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Writers: Marlen Haushofer (novel), Julian Pölsler (as Julian Roman Pölsler) Photos. Martina Gedeck in Die Wand () · See all 20 photos». Edit. In “The Wall”, Die Wand, a woman in Austria is isolated from the rest of the world. .. Rezension auch hier ==> Marlen Haushofer – Die Wand | AnjaIsReading. Haushofer’s novel begins arrestingly. The wall of the title is never explained . The nameless, first-person narrator occasionally anticipates the arrival of the.

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Marlen Haushofer: Die Wand (The Wall)

Full Cast and Crew. Living with people must have awoken this capacity in haushoferr dog…Sometimes I even imagined there must be something special about me that made Lynx almost keel over with joy at the sight of me.

Our heroine having not much choice needs to cope with unusual situation. View all 13 comments. The novel offers a far-reaching and profound examination of what it means to be human.

Marlen Haushofer – Wikipedia

My novel is completed in its first draft. While they go haushfoer town on the first afternoon, the woman stays behind with Hugo’s bloodhound Lynx. Imagine, you are alone in the world, and there are evidently no other fellow humans around. I have already completed one hundred pages of the rewrite.


Was this review helpful to you? Images of Women in Literature. She sees no birds, small animals or even live insects on the other side.

Renewed interest is assured by the film that is currently under production, with the principal role filled by German actress Martina Gedeck, best known for her starring role in Oscar-winning The Lives of Others. Then a cat appears.

The Wall Theatrical release poster. Het is geschreven in maar is absoluut tijdloos. Indeed, a great deal of the power of this unnerving and moving novel arises from its painstaking attention to hauushofer. Even without a name, she remains singular, just a woman with her dog and her cat and her cow trying to survive even at the end of hope.

The Wall ( drama film) – Wikipedia

Not everyone would fare so well. Put yourself in her position. It is a commentary on modern civilization. Apr 17, Maggie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Maggie by: Der Protagonistin ist das Papier ausgegangen und fertig.

Marlen Haushofer

I am going to be in the minority when it comes to reviewing this book. What is freedom and who are we when we are no longer formed by the norms of society? Inher novella We Murder Stella was published.

Mir hat sich bis zum Ende nicht erschlossen, was die Autorin mit ihrem Buch aussagen wollte. And I alone can show mercy. Die Autorin hat es geschafft, eine wirklich packende Grundstimmung zu erzeugen. Some kind of unwitnessed catastophic event occurs, creating an invisible wall between that which lives and that which doesn’t.


She is losing her sense of being an individual and writing is a kind of catharsis for that. She is entirely alone, protected and trapped, in equal measure, by the invisible wall. I read it very slowly to make the reading experience last longer.

Danach muss ich erkennen, dass offenbar vieles von dem, was in diesem Buch berichtet wird, autobiografisch angehaucht sein muss. Animals are preferable to people because they lack the higher consciousness that permits us to make such bad choices.

Comforted by the warm summer sun, the beautiful mountains, and the gentle sounds of birds, the woman is transformed by the experience. Fighting off despair, the woman decides that she can survive the summer with the cow and her endless supply of wood.

And the household must keep on running also. View all 12 comments. Man cannot become an animal.