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Results 1 – 30 of THE TERROR by MACHEN, Arthur and a great selection of related books, art and El pueblo blanco Y otros relatos de: Machen, Arthur. Results 1 – 30 of El gran dios Pan: y otros relatos de terror by Arthur Machen and a great selection of El pueblo blanco Y otros relatos de: Machen, Arthur. El pueblo blanco: Arthur Machen: Books –

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James type gentlemen scholars and Robert E.

The episodic and sometimes confusing nature of the novel made it a little less enjoyable to read than the short stories, but overall, this is definitely a good collection. View all 10 comments. Whenever the text calls for him to come clean, he squirms out of doing so through some cheap device or other. The first three pieces in this collection are definitely of interest, but the main event is The This originally came to my attention a few years ago through a list of books favored by Borges.

Porque su prosa, tan bella y tan cuidada, no solo tiene la finalidad de deleitar. Arthur Machen is undoubtedly essential for any devotee of supernatural, weird or late-Victorian gothic literature, and this volume, though it could have been much more nicely presented, is as good a place to start as any.

The White People

The narrative reached, at times, four levels deep. The two protagonists are wealthy individuals who were born into money and who have nothing more to do with their time than wandering the streets of London, reflecting upon and discussing esoteric matters, furiously smoking their pipes as they keep running into the three antagonists, in various guises, who aarthur to relate dubious stories of the supernatural.


So far, I have finished only the title novella. Apparently deeply shocking and contraversial in it’s time, there were angry puebo and morally outraged critics in the media, today it feels overly restrained and coy. The four novels and five or six “real” tales of The Three Impostors are subtitled “The Transmutations”, and most of the stories involve some element of things changing.

Mar 16, M. But those stories are brilliantly unsettling horror. I really enjoyed the language and plott This was my first experience with Machen, and I find that I really like him. He adds that she had “poisoned herself—in time”, making the analogy of a child finding the key to a locked medicine cabinet.

A good producer could make a very good film of it. They discuss some act which was performed and move on.

Howard action horror is instructive machem disconcerting. And the three imposters in this series of linked short stories are, once you can untangle the convoluted narratives, involved in some pretty horrible stuff. Lovecraft used this structure as his model for “The Call of Cthulhu.

I have remarked in other reviews about the moral landscape of G. This book is the blajco volume of a three-volume set that contains his earliest stories.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Of the various interlocked tales four of which are pitched as “novels”, fantastical stories told by one character to anotherthe two most important are “Novel of the Black Seal” and “Novel of the White Powder”. The Guide to Supernatural Fiction.

However, the stories are beautifully crafted, leaving its readers, as Machen no doubt intended, with a tingling sense of dread and foreboding.

Returning to London, he lived in relative poverty, attempting to work as a journalist, as a publisher’s clerk, and as a children’s tutor while writing in the evening and going on long rambling walks across London. Porque su prosa no es belleza por belleza, es un acto funcional envuelto en unas elegantes vestiduras.


Print SerialHardcover.

It was published in by John Lane in the noted Keynotes Series, which was part of the growing aesthetic movement of the time. Around Machen began to publish in literary magazines, writing stories influenced by the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, some of which used gothic or fantastic themes. The first, and smallest, is the best: Occasionally, that gets a bit boring, but mostly it is, for me, beautiful prose. Jun 27, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: The typesetting is unfortunately densely packed and with little regard to aesthetics, as though they were a little too keen to be economical with pagecount.

El pueblo blanco: Arthur Machen: Books –

Nov 16, Jeff Lewonczyk rated it really liked it. Reading it today it is hard to imagine what the fuss would have been about.

In other words it hasn’t dated too well, lacking the effectiveness they might once of had. Supposedly one of the grandfather’s of Weird fiction, an important influence on H. Two of these tales–“The Novel of the Black Seal” and “The Novel of the White Powder”–are first-class works of imaginative fiction, and the entire book itself is entrancing, reminiscent of Stevenson’s New Arabian Nights in its descriptions of London–conveyed in musical, Swinburneian prose–make of this nineteenth century metropolis something as exotic and fantastic as the Baghdad of Haroun al-Rashid.