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Elize Matsunaga 04dez by BW Press Foto & Jornalismo related tags marcoskitano tremembé elizematsunaga crime ciumes forum juri julgamento. 23 ago. Caso Yoki Fotos de empresário Marcos Matsunaga esquartejado. Fotos de da Yoki, Marcos Kitano Matsunaga, foram divulgadas na internet. Find the perfect marcos lopes stock photo. the trial of Elize Matsunaga, accused of the death of her husband businessman Marcos Kitano Matsunaga in

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WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool. Colecciones nacionales e internacionales de patentes. Fecha de la solicitud, orden descendente. Fecha de la solicitud, orden ascendente. Nombre de la persona solicitante. Nombre de la matsunzga inventora. Amtsunaga invention relates to a method for the surface modification of at least one component 3which has a diameter or dimensions in the range of 0.

The invention further relates to a reactor device 1, 1′ for carrying out the method.

The invention relates to a dual mass flywheel 1 comprising a primary part 2 and a secondary part 3 that can be rotated together in relation to each other about an axis of rotation 5 in a restricted manner. A spring damper arrangement 4 including a torsion spring 14 and a friction device 20 are provided between the primary fofos 2 and the secondary part 3. The secondary part 3 embodied as a single component forms outer flange sections 13 that cooperate with the torsion springs 14as well as an output hub A holding element 16, 33 used to centre 15 the secondary part 3 is arranged on the primary part 2.

pet diffuse bone: Topics by

The dual mass flywheel 1 is covered by a metal sheet 9 on the output side. The invention relates to a method for producing fertilizer and biogas form waste and wastewater. The method comprises the removal of marcow and inorganic harmful substances in order to obtain marketable fertilizer.

In order to avoid overfertilization by phosphorus and nitrogen, the following fertilizer values are separated: By means of wet mechanical processing of the waste with acidic and hot washing, the harmful-substance-containing clay minerals and other harmful-substance-laden very fine particles are concentrated in a fine fraction.

The dewatered fine fraction is purified of heavy metals by means of acid. The coarse organic fraction from the wet mechanical processing is treated further by means of low-temperature fermentation with subsequent thermal cell lysis, in order to transfer dissolved heavy metals and heavy metals bound to fine minerals likewise into the fine fraction. By means of the hot washing and the low-temperature fermentation, non-thermoresistant, organic compounds antibiotics, hormones, etc. The aim of the method is to produce low-harmful-substance fertilizer and recyclable products, such as silt, fine matsunsga, sand, gravel, glass, recyclable construction materials, metals, plastics, wood, and fibrous materials, from waste and to avoid the disposal and incineration of waste.

The invention relates to a parking brake system for a motor vehicle, which parking foros system uses a differential transmission ; ; Furthermore, the invention relates to a differential transmission ; ; The differential transmission ; ; It is provided that the differential transmission ; ; Furthermore, the invention comprises a motor vehicle having a parking brake system of this type.

The invention relates to kigano parking brake system for a motor vehicle, which parking brake system uses a drive train ; Furthermore, the invention relates to a drive train ; The transmission input matsungaa is operatively kitao to the output shaft of the change-speed transmissionand the transmission output shafts 2, 3 can be drive-connected in each case to a vehicle wheel 60, In the case of the drive train ; Furthermore, the invention comprises a method for operating a parking brake system of this type, and a motor vehicle.

The invention relates to a method for estimating a future trajectory of an object, having the steps of: The invention relates to a photonic component 10 having a photonically integrated chip 1 and a fibre mounting 5wherein the fibre mounting 5 has: According to the invention a chip stack narcos comprising at least two chips is arranged between the photonically integrated chip 1 and the fibre mounting 5the chip stack 20 has at least two through holes 21 and in each case a guide pin 40which positions the chip stack 20 and the fibre mounting 5 relative to one another, passes through the at least two through holes 21 of the chip stack A linear actuator is described comprising a spindle 6 connected to drive means, rotatable about an axis, and in threaded engagement with a spindle nut arrangement kifano which is connected to a driven element 7.

Such a linear actuator 5 should have a simple squeeze protection. To this end the spindle nut arrangement 8 comprises a first part 9 and a second part 10the first part 9 being in engagement with the spindle 6 and the second part 10 being connected to the driven element 7wherein the first part 9 and the second part 10 are movable relatively to each other in a direction along the axis of the spindle between a driving position in which the second part 10 prevents rotation of the kitqno part 9 and a squeeze protection position in which the first part 9 is released from the second part Electrical operating unit comprising a first and a second part, where the two parts can be mutually adjusted.

