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This article describes the applications, process capabilities, and limitations and advantages of electrostream and capillary drilling. It describes equipment and. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Sridhar ioned.

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The ESD exper- imental setup can be divided into four distinct sub-assemblies. They found that machined hole diameter increases with in- crease in machining time.

Electrostream Drilling Of High Speed Steel

Suggestions for the application of metal removal as a metal working technique were proposed by W. Chapman and Hail London, The complete conversion table is tabulated in Table 2. Few experiments are also conducted on Inconel super alloy. This increase in current causes more luateritd removal. The casing of the pump is made of gunmetal, which is partially anti 17 2.

Because of passivating electrolyte, good surface quality of the hole is expected. This problem occured quite often and at this point contin- uous arcing was observed. I am very much thankful to Mr.

Anil for his cooperation in fabricating the set-up, and his timely help during experimentation. Block diagram of the experimental system of study The arrows on the right show the numerical characteristic of the goals of inves- tigation and they are called responses yields. But drilling of small holes with large aspect ratios is beyond the scope of ECM because of over cutting on account of sideway current flow.

The figure shows that the machined holes have conical profile i. They also reported that the presence of electro-chemically inert carbon on the machined surface reduces metal dissolution reaction and result in another reaction. At higher voltages the hole drilled in I IS. Here xi and refer to the coded level values.


The profiles are then traced on a transparency role. The tool feed rate is la. Values of taper angles are calculated from the profiles of holes in Fig 3. S also the thick black passivating film formation is supposed to be the cause of reduction in material removal in z-axis direction. Insertion of a nozzle with a formed tip permits right angled drilling deep inside the prior hole Fig 1.

The work piece can be given horizontal feed manually, so that a hole can be drilled in a new position. This aspect reduces the resistance to current flow and may help in improving process performance. Basic components of an electrolyte supply system are as follows: D Thesis, University of Roorkee, India Work holding device, 2.

What is Electrostream Drilling? – Quora

This is done before taking weight of the work piece after ESD. The ESD machine has been designed keeping in view of the fundamental mechanism of the process.

During machining, applied voltage, current drawn, and electrolyte conductivity, were measured. The difference in the reading gives the depth of the machined hole. List of Tables 1. Sreejith et al [3] reported experimental findings concerning the effects of pro- cess parameters on the profile of a spike obtained during electro-chemical drilling of a blind hole in HSS workpiece. It is indeed my great pleasure to express my sincere thanks to Gayatri Prasad, Seshu, Prabhudas, Janardhan Reddy, VenuPhani and all my friends for their timely help and friendly cooperation in sorting out my problems and making my stay at I.

Work piece can be held in the work vice with the help of a tightening screw made of perspex. So instead of normal injection needles, using Titanium, Gold, or Platinum tubing may be effective. One such problem is drilling small deep holes in the super alloys. The present chapter deals with the design, related instmmentation and experimentation.

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This increase in diameter is attributed partly to the stray current effect and ptirtly to the fact that this portion of the work piece is subjected for maximum period of time to electro-chemical dissolution throughout the machining operation [2].

They suggested guidelines for selecting a particular process. This thick black tilm is similar to the results discussed in references [12, 13]. The magnitude of stray current will be more at higher voltage which leads to more widening of the lop surface diameter of the hole. I am specially thankful to Mr.

Dr. V K Jain -Publications

The variables that influence the behavior of the system responses are called factors, drillinh they are input parameters shown on the left side in Fig 2. Then machining of work material starts, and it is allowed to take place for 30 min. Passivating electrolytes like NaCloz can be helpful in achieving good dimensional ac- curacy of the machined hole.

Basic ESD process details were reported by previous researchers. Exper- iments have been performed with high speed steel HSS as work material.

Geometrical aspects such as machined hole profile, hole taper have also been studied. The least count of the instrument is 0. It was also elecyrostream that applying the reverse polarity also resulted in tool erosion.