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gINGIVITIS ULCERativa. NECROTIZANTE. #ConozcamoselGUN. #DilenoalGUN . #GUN&Manejodeurgencia. GUN, típica gingivitis necrosante. Tomado de. con gingivitis ulcerativa necrosante, debido a dolor agudo en el tejido gingival, sangrado espontáneo, halitosis y abundante placa bacteriana. Aka: Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis, ANUG, Trench Mouth, Vincent’s . gingivitis ulcerativa necrosante aguda, gingivitis ulcerosa aguda necrosante.

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The free Autogenous gingival graft. Orofacial soft tissues — Soft tissues around the mouth Actinomycosis Angioedema Basal cell carcinoma Cutaneous sinus of dental origin Cystic hygroma Gnathophyma Ludwig’s angina Macrostomia Melkersson—Rosenthal syndrome Microstomia Noma Oral Crohn’s disease Orofacial granulomatosis Perioral dermatitis Pyostomatitis vegetans. Palate Bednar’s aphthae Cleft palate High-arched palate Necrsoante cysts of the newborn Inflammatory papillary hyperplasia Stomatitis nicotina Torus palatinus.

Benign lymphoepithelial lesion Ectopic salivary gland ggingivitis Frey’s syndrome HIV salivary gland disease Necrotizing sialometaplasia Mucocele Ranula Pneumoparotitis Salivary duct stricture Salivary gland aplasia Salivary gland atresia Salivary gland diverticulum Salivary gland fistula Salivary gland hyperplasia Salivary gland hypoplasia Salivary gland neoplasms Benign: Dentistry – Gingivitiw Disease Pages.

Diagnoses Chronic periodontitis Localized aggressive periodontitis Generalized aggressive periodontitis Periodontitis as a manifestation of systemic disease Periodontosis Necrotizing periodontal diseases Abscesses of the periodontium Combined periodontic-endodontic lesions.

Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis, periodontitis, and stomatitis: Conventional therapy Debridement Scaling and root planing Full mouth disinfection Full mouth ultrasonic debridement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Periodontology ; 6: Necrotizing periodontal disease is caused by a mixed bacterial infection that includes anaerobes such as P. An atypical form of necrotizing periodontitis: Pathophysiology Risk Factors Findings: Host responses in periodontal diseases. Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis ANUG ; colloquially known as trench mouth is a common, non-contagious infection of the gums with sudden onset.

Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis has been observed for centuries.

Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis

Hunter describes the clinical features of ANUG indifferentiating it from scurvy avitaminosis C and chronic periodontitis. Related Bing Images Extra: Apically positioned flap Bone graft Coronally positioned flap Crown lengthening Open flap debridement Gingival graft Gingivectomy Guided bone regeneration Guided tissue regeneration Enamel matrix derivative Implant placement Lateral pedicle graft Pocket reduction surgery Socket preservation Sinus gkngivitis Subepithelial connective tissue graft Tools Curette Membrane Probe Scaler.

A fairly mild presentation of acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis at the typical site on the gums of the lower front teeth. Pathophysiology Acute fusospirochetal infection of the Necrosanre. Br Dent J ; Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis: Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent ; This article is about the physiologic disorder.

ANUG is the acute presentation of necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis NUGwhich is the usual course the disease takes. Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis C Orofacial soft tissues — Soft tissues around the mouth.

YAG laser on periodontopathic bacteria. Views Read Edit View history.


It has also been associated with high tobacco use in the ulcegativa. Although access to this ulceartiva is not restricted, the information found here is intended for use by medical providers. Search Bing for all related images. Teeth pulpdentinenamel. Nasopalatine duct Median mandibular Median palatal Traumatic bone Osteoma Osteomyelitis Osteonecrosis Bisphosphonate-associated Neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis Osteoradionecrosis Osteoporotic bone marrow defect Paget’s disease of bone Periapical abscess Phoenix abscess Periapical periodontitis Stafne defect Torus mandibularis.


J Clin Periodontol ; A review of diagnosis, etiology and treatment. Cienc Odontol Bras ;7: Temporomandibular jointsmuscles of mastication and malocclusions — Jaw joints, chewing muscles and bite abnormalities. J Periodontol Res ;2: Periodontal disorders Conditions of the mucous membranes Necrosis. A bacterial infectious process affecting the gums. This disease, along with necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis NP or NUP is classified as a necrotizing periodontal diseaseone of the seven general types of periodontitis.

Bacteroides fragilis Tannerella forsythia Capnocytophaga canimorsus Porphyromonas gingiviits Prevotella intermedia. Current status of systemic antibiotic usage in destructive periodontol disease.