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Yukarıda belirtilen nitelikleriyle “ENGLISH THROUGH READING”,. -YDS Tüm Yayın Hakları ELS Yayıncılık LTD. ŞTİ. ELS-YDS Dergisi Aboneleri İçin. Index of /kitaplar/Kategorik Liste/Y D S Hazırlık/YDS Hazırlık Dergileri Ä° ngilizce CD8 (ELS Yayıncılık). Parent Directory · ELS 16 01 Türgök. Index of /kitaplar/Kategorik Liste/Y D S Hazırlık/YDS Hazırlık Dergileri Ä° ngilizce CD2 (ELS Yayıncılık). Parent Directory · ELS4 A 3.

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If you keep seeping during the day, I m sure this sickness wi pass. A such as B similar to C the same D more like E much as Who is your English teacher? Haze and Emiy have to get up at a very eary hour in the morning, but they don t ike doing so. TEST – 1 6. A after C since B while Elw unless E when This suffix indicates that there is no movement and that the object. The Oslo Opera House was finished ahead of schedule, and under its budget.

One of your friends wants to move in with you. The telephone number Keith …… to me at the shopping centre …… wrong. Do you have to be so stupid?

I Naturalism dertileri a literary dls that seeks to replicate a believable everyday reality.

Wanting to hep him, you suggest: It is strongly implied in the passage that the Pacific War ……. I have not watched that film.

D If you drove a bit more carefuy, perhaps I woud be seeping now. Neden Reading Okuma Why are you tired? How are you today?


Herkes ELS yayýnlarýný orijinalinden çalýþabilsin diye, Bu sene böyle – PDF

Pokada is still here? Why are you hesitating to propose to nna? A has never seen an exotic ship involved in the import and export of goods B is not going to recover her health in the cottage C does not possess property of her own D uses her imagination to enrich her environment for herself E saw the cottage for the first time as the sun was setting 19 English Language Studies ELS-YDS Present continous tense This tense is mainly used for talking about what is happening now.

C You can find a much better job than the one at my unce s shop, so you needn t bother asking him for the job.

She sometimes borrowed eements from Victorian supernatura stories. C Clean the board, please. D When are you panning to get engaged? S L A As it was such a bright day, I switched the lights off on the deggileri here.

Herkes ELS yayýnlarýný orijinalinden çalýþabilsin diye, Bu sene böyle…

D Organic agricutura systems rey on bioogica and mechanica methods deveoped by utiizing both traditiona and scientific knowedge. There wasn’t, and today quality literature has not come to an end.

What is your name? Seth hasn’t yet promised me ……. Some are and some are not. C Unfortunately, I’ve never been given the opportunity of visiting the capital of Sweden. C Were you confused by what Paul was trying to say? A did not know any other languages B preferred poetry to his medical career C hired someone to write the history of his life D had his life written about by one of his students E was classed as an important Black Mountain College poet ELS-YDS Vincent spoke to a native Tagaog speaker the other day Car assumed that peope spoke gerian in geria C Sebastian wants to earn some Esperanto D Eiot was ying when he said that he was biingua E Martin is thinking of creating a anguage caed Examgish.


Figures show that, infor the first time, the Japanese preferred meat over the traditional raw fish sushi. Stop racking your brains! She was a student. D We will split the bills between us on a half-half basis. Woud you ike sat on your potatoes? E I reckon that the meeting wasn’t the best place for you to state your strong opinion. I was wondering if you coud turn the heating system on. A virtual B decent C furnished D steep E random It s on Monday.

Shen received graduate degrees divima architecture in China, as well as Dergilri degrees in international business and hotel and restaurant management from several American universities. Not fully trusting that he knows, and not wanting to waste your time unless he does, you try to confirm his advice by saying to him: Well, I recommend that you see it.

Who is your new boss? She has been featured on television. C Do you think the tennis match wi be any good? Enter Your Email for Coupon.