much as you wish, practical considerations e. Of course an index doesn’t do you much good without a program to sort it, search through it, etc. htdg

Site Search with HTDIG

Andrew no longer does much work on ht: He has started a company, called Contigo Software and is quite busy with that. This list is intended primarily for the discussion of current and future development of the software. Geoff and Gilles are htdg the maintainers of ht: So while they do read all the annd they receive, they may not respond immediately.

When posting a followup to a message on the list, you should use the “reply to all” or “group reply” feature of your mail program, to make sure the mailing list address is included in the reply, rather than replying only to the author of the message. See also question 1. Since we all have other jobs, it make take a while before someone gets back to you. Please be htcig and don’t hound the volunteers with direct or repeated requests.

If you don’t get a response after 3 or 4 days, then a reminder may help. If you have an idea or even better, a patchplease send it to the ht: For suggestions on how to submit patches, please check the.

If you’d like to make a feature request, you can do so through the ht: Ad you would like an iron-clad, legally-binding guarantee, feel free to check the source code itself.

Versions prior to 3.

These problems are fixed in the current release. If you discover something else, please let us know!

Well, there are abd bugs out there. You have two options for bug-reporting. You can htidg mail the ht: Please try to include as much information as possible, including the version of ht: Often, running the programs with one “-v” or more e.

Htfig mailing list has a wider audience, so you’re more likely to get help with configuration problems there than by reporting them to the bug database. Whether reporting problems to the bug database or mailing list, we cannot stress enough the importance of always indicating which version of ht: There are still a lot of users, ISPs and software distributors using older versions, and there have been a lot htdg bug fixes and new features added in recent versions. Knowing which version you’re running is absolutely essential in helping to find a solution.

If you’re unsure if your version is current, or what fixes and features have been added in more recent versions, please see the release notes. See also question 2. Phrase searching has been added for the 3. Hteig or proximity matching will probably be added in anf future beta. The code itself doesn’t put any real limit on the number of pages.


There are several sites in the hundreds of thousands of pages. As for practical limits, it depends a lot on how many pages you plan on indexing. Some operating systems limit files to 2 GB in size, which can become a problem with a large database. There are also slightly different limits to each of the programs.

Right now htmerge performs a sort on the words indexed. Most sort programs use a fair amount of RAM and temporary disk space as they assemble the sorted list.

The htdig anc stores a fair amount of information about the URLs it visits, in part to only index a page once. This takes a fair amount of RAM. With cheap RAM, it never hurts to throw more memory at indexing larger sites. In a pinch, swap will work, but it obviously really slows things down.

In paticular, it generates the databases on the fly, which means you don’t have to sort them before searching. So you are free to use ht: The license only restricts distribution. Anx if you’re planning on a commercial software anr that includes ht: You can use the “acroread” program to index PDF files, but this is no longer recommended.

Initially this program was the only reliable way to extract data from PDF files. However, the xpdf package is a reliable, free software package for indexing and viewing PDF files. We do not advocate using acroread any longer because it is a proprietary product.

Additionally it is no longer reliable at extracting data. SourceForge is a new service for open source software. You can host your project on SourceForge servers and use many of their services like bug-tracking and the like. Before you go anywhere else, think of other ways of phrasing your question.

Many times people have questions that are very similar to other FAQ and while we try to phrase the queries in the FAQ closely to the most common questions, we obviously can’t get them all! The next place to check is the documentation itself.

Site Search with HTDIG – devshed

In particular, take a look at the list of htdigg attributes, particularly the list by name and by program. There are a lot of them, but chances are there’s something that might fit your needs. You should also take a close look at all of htsearch ‘s documentation, especially the section “HTML form” which describes all the CGI input parameters available for controlling the search, including limiting the search to certain subdirectories.

You can find the answer yourself to almost all “how qnd I Also have a look at our collection of Contributed Guides for help on things like HTML forms and Hhtdig, tutorials on installing, configuring, using, and internationalizing ht: Finally, if you’ve exhausted all the online documentation, there’s the htdig-general mailing list. There are hundreds of users subscribed and chances are good that someone has had a similar problem before or can htdlg a solution. The htdig-general mailing list exists for dealing with questions about the software, its installation, configuration, and problems with it.

  BS EN 13480-5 PDF

E-mailing the developers directly circumvents this forum and its benefits. Most annoyingly, it puts the onus on an individual to answer, even if that individual is not the best or most qualified person to answer. This is not a one-man show. It also circumvents the archiving mechanism of the mailing list, so not only do subscribers not see these private htdiy and replies, but future users who may run into the exact same problems won’t see them.

Remember that the developers are all volunteers, and they don’t work for free for your benefit alone. They volunteer for the benefit of the whole ht: See also questions 1.

Note also that when you reply to a message on the list, you should make sure the reply gets on the list as well, provided your reply is still on-topic. The simple answer is that, unlike some mailing lists, the lists on SourceForge don’t force replies back on the list.

This is actually a good thing, because you can reply to the sender directly if you want to, or you can use your mail program’s “reply to all” capability sometimes called “group reply” to reply to the mailing list as well.

It does mean you have to think before you post a reply, but some would argue that this is a good thing too. There are some compelling reasons to try to keep on-topic discussions on the list, though see questions 1. The technical answer iswhere you’ll find all the gory details about the pros and cons of the two common ways of setting up a mailing list, and why SourceForge turns off Reply-To munging.

It so happens that the ht: So, counterarguments to this policy are rather moot, and it would be better not to waste any more mailing list bandwidth debating them. We’ve heard all the arguments anyway.

ht://Dig Frequently Asked Questions

You can if your database has a web-based front end that can be “spidered” by ht: The search results will then give a list of URLs for all pages that match the search terms. If you don’t have such a front end to your database, or the search results must be given as something other than URLs, then ht: Ted Stresen-Reuter hdig the following tips: And then I do one other thing: Then, when I’m parsing the search results, I do a lookup on the database using the title tag as the key.

The latest version is 3. A beta version of the 3. You can find out about the latest version by reading the release notes.

Note that if you’re running any version older than 3.

htDig – Web Site Search

Another slightly less serious, but still troubling security hole exists in 3. You can view details on this vulnerability from the bugtraq mailing list. If you’re unsure of which version you’re running, see question 5. We’re trying to get consistent binary distributions for popular platforms.

Contributed binary releases will go in and contributions should be mentioned to the htdig-general mailing list.