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The study concluded with the formation of a Markov Model in order to calculate the overall drive reliability. The thermal analysis tool was run and Figure 65 displays the results, showing the thermal profile of the backside of the control board. This calculation becomes important when determining whether or not the magnetic brake can sustain continuous operation at these torque levels without overheating.

I would first like to thank Dr.

ABSTRACT. Associate Professor F. Patrick McCluskey Department of Mechanical Engineering – PDF

Overall, CalcePWA provides a method to simplify a complex assembly which allows for a first order reliability analysis to be performed on the interconnects. For this fr9104, manufacturers many years ago moved towards the PoF approach [14].

Furthermore, the failure assessment is conducted in accordance to specific failure mechanisms which extract necessary data from the PWA model and the loading conditions.

A three-phase induction motor, driven by the VFD, is mechanically coupled to the shaft of the magnetic brake. Temperature cycling was the only stress created in the LCPM. Table 7 displays the results from this test in which the percent torque is a percentage of the maximum rated torque the motor can withstand. A schematic of the friction brakes that exists in cars is shown in Figure 27 Conventional disc friction brake. Their wire-like nature allowed them to be weaved into the motor drive through small crevices and xatasheet in the case.


IRFR9014 FR9014 TO-252 10PCS/LOT Free Shipping transistor diode module relay

Although there exists other forms of accelerated testing that are relevant to these assemblies, this section will describe the LCPM and the failure analysis results as they pertain to the power cycling tests conducted and the passive temperature cycling test.

Future studies could be conducted to identify the importance of the fan and how system performance could be affected in datashedt such as a complete fan failure or in case of degraded fan performance. The final test setup was successfully tested and operated as expected.

This is conducted for both the power and connector boards. The process of gathering parameter data for each component consisted of searching through manufacturer provided data sheets to get the geometries and materials of the packages. Although the focus of this study is primarily on the control board and standard components on the power board, both the connector board and power board were modeled completely in order to formulate a fr9104 model of the system.

ABSTRACT. Associate Professor F. Patrick McCluskey Department of Mechanical Engineering

Many parts were ordered from McMaster, therefore part numbers were included if applicable. The Future Tr9014 section of this report describes this ratasheet further. A safety switch was also included to eliminate the need for continuous plugging and unplugging from the wall. In another study, the reliability of an IGBT power electronic module exposed to thermal cycling from C to C with 15 minute ramp times was predicted [24].

The specific failure mechanisms are discussed later in the report. Power is typically generated and transmitted at a fixed frequency and arrives to the load at a fixed voltage. Power cycling the motor drive was one of the primary validation test performed. The results of these simulations were a series of thermal profiles that were used in the reliability assessment. Datasheet drive controllers may be integrated into the power electronic converter, as seen with recent trends in power electronic system packaging [10], or may function autonomously and interact with other system level controllers.


Miner s lifetime accumulation rule was implemented in order to calculate the dattasheet of cycles to failure.

An IGBT is a power semiconductor switch comprised of three terminals used to control electrical energy. In order to validate the power cycling reliability simulation, accelerated power cycling was conducted of the motor drive.

Linear power supply design: The thermal profile generated in this step will be termed control board idle and will be used in the reliability assessment. With air temperature variations up to Figure 34 Mechanical coupling between motor and magnetic brake Figure 67 displays the estimated thermal profile of the control board while idle inside the drive case. Of the 12 thermocouples, Location 1, Location 7 and Location 9 were strategically placed so that data could be used for both boards.

Although there are a total of 31 failure mechanisms the CalcePWA software is capable of screening for, only six of them were applicable for the components on these assemblies. In fact, the drive tripped due to overheating prior to reaching steady state temperature. In conclusion, the surface temperatures of the components were able to align during the calibration process regardless of the thermal resistance used. This was based on the assumption that different power levels result in different temperatures within the drive.

These images show that the actual surface temperature range for the DSP lies between The three FR4 copper layers between the copper layers were modeled to be 0.