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List of computer science publications by Edward Fredkin. Edward Fredkin (born ) is an American computer scientist and to come up with a new and fruitful way of looking at physics, Feynman said, Fredkin will. Ed Fredkin ( –) has had a distinguished career both in the commercial sector as well as academia. He held professorships at MIT in Electrical Engineering.

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Perhaps Zeno was a Fredkin ahead of his time. Fredkin has worked with a number of companies in the computer field and has held academic positions at a number of universities. Given Finite Nature, there are no approximations, no subjective values. Nature is finite and digital. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat After all memory bits have erward affected, the clock tick is finished and the programming rule has been fully applied.

This means that, theoretically, any quantity can be represented exactly by an integer. The one and only rule each must follow is that it should ponder the color of the automaton next to it, and take the color which is next in line alphabetically.

Fredkib processing did not play a role frwdkin their creation or evolution. As such, there appears to be no room for consciousness. What it actually means is determined not just by the sequence of bits but also by the physical structure of the computer itself, by the overall structure of the fredlin encoded in the computer, by the program that is running, and by the intentions of the person using the computer.

We know from high school that all things are made ewdard individual atoms. Reversible computing is a model of computing where the computational process to some extent is reversible, i.

However, the input and output facilities are somewhat arbitrary in the sense that the information as processed by the computer can be read in many different ways according to the convenience of the user.


Edward Fredkin – Google Scholar Citations

The overall arrangement would be “wrong” because the application of the rules had not been finished. Thus, heads could be represented by “0” and tails by “1”, so that heads-heads-tails or hht could fredjin represented by “”.

I hope my thoughts have some value and I am interested in reading more about your theories. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Ddward Policy.

That is to say, Finite Nature assumes that the nothingness and void of empty space will turn out to consist of tiny blocks of length, width and depth; and the flow of time will turn out to consist of motion-picture-like frames of separate instants.

Edward Fredkin

What does a process edard of motion tell us? Retrieved 29 June Fredkin’s career and achievements have much of their motivation in digital philosophy, a particular type of pancomputationalism described in Fredkin’s papers: Modern Masters of an Ancient Game. Eddard Michael Burke C. They have been only rearranged, according to this commentator’s sense of a logical sorting. Oddly, the scientific proofs that natural phenomena are edwafd discrete rely on just this type of puzzling limitation.

His main interests concern digital computer-like models of basic processes in physics. Dickson Prize in Science This scientist article is a stub.

The following articles are merged in Scholar. International Journal of theoretical physics 21, The computer’s information is represented symbolically by the arrangement of binary switches in the computer’s memory. If this quality were continuous rather than discrete, the description would always have the flavor of an approximation, owing to the infinite possible rotations of the coin.

With these limitations, we can create a vast number of cellular automata using our finite memory and programming resources. Query whether this would satisfy those longing for ddward “real”?

However, the contracting phase, will not have the opposite arrow of time, to the expanding phase. He is a computer programmer, a pilot, an advisor to businesses and governments, and a physicist.


By some views, the disappearance of quantum effects at increasing scales involves the cancellation of microscopic effects on the macroscopic scale. Thank you for your attention. By other views, it is a simple matter of approximation whereby the unpredictability of quantum effects is declared “negligible” at some point. In Fredkin’s concept of a completely closed universe, there does not appear to be any difference in principle between observation of a collection of billions of cells i.

I see the universe as composed, at its basic level, of information. From one perspective, quantum indeterminacy implies that there is nothing “real” beneath the mathematical operations of quantum mechanics, and many theorists have attempted to imagine some type of “gears and wheels” that would produce the quantum effects we observe.

International Journal of Theoretical Physics 42 2, He carries the concept a bit further and argues that the universe itself is a computer. Nothing would be added to this information by using real coins, and we can save a great deal of copper by substituting the symbols.

Say entropy is always increasing for fred,in to parrallel thermodynamic entropy. Ed Fredkin working on PDP-1 ca. Retrieved from ” https: Put another way, this is to say that for every volume of space-time there will be a definite and finite amount of information contained within it. In the business world, Fredkin contributed mostly to the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence.

A photon or any other particle thus does not move through space, but is created anew out of the informational substructure of the universe as the probability wave moves. Or again, it is like looking through a telescope at the entrance leading to a far-off building: