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Download scientific diagram | eTOM level 1 and 2 processes within level 0 process Operations Real Options in Telecom Infrastructure Projects — A Tutorial. The Business Process Framework is an operating model framework for telecom service providers in the telecommunications industry. The model describes the. Training Plus. Enhanced Telecom Operations Map® – eTOM: What is It? A telecommunications Service Provider business process framework.

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About the Technical Reviewers. Understanding Standards and Standards Organizations. Network Connectivity and Performance. Fundamentals of AAA Accounting. It categorizes them into different levels of detail according to their significance and priority for the business. Fulfillment is responsible for delivering products and services to the customer.

Understanding the Need for Accounting and Performance Management. Billing collects usage data records accountingvarious rating functions, and billing operations.

Architectural and Framework Standards: the eTOM Model (TMF)

The eTOM model serves as a reference framework for categorizing all the business activities yutorial a service provider. The graphic representation of a Business Process Framework eTOM model consists of rows and columns, the intersections of which denote specific business processes. Applying the Information to the Business. Summary of Data Collection Methodology. Business Process Framework eTOM processes fall into three major process areas, [3] as shown in the diagram:.

The Purposes of Accounting. It is a comprehensive, industry-agreed, multi-layered view of the key business processes required to run an efficient, effective and agile digital enterprise.


Network Blueprint for Capacity Planning. Digital Transformation Middle East How to Collect Data Records.

The map also indicates the interaction between processes. The development of the business ttutorial standardization for telecom service providers started with the founding of the Tutoral Forum in Service Monitoring and Routing Optimization. Views Read Edit View history. User Registration Not sure if your company is a member? Where to Collect Data Records. These are responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and controlling operational services, as well as detecting, analyzing, and localizing service problems.

Business Process Framework (eTOM)

This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to assist with access to members only content, analyze your use of our products and services, assist with our promotional and marketing efforts. Commons category link is on Wikidata. Later the name was changed to TeleManagement Forum. JanuaryDubai.

These levels form a hierarchy, with each level encapsulating a group of processes at the next level of detail. Get Involved Join the Frameworx Community discussion. Within these two, the emphasis is on assurance and billing, because neither fulfillment tuotrial OSR is related to accounting and performance:. Courses now available at tutoiral click of a button.

The following is a brief summary of the two areas that are most relevant for accounting and performance management. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Digital Transformation Asia How to Ensure Data Authenticity and Integrity. What’s new View all news. Assurance consists of proactive and reactive maintenance activities, service monitoring SLA or QoSresource status and performance monitoring, and troubleshooting. It was developed to drive a consensus around the processes, inputs, outputs, and activities required for service provider operations management.


Etkm TMN model lays the foundation for managing the infrastructure. The TeleManagement Forum TMF is a nonprofit global consortium that works on telecommunications management and the development of management systems and standards. Note that the eTOM model introduces both vertical functions OSR, fulfillment, assurance, billing and functional process grouping in horizontal layers:.

Business Process Framework (eTOM) – TM Forum

Not sure if your company is a member? TM Forum Coaching compliments our training and certification program to help you make the link between the skills you learned in class and the proper application of the standards, best practices and tools in the specific context of your project.

At the conceptual level, the framework has three major areas, reflecting major focuses within typical enterprises:. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat It broadens the TOM model to a complete enterprise framework and addresses the tutoria of e-business environments and business drivers.

Easily access the knowledge and guidance that has eto, hundreds of companies reduce cost, risk and time-to-market. Accounting and Performance Standards and Definitions. Its focus and scope were operations and operations management. Network Tuttorial for IP Telephony.

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