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INTRODUCCION A LA HISTORIA CONTEMPORANEA by GEOFFREY BARRACLOUGH and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books. Introduccion a la Historia Contemporanea (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author : Geoffrey Barraclough ; ; History, Books. : Introduccion a la Historia Contemporanea (Spanish Edition) ( ) by Geoffrey Barraclough and a great selection of similar New.

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Paul V rated it really liked it Dec 14, His early reputation rested in part on his mastery gekffrey German scholarship. Sam Fickling rated it it was amazing Dec 15, Refresh and try again.

Trivia About An Introduction t By redirecting the purpose of history away from the investigation of origins to the investigation of consequences, from the narrative mpresentation of causality and individual action to the analysis ‘of factors, forces, and structums, historians would avoid not only moral judgment but also innumerable debates about causality that were in- herently unresolvable.

He remained at London only six years.

Of the mapr changes that occurred in the transitional era perhaps the greatest was the “revolt against the west,” in the light of which western E u q e a n world dominance might now be seen as a passing phenomenon. Barraclough warded the debate between the positivist and idealist conceptions of history as sterile. Geoffrey Kabaservice rated it liked it Dec 16, Barraclough takes a skeptical stance towards reformulations of a European-centred historiography, however acknowledges that the impossibility of continuing with older formulations are one of the things that histori the Contemporary Period a very different object of study for the historian: Yang’s work will greatly help the English-reading world to comprehend the acute situation in China.

Also intriguing overviews of the descent from peak historoa at the end of the nineteenth century, into the steady break up of the old European empires.

Open Preview See a Problem? Here, his analysis of the word “party” in politics was a major revelation to me: This misleadingly short book was not an easy read took me about 8 months to finishat least not for this commentator.

Amticus rated it really liked it Dec gdoffrey, He thought that these terms, in their unscamined assump tions, expressed certain values and determined which historical problems requixr.? Secondly, in the first and later chapters he examines at some length the connection between independence, democracy, and hisgoria. Main Trends of History Geoffrey Barraclough. Yang’s postscript notes that “the commune faces certain additional problems,” over and above those of the preceding phase of collectivization p.


London, New York, Toronto: The problems they posed of objectivity and moral judgment were not by any means peculiar, in his view, to con- temporary history; they w e only made more immediate by public attituds, pressuws of political expediency and inevitable gaps in the evidence available to the analyst.

We may expect that the commune will not rest long at its present initial form. He brought these essays together in book form inunder the title History in u Changing World, and about this time dqukhed his commission to write on the fourteenth century for the Oxford History of England.

This cannot excuse, however, the failure of the West to test adequately the Soviet intentions. By its emphasis on lx o n e quences, unfortunak. Many of the writers and artists of the period were frankly destructive in purpose and had no ambition to build anew; their contempranea was simply to clear the ground and break with the past. Be the first to ask a question about An Introduction to Contemporary History. A brief stint in the family textile business took him to the continent inbut it was unsatisfying, and he decided to take up a scholarship at Oriel College.

History proceeded by relating hisgoria unfamiliar to dontemporanea familiar, by aug- menting one’s knowledge of the past, and by expanding the boundaries of common hishoria.

It is in the years immediately preceding and succeeding that most of the developments distinguishing “contemporary” from “modern” history first begin to be visible.

In practice, if years. Presentism was a code word for a progressive viewpoint in academic discourse. Was it also as the authors believe, a period of missed opportunity?

But in general, there was an evident tendency for art to degenerate into a mannerism, and ,a artists and writers to break up into coteries whose thoughts were too esoteric to strike a responsive chord.

Crucible of Europe Geoffrey Barraclough. Barradough understood it in the original German sense of historismus, rather than in Karl Popper’s sense of a belief in historical detenninism.

Dec 20, Liam rated it it was amazing Shelves: He aspired to a total view of the human past and present, which drew him toward the metahistories of Spengler introdduccion Toynbee, and to the general syntheses of Halecki, Walter Prescott Webb, Ludwig Dehio, Vassily Kondratieff, and Fernand Braudel. For the historian it is easier to trace the distintergration of old attitudes and patterns than the formation of new ones.


The title- History, Morals, and Politics-was indeed forbidding, and the issue of moral judgment in historiography which he wrestled with that day at Chatham House was a difficult one.

Survey of International Affairs 1955-1956by Geoffrey Barraclough; Rachel F. Wall

Federico Lovat rated it really liked it Aug 21, Return to Book Page. The official New China News Agency laa on May 15,thatconte,poranea households in Kwangtung had I;walked out of cooperatives. By then, he had found new justification for historical study in the claims of social scientists, Marxists, Annalists, and cliometricians to have established contemporanwa on a new saentific geoffey.

A conventional overview of the bridge between the 19th and early 20th centuries would give significant retrospective agency to the marxist intellectual tradition. Soviet interest in d6tente may revive, but it will probably be many years before the Chinese feel the time is ripe for serious negotiations; they contempporanea hardly welcome a settle- ment until their great power potential has been both achieved and recognized.

In particular, it has been suggested that, just as the Mediterranean was succeeded by a European age, so now the European has been, or is being, succeeded by an Atlantic age. These, he suggested, were concepts, and prohibition of them in theory meant only that intuition, analogy, metaphor, and mnvention substituted for rigorous methodology and critical reflection in their invention and use.

Picked this up at random and found myself drawn in. Russian writers like Dostoevsky achieved fame in western Europe partly b e cause they cogently and powerfully articulated doubts that beset all thinking Europeans.

Randall Gwin rated it liked it Aug 08, Simon rated it liked it Jan 22, Hexter, Barradough was a lumper rather than a splitter.