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Enfermedad de Von Willebrand Hay que tener en cuenta aparte, que las razas de perro muy pequeñas tienden a sufrir colapso traqueal. Los anticuerpos monoclonales frente al factor de von Willebrand se hallan acelera la trombólisis en la trombosis de la arteria coronaria del perro (). Request PDF on ResearchGate | Von Willebrand’s disease diagnosis and Factor von Willebrand y Enfermedad de von Willebrand: nuevos.

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This animal is homozygous. In enfermedar graphic above you can see very clearly the way the gen works. We are in favor of removing those animals who are Carriers from breeding programs but we respect the breeders that decide not doing so as long as their behavior is absolutely serious, responsible, trust worthy and totally transparent.

All the information should be out in the open and not only available to some.

Only under these circumstances will these mates be acceptable and possible carried out by Willebranx Breeders who know what they are talking about and what they have in their hands. The important part is to test the dogs and pick the new generation. The puppies born from these litters who are Carriers must be placed with responsable people who must guarantee they will not reproduce, in the case that they are families.

Las enfermedades congénitas de los cachorros según la raza

Having some information on how genetic diseases work is also helpful but it is up to us to prevent and learn how to handle the breeding so Affected dogs will never appear. The health of our beloved breed is in danger and it’s up to us to solve it. At home you probably have limited means so putting pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding and speed up blood clotting is the first step. In high grades, some specimens have bled to death.


The important part is to test the dogs and pick the new generation. Dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy DM will suffer from gradual to total paralysis.

It’s very important to be brave and grab the bull by its horns for the benefit of us all and specially, supposedly the most important reason for us must always be the health of “OUR BREED”. DE DE The goal is to breed smart and ethically. The hind legs go first until their whole body ends up totally paralyzed.

Las pruebas genéticas para perros pueden ayudar a identificar enfermedades – Alabama Latino News

With the collaboration of Dr. The goal is to breed smart and ethically. If honesty prevails and media coverage is avoided, we believe that the benefits will show. At the time we were so unlucky that we did not have the DNA genetic tests to identify and control genetic diseases.

We understand that maybe other Breeders may not agree with this article but we have tryed to get proper information and our intention is to share it. Ethics and honesty can only benefit all of us and we could control these diseases easily. Some are even outraged because it could place their name and reputation in serious doubt.

enfermedad de von willebrand en perros pdf

This animal is heterozygous in relation to this gene therefore one allele will be normal and the other one affected. In many cases the loss of blood is internal giving way to a hematoma or an accumulation of blood in a body cavity like the chest or the abdomen. Many breeders, most of them, are not aware of how serious this issue is. The vWF or Von Willebrand factor is part of the bonding agent that glues platelets together helping the coagulation of the blood thusstopping hemorrhages.


In many cases the loss of blood is internal giving way to a hematoma or an accumulation of blood in a body cavity like the chest or the abdomen. In this case, if we assume the risk of mating a Carrier specimen with a Disease Free one-always checking the Disease Sn factor, our obligation is to test all the puppies born from this litter.

The offspring must always be tested to guarantee the correct selection.

20 best Von Williebrand disease images on Pinterest | Von willebrand disease, Disorders and Nursing

Of course that there are animals that are Disease Free of any genetic illness, be it vWD or any other, which makes them great candidates as producers. This article merely reflects our opinion. We understand that we are at a critical moment not only in Europe but in our country as well where we have magnificent specimens and an immaculate reputation that should also move under the “Health”wing. The character of most genetic diseases is autosomal recessive, as for example D.

It is similar to human Hemophilia.

We have to keep in mind that loss of blood does not necessarily have to be external,via a wound,which would make it evident.