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“The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is a novella by H. P. Lovecraft. Written November- December , the story was first published in April ;. The Shadow over Innsmouth is a horror novella by H. P. Lovecraft, written in November–December ]. It forms part of the Cthulhu Mythos, using its motif of a. H.P. Lovecraft Reread Today we’re looking at “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” written in November-December and first published as a.

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I was willing enough to stay mute while the affair was fresh and uncertain; but now that it is an old story, with public interest and curiosity gone, I have an odd craving to whisper about those few frightful hours in that ill-rumoured and evilly shadowed seaport of death and blasphemous abnormality. The Mythos he created is very unique and can be frightening, but when you decide to pick up any book by this man be ready for a pit in your stomach to appear, for your senses to numb and your consciousness to be transported to the deepest dirtiest smelliest and most dank strip of land that this or any other universe can create.

He is now commonly regarded as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th Century, exerting widespread and indirect influence, and frequently compared to Edgar Allan Poe. This, I knew, must be Devil Reef. Recommended as a background for other writers’ work using Innsmouth and its peoples more than for its own merits.

This, acting on my imagination, had supplied namelessly sinister qualities to the indeterminate face and robed, shambling form beneath it. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. The Shadow Over Innsmouth is one H. It would be well not to make shsdow too conspicuous in such neighbourhoods—especially north of the river—since the people were sullen and hostile.

Refresh and try again. While attempting to sleep, he hears noises at his door as if someone is trying insmouth enter. After months of hearing nothing from my old friend, I decided to take the train to Providence and see if this Lovecraft fellow had seen or heard anything. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

No, it could not possibly be repaired that night, nor was there any other way of getting transportation out of Innsmouth, either to Arkham or elsewhere. I really enjoyed the “surprise ending” on this one. He was, however, unable to resist any offer of his favourite poison; and once drunk would furnish the most astonishing fragments of whispered reminiscence. They seemed sullenly banded together in some sort of fellowship and understanding—despising the world as if they had access to other and preferable spheres of entity.

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Nobody ever believed him, but the natives did not like him to drink and talk with strangers; and it was not always safe to be seen questioning him.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

They look like frogs, and a little bit like fish too: Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Not much can be said that hasn’t been covered by other reviews, but this is one of my favorites. Following the footsteps of Gothic horror authors such as Poe, Lovecraft took us to an ill-fated trip to explore Innsmouth, shaxow see strange, scary things through the lone narrator’s eyes, we learn the hidden history of the town, we escape, in the narrator’s first person POV, from the shadowy streets of Innsmouth in the dead of the night; and at the very end, we experience with the narrator the horror of inescapable fate.

Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia introduction cleanup from October All pages needing cleanup Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from October All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify Articles that link to Wikisource Articles lacking in-text citations from July All articles lacking in-text citations All innskouth with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from July All articles that may contain original research Articles that may contain original research from April Articles to be expanded from May All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles with unsourced statements from October CS1 errors: One had been there, as marks clearly shewed, but there were signs of recent removal.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft

Classic Lovecraft horror, perhaps the classic Lovecraft horror. He proceeds to describe in detail the events surrounding his initial interest in the town, which lies along the route of his tour across New Englandtaken when he was twenty-one.

At last I saw the ancient arcaded station—or what was left of it—and made directly for the tracks that started from its farther end. From several directions in the distance, however, I could hear the sound of hoarse voices, of footsteps, and of ho curious kind of pattering which sharow not sound quite like footsteps.

There was not, I soon decided, any reason why I should have felt that shuddering touch of evil pseudo-memory. Then suddenly all thoughts of time were blotted out by an onrushing image of sharp intensity shaadow unaccountable horror which had seized me before I knew what it really was.

Hippocampus Press,p. Mike Bennett does a fantastic job reading this great story. Among these reliefs were fabulous monsters of abhorrent grotesqueness innnsmouth malignity—half ichthyic and half batrachian in suggestion—which one could not dissociate from a certain haunting and uncomfortable sense of pseudo-memory, as if they called up some image from deep cells and tissues whose retentive functions are wholly primal and awesomely ancestral.


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Lovecraft seemingly shoved into my head during that hour of reading. He wakes up unharmed. The town, I could see, formed a significant and exaggerated example of communal decay; but being no sociologist I would limit my serious observations to the field of architecture.

I passed two houses shewing signs of loveccraft, one of which had faint lights in upper rooms, yet met with no obstacle.

I had entered the brush-grown cut and was struggling along at a very slow pace when that damnable fishy odour again waxed dominant. The whole thing was quickly brushed under the rug, and many questions were left unanswered; since the narrator is the only person who can adequately describe his own experience, his story is the only record of what actually happened during his short, forced stay at Innsmouth.

Muffled sounds of possible vocal origin approached, and at length a firm knock came at my outer door. And worst of all, I perceived that one figure was strangely robed, and unmistakably surmounted by a tall tiara of a design altogether too familiar.

Did those ancient, unplumbed warrens teem with a twisted, uncatalogued, and unsuspected life? My legs, fortunately, responded, and soon I was fleeing at a helter skelter pace up the pathway to the hotel.

I really enjoyed it! My Arkham-born grandmother had seemed strange and almost terrifying to me, and I do not think I grieved when she disappeared. Well, whatever you think of H. He finds an unsettling place with strange people and gets the full story of the place from an old man there, but soon finds himself running for his life from the strange people of Innsmouth.

During the winter of —28 officials of the Federal government made a strange and secret investigation of certain conditions in the ancient Massachusetts seaport of Innsmouth. The only person in town who appears normal is a grocery store clerk from neighboring Arkham.

I think the town reminds me of Pripyat in how it is abandoned. I now bent to the left around the ruinous green; still gazing toward the ocean as it blazed in the spectral summer moonlight, and watching the cryptical flashing of those nameless, unexplainable beacons.