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While Sengoku has a Lifepath that will guide you in selecting skills, disadvantages, et multiple cetera, the Fuzion system itself is a pure point. Lifepath generator. Basics. Personality The above lifepath was generated using the Fuzion lifepath generator with the Superpowers plugin. They own it, I’m . Artesia uses a heavily modified version of the Fuzion lifepath model (which is awesome by Please explain the concept of a “life-path system”.

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At the Referee’s discretion, the Education skill can be used as a catch-all for when a character faces a challenge in a skill they do fuzuon possess; they can “wing it” by adding their Education skill bonus to the die roll.

Fuzion – Wikipedia

OPs are assigned by the Referee and are usually kept separate from the Character Point pool. Using 3d6 for checks subjects it to the more predictable ” bell curve ” and has a higher probability of success. You’ll use this for the rest of chargen. Complications represent special hindrances to the character. You should now have your final OP total to spend: In the slimmed down Instant Fuzion rules, the character has only four main Stats based on each of the four Stat groups: Six-sided dice are always used for damage rolls, regardless of using a d10 or other die types for checks.

Another aspect of Fuzion ‘s flexibility is the easy adaptation to the use of d12 or d20 dice for making checks. Fuzion is noted for its anime -genre support, customizable rules flexibility, and being one of the first generic game systems to be released for free over the internet.

Its popularity was such that the Lifepath was retained through many of R. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. If you do not spend all your CP at this point, you may convert them to OP at a 1 to 5 ratio p.


The actual type of currency is dependent upon the genre being played, for instance fuzionn fantasy medieval-era game may use gold pieces, a modern action game set in the United States would use dollars, a sci-fi future setting may use galactic credits. Example chargen, using Lifepath and point build, is on p. Retrieved from ” https: For instance, a light weight handgun typically has a DC of 3; meaning 3d6 is rolled to determine the damage it causes when it hits something.

It will also only inflict DC 3 of damage because the character’s STR is 2 less than the minimum of 5.

Lifepath Character Generation Character starts at birth. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for further suggestions.

fuzion – What is the correct order to build a character? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

When using d10, the DV values are set lower than lifepahh using 3d6. To raise a primary stat costs 5 option points per level starting with the first. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Tuzion PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: More Information Edit History. Consider Okuden lifepah Ki Powers p. It is destroyed when it reaches twice its SDPs in damage. For instance, in a magical vuzion, the Referee could add a Mana Stat for lifepaty casting and control magic spells, or add a Comeliness Stat, which rates the physical attractiveness of a character.

There are two versions of Fuzion that have been published: Fewer points would be given for low-power games set in a more realistic, “mundane” world.

Usually a party of several NPC’s act on one Initiative. Some weapons also have a Weapon Accuracy WA value. The attacker only rolls dice during the combat Phase, which lkfepath speed a combat scene along. Losing further Hits can kill a character if it should fall twice below their Body Stat, that is, a character with Body 5, and 25 Hitsdies when his Hits fall to It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. There are two kinds of resolution tests in Fuzion ; those rolled against a Difficulty Value DV determined by the Referee, and those rolled against another character.


Under standard rules, Fuzion offers two ways to resolve actions with dice. A roll of three ones, a 3is a Critical Failure, even if all you only needed to roll was a 3 to succeed the checkand subtract 2d6 from the total. Kills are used for such things as giant mecha robots and spaceships.

Skill Based buy or gain skills. For instance, if damage is applied to the head, the damage taken is doubled. Concept and Power Level.

Advanced Actions usually take more time and litepath phases to perform, like casting a spell, or performing another complex task.

If permitted in your campaignOkuden and Ki Powers should be budgeted for now. For every point of STR under the minimum, the weapon does one less die of damage.

Talents cost 3 Option Points each.

Lifepath generator

Role-playing game systems Universal role-playing games R. Atomik Lifepath is a random-roll supplement that expands the Champions -centric version of the Lifepath in version 4. Again to 6 would cost 30 more points 5×6. Each point of DC represents a six-sided die that is rolled to see how much damage the weapon can cause. They usually include Special Lifeoath, Security Clearances, Licenses, Permits, and Contacts who a character can use to gain information or call in favors from.