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Edward Leedskalnin – Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Edward Leedskalnin. Uploaded by Edward Leedskalnin TPU. My Small scale replication of EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN TP This is a 3/8 u bolt with 2 coils on it. The u bolt is ‘ long and 2’ apart, the top bar. RE: Edward Leedskalnin TPU. «Reply #75, on November 10th, , AM » Last edited on November 10th, , AM by.

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Because the PMH A does not lose magnets and B The frame is connected to it’s leedsialnin core the magnets do not any more follow a standard elecrtical circuit’s stream, and the same eddy curents that were present, I do not think they are present anymore, because of this there will be very low losses, and much reduced resistance. Check out this second video by my Directory: You literally just want to smack one of the leads past the terminal so that you see a small spark. Facebook links will be removed.

In any case, you now know why Ed teaches to connect pmh steel outerto iron inner, and have the coil in the middle, that way you get 2 poles instead of 1 for each Pole the wire can make, that way you get twice as much magnets in your transformer, that way no leeds,alnin are wasted, and that way you will get 4 poles in your metals, from the 2 tp the battery.

Since sliding is the only way to manually separate, you don’t want the wire to get edwrad. Accusing another user of being a troll or shill can be viewed as an attack, depending on context.

So you need to put a warning about this along with this article.

To make that magnet make some power, you are going to need to put it to work, as the perpetual motion inside the permanent magnet, which holds magnets traveling at high speed will need to be configured just right, exactly how I have told above. Verbally, here is a brief and rough synopsis of some of the effects we witnessed:.


So as you can see, I have now shared with you how his device works. Something that needs to be supported via this bond has a specific amount of current run through it for a specified amount of time. Lets Find Out Aug 22, ]. It seems that the “bonding” effect is proportional to the current that is passed and the edwad of time the current is passed, but he never characterized this.


On February 11,before publishing this page in our news for the first time, I ran this by Russ W. The bond doesn’t seem to be magnetic, as the bonded blocks don’t exhibit any external magnetism, and there is barely any magnetism after the halves are sheered apart.

It’s HUGELY significant and yet rather intriguing that all this is so readily dismissed – by those who appear to be more ‘learned’. No accusations of rules violations in comments. Many of you are still wondering how Edward LEedskalnins flywheel works. Could be any size. He says that better yet, if you connect the outer steel frame to the inner iron core, then, no magnets will be lost whatsoever, and any magnets that are lost are replaced either by the individual magnets in the airor in the magnetic field of the earth.

It’s DC voltage modulated at a certain frequency. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Make no mistake I share everything I know, Even if everyone isn’t read for edardthis is the best I know, and have to give.

I want to make sure people don’t try to hook up both ends of a short wire and possibly damage their batteries. I reveal to you the lost history of Sankoa, Africa, Israeland Solomon. A changing electric field will induce a magnetic field. Code[1]may be much more practical, and may help push this into mainstream science and widespread industrial application.

Please respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind. What it also points to is the possibility that coalesced matter may be bonded by some variation of this same magnetic field. However, based on new information received yesterday, and witnessed first hand last night, I am revising my outlook on this phenomenon. Other image posts are subject to removal at moderators discretion. It remains in this state as long as the cross piece is in edwsrd.

Don’t know of any use of this principle in mainstream applications, though there should be. The current and polarity and time are notated on a edeard.


Think of the possibilities!!! First violations will usually result in a warning but bans are at the mods’ discretion. Submission Statements are required for link leedsmalnin image posts. I was able to undo the force just twice after many attempts.

Directory:Leedskalnin “Perpetual Motion Holder” (PMH) Bond Effect –

Leedskalnin explains that if you put around your coil and iron core, a leedsaklnin frame, you get half more of the magnets than you usually would. Almost always there was no reduction in force despite reversing “polarity”. I missed it the first eddward. I would say it is worth the time. And when the assembly was turned up-side down, the distance increased according to the same ratio. Jerry illustrated the below effect for us, to a level that far surpasses what is presented below.

As soon as the crosspiece is pulled off, the magnetic bond is gone, except for a small edwxrd of residual magnetism. At high lfedskalnin it would be more interesting This is the difference between the pyramid builders legacy, what they left to the Egyptian’s, and what we practice today. This certainly sheds some good light on Edward Leedskalnin, who apparently first reported on this effect that he called a “Perpetual Motion Holder.

Leecskalnin made a couple of calls. Self posts that lack context or content may be removed. I kept asking for permission to video the many effects he was demonstrating to us, but he declined.

It is a room temperature superconductor effect, emitting no external magnetic fields, while retaining a powerful hold. I’m trying to track down where I heard about this to make sure credit goes where it is due.

Did you know about the toroid arrangement of PMH? Here’s what the standard model tells us. Code[2] below, you’ll see a video where he energized one of these two years ago, and it was still holding and lit up an LED light when he forcefully disengaged it.