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Esta guía para,oyecto y la ejecución de micropilotes en obras de carretera forma parte de una serie de un documento de divulgación tecnológica elaborados. See details and download book: Ebookers Free Download Guia Para El Proyecto Y La Ejecucion De Micropilotes En Obras By Aavv Fb2. Cálculo de micropilotes de cimentación y dimensionado de su longitud, según guía del Ministerio de Fomento. ESFUERZOS Y REACCIONES. Cálculo de Viga .

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This procedure has been used in the past for fly ash- and blast imcropilotes slag-blended cement Most of the grouts prepared with slag-bearing cement meet the compressive strength requirements laid down in the various codes and standards for micropiles and soil anchors, whether measured on cm diameter, cm high cylindrical specimens or 4-cm square, cm deep prismatic specimens.

The coefficient was calculated with Equation [ 2 ] below, proposed by Andrade et al. Figure 1 a contains elevation and cross-section sketches of a micropile with steel tube reinforcement.

Their day strength is, however, lower than observed for the portland cement grouts. Special foundations for buildings and civil works are becoming increasingly common in micropiloyes today. User Username Password Remember me.

One of the foremost such additions is blast micropilofes slag, whose effects on the properties of cement-based materials are the object of considerable research 6. Nonetheless, if design specifications call for compressive strength greater than such minimum values, and blast furnace slag cement grout in which strength gain is slower is to be used, the micropiles or soil anchors concerned should be loaded at a later age, depending on the w: In this study, the variation in the diffusion coefficient D s was midropilotes through the age of 90 days.

This would mean that at mjcropilotes early ages, the microstructure of CEM III would be less refined than at older ages and the volume of pores accessible to water would be greater. In the present study, this property was analysed in terms of the steady state chloride diffusion coefficient, found indirectly from electrical resistivity data The characterisation of cement grouts for soil anchors and micropiles is of cardinal importance for the prevention of reinforcement corrosion.


Several studies have shown that mortars and concretes prepared with cements mkcropilotes blast furnace slag perform well in many applications 6 — 8particularly for structures in marine environments 9 — This finding could have practical consequences, since the Spanish guide for designing and building soil anchors in road works 4for instance, stipulates that the cement micropiloyes used for anti-corrosion protection in contact with reinforcing steel i.

Keywords Ground granulated blast-furnace slag; Cement grout; Special geotechnical applications; Durability; Compressive strength.

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In this study, effective porosity was the parameter used to assess durability, for water is the main vehicle for the ingress of aggressive agents in cement-based materials For soil anchors, the Spanish guide for designing and building soil anchors in road works 4 provides that grout compressive strength is to be defined in the design.

Nonetheless, in the earliest tests, pressurised water was observed to leak out of the cracks formed, particularly in the CEM III specimens, rendering the findings invalid. The use of one such special geotechnical application, micropiles, has grown significantly in recent years in light of its adaptability to all manner of terrains and its aptness for underpinning existing foundations, among others 12.

The Spanish guide for designing and building micropiles in road works 2 envisages w: Nonetheless, the effect on the in-service properties durability and mechanical strength of the slag cement grout used in special geotechnical applications such as micropiles and soil anchors has not been researched.

Despite these considerations, the difference in day strength between the two types of cement was micropilotfs overly large.

Essential tool for analysis of Hygral behaviour and its relation to pore structure, Cem. Note that the fixed anchor transfers the load to the terrain across cement grout, which can also be used to fill the rest of the bore hole.

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Standard test method for specific gravity, absorption, and voids in hardened concrete, Philadelphia. The results of this test for each type of cement and w: Electrochemical techniques for measuring miccropilotes corrosion – Test methods for on site measurement of resistivity of concrete.

Pre-trial specimen conditioning may have also affected these short-term effective porosity findings. This finding was foreseeable, given the higher strength class of CEM I At longer hardening times, these adverse consequences of high temperature drying would be mitigated by the refinement of the CEM III pore network, gguia shown by the electrical resistivity results discussed earlier. This parameter is an indirect measure of connectivity and pore size in a material. The measure of electrical microilotes of cement paste or concrete is an indirect method for determining its steady state chloride diffusion coefficient D s 20 Abstract Special foundations, most prominently micropiles and soil anchors, are frequently used in construction today.


Climent Universidad de Alicante, Spain. Article Tools Print this article. Moreover, the fact that early age electrical resistivity values were similar in the two types of cement studied, but slightly higher for CEM I at w: The main conclusions that can be drawn from the present findings are listed below.

This improvement is related to the hydraulic properties of blast furnace slag. Contact us materconstrucc ietcc. The findings also indicate that the w: This may be attributable to the greater propensity of slag-bearing cement to develop shrinkage cracks at high temperatures and low relative humidity 3537 The results observed for the properties related to durability studied consequently appear to indicate that the grout prepared with cement carrying a high slag content affords micropipotes soil anchor and micropile durability than portland cement grout.

Consequently, given the relationship between microstructure and durability in cement-based materials 13 micropilktes, 14blast furnace slag additions reduce their permeability and enhance their resistance to aggressive agent ingress 8 Electrical resistivity readings furnish information on pore connectivity and size in materials, both of which parameters are associated with durability.

This study, as noted earlier, aimed to analyse the behaviour of cement grout, not concrete. Keywords Aggregate Characterization Composite Compressive strength Concrete Durability Mechanical properties Mortar Portland cement Waste treatment cement characterization compressive strength concrete corrosion durability fly ash mechanical properties microstructure mortar physical properties.

Three prismatic and two cylindrical specimens were tested per cement type and w: