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Heavy equipment professionals rely on dependable Radio Remote Controls. Hetronic offers a complete line of One- hand Button style Radio Remote. Hetronic Explosion Proof (EX) radio remote controls are designed to exacting.

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The Hetronic RLC will control virtually every move you want to make with your locomotive while remaining in a safe position. When your work requires Ex control devices that will eliminate them as a source of ignition while operating machinery, Hetronic GL Ex transmitters will meet your needs. Our innovative MFS feature allows up to 20 transmitters to operate safely in close proximity.

Hetronic a Methode Electronics company. The TG series transmitters are designed in the familiar pendant-control look and feel, are lightweight with dual-speed push buttons that fit perfectly in steel mills or on a construction site.

Rremote a full line of solutions that include Remote Locomotive Control RLC system for hydraulic, pneumatic and speed control of locomotives to video feedback contol control systems and hand-held button controls for ballast loading, Hetronic has the solution. Hetronic Human-to-Machine-Interface HMI radio remote control technology yetronic the result of implementation of new ideas with a focus on improving safety and efficiency on the job.

All of our Ex built-to-order systems feature numerous combinations of paddle levers, joysticks, toggle switches, membrane switches and buttons that are available with proportional, detented or stepless control. Heavy equipment professionals rely on dependable Radio Remote Controls for their equipment. Our integration capabilities have remmote field-tested and result in intrinsically safe, cost effective solutions that improve productivity and give customers a fast Return-On-Investment ROI.


Nous non seulement creons des telecommandes ; Nous rendons votre milieu de travail plus secure.

Hetronic International > Control Solutions > Transmitters (Tx) > EX (Explosion Proof)

Nous non seulement creons des telecommandes ; Nous rendons votre milieu de travail plus secure. Radio Remote Control RRC transmitter and receiver systems are recognized by equipment operators as world class solutions for process control applications. Offering portable or hard-wired options and a variety of optional features including man-down, diagnostics and speed control our Class 1 system is designed following AAR directives and is FAR compliant.

We offer a complete line of multi-purpose operator to machine controls from belly packs to handhelds. Every aspect of Hetronic RRCs is built to the highest standard for flawless, uninterrupted performance. Wir Machen Den Arbeitsplatz Sicherer. More Transmitter and Receiver Options with Hetronic Every Hetronic transmitter is light weight and ergonomically designed for operator comfort and safety with a large control panel that can be populated with a variety of control and feedback options.

Industrial Wireless Remote Control.

The HH series was designed to serve the short-range market for professional radio remote controls. Every Hetronic system is designed and built to be intrinsically safe and will operate in the most challenging environmental and contrlo conditions without fail year after year.

From a limited number of features to multi-digital functions, Hetronic RRCs deliver the ideal solutions for our customers’ requirements. Case Studies Find out how Methode helps customers differentiate and win in their end markets. Safety is our 1 priority and each radio remote control system is designed with the operators’ safety in mind.

Arbejds Eksplosion sikre Contact Us.

Professional operators will find a solution for virtually any application from simple to complex, each designed and produced for the highest levels of safety, dependability and efficiency. Nous non seulement creons des telecommandes ; Nous rendons votre milieu de travail plus secure.


One Hand Button

Quality Wireless Radio Remote Control Systems A leader in design and manufacture of Wireless Radio Remote Control Transmitter and Receiver systemsHetronic has delivered oversafe, reliable systems to customers around the world. Learn more about our innovative solutions by clicking on any of the control solutions shown below.

The NOVA series offers a wide range of fully customized, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf solutions, all featuring Hetronic’s cutting-edge, ergonomic yet rugged design that provides operators easy access to controls. Hetronic’s global footprint, with over 50 sales, service and support locations, together with next generation RF Radio Remote Control solutions provides customers a wide range of H Wir Machen Den Arbeitsplatz Sicherer. The Hetronic MINI is a small and rugged push-button transmitter, ideal for use with applications that require a limited number of digital functions.

Receivers Completely customizable, Hetronic Receivers are designed for maximum functionality, and are built to withstand the most rugged field environments.

Designed to withstand some of the most challenging work environments in the world, our RRCs control any kind of machinery, virtually anywhere, in an array of industries.

Hetronic will design and deliver built-to-order EX transmitters to meet the demanding process control requirements of our customers regardless of the remofe or work environment.

With oversystems in operation around the world, our focus is on the customer and their unique application requirements for heavy equipment operation.