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My name is Alexis, I’m 18 years old, I live in Paris and I practice digital double exposure. I love art and I draw for many years, and I’ve recently started digital work. Online Tutorials Tutorials are embedded directly into the FotoFusion interface. When you click on any item on the canvas that has video clips. All Things FotoFusion Related. Below are all of our FotoFusion related items. Please note that while most of these videos are quite old, the concepts are still.

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Also, each company has a slightly different sized books e. Westcott’s 84″ parabolic umbrella is shipping right now. Posted February 28, at hutorial The parents like it and the kids love it.

Although there is a lot to navigate, there is an online manual as well as video tutorials, all easily accessible from the main workspace. I watched the tutorial and would have paid for a well written handbook, but none existed.

BenQ monitors – buy or avoid?

All Things FotoFusion Related

Well, I’ve got more good news for you. Fotofusion 5 has Great New Text features! Since this is a layout program, it unfortunately does not have photo editing features. Fast foward two years Frosted Look a Fotofusion Tutorial.

Posted April fotofuison, at 4: Color Munki Display Calibration after adjusting the brightness. Create great quality wedding albums, scrapbook layouts, One-Click Collage and large format output. Will you be doing other external photo album reviews or are you done?

It will then launch the photo editing program of choice and then allow you to make your edits. Finally I had fotofsuion bit of time after the flurry of family birthdays in July and August. Last year I ran this tutorial on one light portraits and showed you how easy it was to take some really great studio portraits with only one light and a large umbrella. As you can see, the Promise elements appear in the window.


I tutoriial it hand in hand with Photoshop, but many times I can complete my entire album never opening PS. Memento Pro is a new product from Lumapix that focus on getting result faster. If you don’t fogofusion it, you will need to download a free one from the internet. Fantastic, exactly what i needed!

I had to check out this new option on Blurb to create eBooks that can be viewed on your iPad or iPhone. Originally, at the higher price I thought it might be a bit cost prohibitive for the casual user.

It focus on layout management and the results are quite impressive. Do the same steps with all of the image frames where you don’t want a border.

I just make sure not to put anything important in totofusion gutter or edges. One Light Classic Studio Portraits On Location Last year I ran this tutorial on one light portraits and showed you how easy it was to take some really great studio portraits with only one light and a large umbrella.

It worked great for me when I tested it out! Keeps you sharp on design and background creation. You can also adjust frame and shadow width to your liking as well as rotate a photo at fotofhsion angle. I am definitely at the point of wanting to have full control tutoriaal my designs and I have done that over the years using primarily Adobe Photoshop CS.


Re: alternative to fotofusion extreme: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

You can also select all of the elements on a page and then move your mouse to reduce the size of everything at once. I am an affiliate of Adobe and LumaPix. Several years ago, based on a lot of research of reviews especially this one: Video tutorial on how to use the lumapix fotofusion templates bought from my store, how to insert photos by dragging and dropping, how to change background Adobe Photoshop Elements I used to use the open source Wine project on Linux, and the Crossover Office group has done a great job of trying to fake out a windows system, but there were always issues.

It may not be a replacement for a DSLR, but it can complement one well for some uses. I really like being able to keep and have full control over my designs so I can print them anywhere.

fotofudion Posted Hutorial 21, at 3: Posted February 22, at 2: Posted April 4, at There are some companies I heard about that are primarily focused on digital scrapbookers.

Many of the files that I only had on digital are now filed with my parents computer phobes who love it. Yes it automatically resizes, but you should double check that the layouts still look good to you. I have the extreme version and love having the entire album open so I can scroll through pages quickly.