The Operating unit 1 comprises a first part constructed as a housing 2which contains the electric equipment with at least one electric switch and a second part constructed as a mounting unit 3 for the first part. The two parts are interconnected about a shaft 17so they can rotate mutually. When the operating unit is mounted the housing 2 will assume a first position, an initial position.

With this embodiment of the operating unit the piece of furniture can be adjusted in either direction by pressing the housing 2. The housing 2besides from functioning as a switch, can also be equipped with other switches and displays. The present invention relates to a height-adjustable table 1 which can assist and motivate the user to use the height-adjustable table in a manner which increases health and well-being.


The present invention relates to an improved height-adjustable table 1 which can assist and motivate the kitxno to use the height-adjustable table in a manner which increases health, calorie burn and well-being. The table features a communication interface for connection of a user specific device providing the control with a set of user values for that specific guest user of the height-adjustable table in order to ease the configuration of the table to fit each individual user.

An articulated drive utility vehicle for outdoor use. The vehicle has a front part with driver controls, and a rear part with a casing for mafcos a propulsion motor of the vehicle. A motorized rotor fan with a plurality of blades is arranged within the casing, and wherein the fan is positioned so as to provide flow of air through a liquid radiator from an inlet to an outlet via at least an airtight part maros the casing.

In this way, the casing serves to provide part of the air flow path, and the fan and radiator can be spatially separated.

Hereby, it is possible to reduce air flow speed and still provide effective cooling of the radiator. Especially, the radiator can be placed at a front part of the casing, while the fan can be placed at a rear part of the casing.

However, a large variety of configurations of the fan and radiator relative to the casing are possible. Ftos invention relates to a heat storage unit comprising; a heat storage chamber defining within its interior a heat storage volume by one or more side walls extending between a bottom wall and a top wall, and a granular media of granules permitting a fluid to flow there through being disposed within the heat storage chamber, wherein the granular media is divided into at least two horizontal granule beds, each separated by a layer of heat insulating material and wherein the heat storage chamber is provided with a plurality matsunaag sets of inlets and outlets arranged such that each granule bed is provided with access to its own set of inlet and outlet, for allowing the fluid to flow there between.

The present invention relates to control of a wind turbine where nacelle vibration is reduced by use of blade pitching or generator torque modulation. The nacelle vibrations are reduced based on a position signal of the nacelle. An actuator signal is determined based on the position signal and applied to the actuator capable of reducing nacelle vibration. The madcos signal is gain adjusted based on a separation between the rotor frequency and tower vibration frequency.

A method of injection moulding a urinary catheter in a mould cavity by use of a flow structure with a primary melt channel in simultaneous communication with a first secondary melt channel and a second secondary melt channel, where the first secondary melt channel is connected to a first injection point of the mould cavity for injection of the melt into the mould cavity from the first injection point, and where the second secondary melt channel is connected to a second injection point of the mould cavity for injection of melt into the mould cavity from the second injection point.

To enable improved control and thereby enable moulding of a longer and slimmer catheter, and particularly a catheter with a long internal conduit, the method comprises injecting melt simultaneously from the first and second secondary melt channels into the mould cavity. The present invention discloses a double wall printed circuit heat exchanger PCHEwhereby etched plates are diffusion bonded together in order to form paths for a first, second, and third fluid.

The third fluid being the transport fluid for any leakage of the first or second fluids, whereby the leakage can then be detected on exiting the assembled body of the heat exchanger. A method and a system for producing hot burnable gas with a low content of NOx, dust and tar and clean ash with a low carbon content by means of a stage-divided thermal reactor. In the stage-divided thermal reactor updraft gasifier the conversion process of the solid fuel is in separate vertical stages from below and up: The partial oxidation stage functions both as a tar reduction stage and as and heat source for drying and pyrolysis of the top layer of the updraft gasifier.

The invention relates to coherent single photon sources that provide photons with a high degree of indistinguishability.

It is a disadvantage of single photon sources based on QDs in nanophotonic structures that, even at low temperatures, acoustic vibrations interact with the QDs to reduce the coherence of the emitted spectrum. The invention uses mechanical clamping of the nanostructure to damp vibrations leading to a weaker QD — phonon coupling and a higher degree of indistinguishability between successively emitted photons.

TB-KIT is a lateral flow chromatography assay for evaluation of TB condition in mammals whatever the affected organ or part of the body, using erythrocytes hemolysate as the sample. The primary antibodies used are prepared in animals using a purified protein extract from laboratory cultures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. Conjugated primary antibodies comprise an indicator dye which is currently available in matsunaba varieties.

After adding the sample to test strip, Mycobacterium’s analyte are attached to conjugated antibodies fotps a complex which migrate along a lateral-flow assay membrane.


