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Theurgy is divine. One cannot become a theurgist without the knowledge of one’s Self. The Internal God of every human being is, indeed, the. Practical techniques of theurgy to cure and heal others. Practicing Gnosis: Ritual, Magic, Theurgy and Liturgy in Nag Hammadi, Manichaean and Other Ancient Literature. Essays in Honor of Birger A. Pearson ( Nag.

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The vowel A carries the blood to the lungs and grants us the power of remembering our past reincarnations. The magnetic insufflations are performed by inhaling oxygen and Prana and, after having mentally charged it with our own vitality, it must be exhaled within a handkerchief and applied over the sick organs of the patient. Yet, he must never hypnotize the possessed one, because hypnosis is purely and undeniably black magic.

Sicknesses of the Mental body The Mental body is a material organism which has its anatomy and its occult ultra-physiology. In fact, theurgg version of Jesus has more to do with the Jesus presented in the Apocryphon of John hence the emphasis on being attributed to John the Baptistthan other versions of Jesus as more of a Jewish Messiah, like we see in say the Gospel of Matthew.

The bones must previously have been buried gnostoc a certain time. In particular, Janowitz focuses on Hebrew hekhalot palace texts or merkabah chariot texts, which describe the heavenly realms, liturgies of the heavenly chorus, prays hheurgy call down angels such as the Prince of the Torah i. Once he is there, he will cut the other liana bejuco in the same way as he did the first one, and will resolutely pass through the center of the circle from east to west, thus moving forward without looking anywhere else.

Grant me what I need and give me — whether aloud or in secret — the being born again that you said you would deliver. Jesus was wroth with the world in that hour and said unto Thomas: Just as Jehovah makes a covenant or pact with Abraham and the tbeurgy of Israel with shed blood, so does Azazel who also needs a contract, signed with blood with Israel as well.

Gnostic Theurgy, Free PDF | Global Grey

Pronounce the following healing mantras, while kneeling before the sick person:. The Bible describes innumerable cases of possessed people. Jerome upon Psalm viii.

  JASO D001-94 PDF

The result was astonishing. In the Corpus HermeticumPoimandres the Man-Shepard 1we find this idea of ascending into the higher spheres, where the material body is dissolved into light and ascends.

It cures sicknesses in the larynx and develops the magic ear. It defeats all subtle things and permeates all solids.

The Aeon Eye

John as the servant of the Jewish God Satanael. He filled a great mixing bowl with it and sent it below, appointing a herald whom he commanded to make the following proclamation to human hearts: Him, therefore, thou shalt not blaspheme; but pity the folly of men, because of the danger they are in. When the magician finishes his revolution around the circle, as we already stated always walking towards its right side, then the magician will pass through the center of gnkstic circle from south to north, after having cut the center of the horizontal liana bejuco into two branches.

There we found two Excellencies seated.

Most instrumental to the development and advancement of his own philosophies and practices was his understanding of The Chaldean Oracles, a divinely inspired text written down by Julianus the Chaldean and his son Julian the Theurgist sometime in the early 2nd century during the reign of Marcus Aurellius in the time of Apollonius of Tyana, who could be revered as one of the greatest magicians of that millennium.

This is done through certain passive subjects mediums. For almost two centuries Egypt and Hermetism, that is, the Egyptian magic, obsessed innumerable theologians and philosophers-believers as well as unbelievers or crypto-atheists.

That moment is the state of slumber, which begins when we are falling asleep.

He must start walking from south to north around the circle in order to return to the south again. Iamblichus admitted the possibility of the soul being able to ascend to a higher rank, but unlike Plotinus saw this as coming about not through the soul’s own powers or possession of Logoi, but through association by means of theurgy with the soul’s theuryy causes, the gods.

Janowitz makes it clear that the heavenly ascent is done through the thergy of vowel sounds, divine names and heavenly liturgy angelic cults envisioning gnosti involved with the cherubim and seraphim singing praises to God as discussed in the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrificeof the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls.

In the first chapter, she makes it clear why magical practices were used in the first place, in the Introduction:. And finally, there are also more compelling parallels between Jesus of the Gospel of John and Hermes himself, that I have not seen anyone else bring up. The smoke from these plants was utilized.


thuergy Both Cosimo and Ficino were thrilled by the discovery of a primordial revelation, that is, the one disclosed in the Hermetical writings. That gentleman wants to deprive us of the sublime and grandiose power of the articulated word. How comfortable and how delectable it is to criticize while pleasantly seated theirgy with quietude, without getting sunned or staying up all night in the jungle, without having to tolerate ants or venom, or poisons from ophidians! Yehouah is a string of vowels.

The Theurgist is the Internal Christ An in-depth analysis of these two Excellencies leads us to theuryy conclusion that, indeed, these are two aspects of the Being, two modifications of the soul of the world: IAO is also one of the seven head-demons or archons in Ophite and Sethian cosmology. In ancient times, all the powers of the Goddess of Nature were totally expressing themselves through the chakras of the human organism. I am afraid that I have labored for you in vain.

These branches must be cooked in water and the child must be bathed in this decoction. Back Calendar List of Events Retreats. And I saw theurgyy as a mutilated image of a little man and he was tearing at his flesh and falling away.

The Masters from the White Fraternity must be invoked in order to cure the sick people. This work is hard, tgeurgy, and terribly difficult.

Logos, Mantra, Theurgy, a book by Samael Aun Weor

All other creative speech is only secondary, reflected power that is dependent on the primal creative speech that established creation itself. Water, return to water! John is the one of all the four which most insists on the divinity of Christ, the occult anti-Christian sects have habitually made it the basis of their rites. This is how he formed the Microcosmic Star with his arms.