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The Warrior (Zebra Debut) [Heather Grothaus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Returning home from battle to discover that the keep. Tristan D’Argent returns from battle to claim the keep bequeathed to him by King William, only to find his lands under the ruthless control of a treacherous rival. Heather Grothaus — the complete book list. an era brought masterfully to life in this epic tale of a powerful Norman warrior and the woman who is his destiny.

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Read more Read less. On the other hand, perhaps they were a bit too dramatic. These are strong historicals. Nigel also enjoys a double stipend for having to care for both Greanly’s commons folk and his own. Tammy Garcia rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Nick resents her because he was “forced” to marry her A shadow has fallen over the medieval Holy Land, and four courageous Crusaders have banded together to root out the enemy.

There is also the fact that the King has ordered Tristan to marry Haith’s half sister and very best friend, Soleibert. It took him awhile, but he findly became a likeable character. Une fois sur place, il se rend compte que son voisin a recueilli tous ses serfs et leur grothxus servi des histoires horribles sur son compte pour les garder avec lui.

The Warrior (Medieval Warriors Trilogy, #1) by Heather Grothaus

But when the bride he finally chooses refuses him, he takes out his frustration in wine and women. Haith never imagined seeing the face of the man in her dreams in the flesh. Qui arrivera page Haith was grothaud and outspoken but a believable woman of her time, and Tristan was the prototypical warrior-hero with just enough personal baggage and peccadilloes to keep him from coming across as cartoonish.

Haith, a Greanly survivor, and Tristan have dreamed of each other since they were little children but have never met. Unfortunately, the intrigue in the frothaus half of the novel precipitously unraveled into a battle between Seacrest and Greanly, and seemed like everyone came out of the woodwork to help our hero, his half-brother Nicholas, his mother, and his once-departed friend Pharao.


Either she betrays the man who her heart has cried out for with whispers of destiny and a promise of love that lasts forever since she was but a child, or she gives herself over to Nigel and becomes the sexual plaything of a power hungry and vicious megalomaniac.

The heroine would fly off the handle on the littlest slight and it would case this huge war. Due to an indiscretion on the part of Nicholas, Armand uses that as an opportunity to force a marriage between Simone and Nicholas.

I don’t mind a little “magic” in my stories. I was never quite able to truly like Haith, even though her feisty nature was in tune with my personal preferences for female leads in historical romance. Nov 26, Clarice rated it really liked it.

The Warrior

Can Simone make her marriage to a fierce guarded Nicholas work, or will the her brother’s ghost and his murder has other plans for both Nicholas and Simone? You’ll hheather able to make changes before you submit your review. Brotherhood of Fallen Angels – 4. I love Bertie and Pharao because they recognize that they were soul mate and took steps to love each other.

Love this book This is the second of her three novels I have read and I enjoyed both very much. Jedina vec me tam vazne nesedela a za to bohuzel strhavam 1,5 hvezdicky, protoze to autorka jednoduse nedomyslela: He had been mortally wounded during an heatger on Obny.

I’ve been reading historical romance novels for 30 years, and, WOW!! For myself, I think 1 star is a little generous now that I think about. Your review Headline characters remaining Review characters remaining. Each writer has a very different in style and form, but all able to deliver strong, emotional stories. Your review will post soon. I found this one a little slow in the middle and a bit topsy turvy, but I still enjoyed it. Returning home from battle to discover that the keep bequeathed heatuer him by King William is under the control of a ruthless rival, warrior Tristan D’Argent prepares to reclaim what is rightfully his, despite his love for Haith, the beautiful woman who haunts his dreams–and the daughter of his enemy.


The story was entertaining and kept me turning the pages, but Thf felt that the two main character’s personalities were inconsistent. View on the Mobile Site. Return to Book Page. Of the following five options: Nowhere in medieval England are three women so powerful — or adored — as the heiresses of Fallstowe Castle: I look forward to reading the “The Champion” and “The Highlander”.

The hero has just returned from war with the castle as his reward. I bring up the page limit based on the fact that the love scene didn’t happen until the VERY end of the book.

Once that happened everything was wrapped up within 5 pages and I was left perplexed.

Tristan and Haith were soul mate but allowed “things”to get in the way. Karyn-Anne Brown rated it heayher was amazing Jul 28, Only she can see and talk to him and that’s why others believe her to be “mad. With the grpthaus fortune now gone he pushes his daughter Simone to marry someone rich. A man who has betrothed his step-daughter Soleilbert to Tristan, to trap him into marriage. Get to Know Us. I was a little disappointed in Haith because she was unable to see the evil in Nigel and use her spiritual gifts to prevent him from almost destroying Tristan.

Capabilities Text to speech. Raised together despite the vitriol thrown at her by the Lady Seacrest, their bond was strong, so when, as adults, her shy sister’s hand is promised to Tristan D’Argen Didn’t Completely Work for Me As a young girl, Haith’s world was shattered when her father was slain in battle.

The heroine comes with. The witchcraft hhe magic was a bit much.