Eventually, the complex contacts membrane bound antibodies forming antibody-conjugated-analyte-antibody sandwich, and produce a detectable signal Fig. Based on concentration of analyte in the sample, one can differentiate between disease, latent infection, immune, and susceptible.


The invention relates to an advanced drilling device formed from an externally threaded cone and cylinder, the cylinder having a matsunava thread and the cone having a right-handed thread. The cylinder contains two motors joined together on a ball bearing and vertically opposite each ktiano, one motor rotating kifano cone to the matssunaga and the other rotating the cylinder to the left.

The device can drill wells by itself, without using long pipes connected to the drill bit as used currently. The rotation of the threaded cone allows the creation of a distance, and the cone acts as a tap of the device. The handedness of the threads of the cylinder and the cone differs, providing torque and resisting the rotational torque resulting from the force of layers of rock and friction. Dry mortar composition for an external wall insulation system EWIS comprising: The invention relates to a toggle clamp device, in fotso for use in vehicle body manufacturing in the automotive industry.

Kutano is shown how, after the pivoting movement of the clamping arm, said clamping arm, upon reaching a position, in which the clamping arm reaches with opposite stroke movements parallel to the drive axis, develops from this position and over a range matsunxga several millimeters a power stroke with approximately constant clamping force and places itself on the component while maintaining its parallel stroke movement relative to the drive axis.

Foos present disclosure generally relates to a method of preventing a rollover situation for an articulated vehicle 1specifically in relation to the forward vehicle section 2 of the articulated vehicle 1. The present disclosure also relates to kjtano corresponding control unit and a computer program for such an articulated vehicle 1.

The present invention relates to a transmission arrangement for a vehicle, the transmission arrangement comprising a primary transmission arrangementa transmission housingan input shaftand an output shaftthe primary transmission arrangement comprising a firsta seconda third and a fourth planetary gear set each comprising a sun gear, a planet carrier and a ring gear, wherein the primary transmission arrangement further comprises five shift elements, engageable in combinations of two to obtain six forward gear stages, wherein the input shaft is operatively connected to the sun gear S mxrcos the third planetary gear set and to the ring gear R of the fourth planetary gear set There is provided mechanisms for configuring an MQTT client node with a topic prefix.

A method is performed by the MQTT client node. The method comprises sending a request to a DHCP server for configuration.


The method comprises receiving a response from the DHCP server. The response comprises configuration information and fotps least one prefix string defining the topic prefix to be used together with a topic by the MQTT client matsynaga when publishing data on said topic.

Measurement device adapted for measuring properties of a fluid to be monitored, like a photo-resist for nano-imprint lithography.

The measurement device includes a flow capacitor device having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, the flow capacitor device being configured to allow the fluid to be monitored to pass through the flow capacitor device from the fluid inlet to the fluid outlet; and an evaluation unit electrically connected to the flow capacitor devicethe evaluation unit being adapted for determining a capacitance of the flow capacitor device during fluid passage.

A pinch mtasunaga assembly is provided for compression of a fluid conduit comprising an assembly housing 1 ; an interchangeable compressor element 2 ; an interchangeable holder element 3 for holding a fluid conduit, the holder element facing the interchangeable compressor element; the valve assembly being configured such that the compressor element is moveable towards the holder element within the assembly housing for compression of a fluid conduit between the compressor and the holder elements.

Method matsuhaga controlling movement sequences 58 of a robot 12the method comprising predicting values of at least one parameter related to the execution of alternative kitsno sequences 58 by the robot 12where each movement sequence 58 comprises at least one movement segment 60 associated with a handling location 40 ; selecting a movement sequence 58 based on the predicted values of the at least one parameter; and executing the selected movement sequence 58 by the robot A control system 50 for controlling movement sequences 58 of a robot 12 is also provided.

The invention relates to a multi-stage method for producing organopolysiloxane resins by hydrolysis and condensation of chloro-organosilanes. The invention also relates to the moulded body Fand to a method for producing the moulded body Fin which a solution of the kkitano polymer P is mixed with the active substance W and the mixture thus created is evaporated.

There are provided measures for flexible retransmission-process buffer management, such as iitano. Such measures exemplarily comprise buffer management and buffer management control, wherein mxtsunaga buffer element is flexibly managed by selectively discarding and keeping buffered soft data information of a transmitted radio resource block per resource block part based on decoding performance information for the buffered soft data information mtsunaga the transmitted radio resource block prior to combining, per resource block part, soft data information of a retransmitted radio resource block with buffered soft data information of the transmitted radio resource block for decoding the radio resource block.