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: Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition (): Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, John Baldwin: Books. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discovering Human Sexuality by Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, John Baldwin [Sinauer Associates, Inc., ] ( Paperback). Discovering Human Sexuality is an alternative version of Simon LeVay and Janice Baldwin’s textbook, Human Sexuality, which is also published by Sinauer .

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Mormon Polygamy Polyamory includes a variety of nonmonogamous relationships Discoverring Institution of Marriage Is Evolving Companionate marriage makes the availability of divorce a necessity Marriage is becoming a minority status Relationship options have diversified Most Long-Term Couples Are Satisfied with Their Sex Lives The frequency of sex declines over the course of long-term relationships Marital satisfaction declines during middle age Box: Be the first to ask a question about Discovering Human Sexuality.

They also co-created–with their upper division students–a sex information website: Dec 05, Jeffrey Bumiller rated it really liked it.

Sugaring Men discoveirng use escorts have liberal attitudes Some women use male prostitutes Juvenile prostitution is of special concern Box: Cesarean Section The Period after Birth Places Many Demands on Parents Postpartum depression may be accompanied by disordered thinking Childbirth and parenthood affect sexuality Breast-Feeding Is the Preferred Method of Nourishing the Infant Lactation is orchestrated by hormones The content of breast milk changes over time Infant formula is an alternative to breast milk Breast-feeding has many advantages and some drawbacks Chapter 9.

Paperbackpages. Male Circumcision Some disorders affect penile function Box: Michelle Brewer-Bunnell rated it it was amazing Jan 15, As I am teaching this within a Psychology Department, I find that my students appreciate the approach the text takes.

Pain-free Childbirth The newborn child adapts quickly Djscovering third stage is the expulsion of the placenta Premature or delayed birth is hazardous Box: Kat rated it really liked it Aug 25, Female Ejaculation Brain imaging suggests where orgasm may be experienced Box: Culture and Body Weight Attractiveness involves senses besides vision Behavior and personality influence sexual attractiveness Familiarity may increase or decrease attraction Perceived attractiveness varies around the menstrual cycle Asexual women and men do not experience sexual attraction Sexual Arousal Has Multiple Roots Fantasy is a common mode sexualityy sexual arousal Arousal occurs in response to a partner Gonadal steroid hormones influence sexual arousability Conditioning may influence arousal Sexual Arousal Follows a Response Cycle Box: Janine rated it it was ok Jan 11, Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.


US Higher Education Not for profit. To ask other readers questions about Discovering Human Sexualityhumaan sign up.

Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition

Trivia About Discovering Human I would be hard pressed to find a more thorough and approachable text. What Is “Great Sex”? I enjoyed it enough to read the chapters that were not covered in the class just to finish the whole book. First-person Accounts Some Adults Are Sexually Attracted to Children Pedophilia and child molestation are not synonymous “Child molestation” is a behavioral and legal term Priests and others may molest children under their care Some organizations support “minor-attracted people” A Variety of Other Paraphilic Disorders Exist Zoophiles are sexually attracted to animals In necrophilia, nonresistance of the partner may be arousing Sexual violence can be paraphilic Box: He has even written a novel.

An evidence-based, accessible introduction to the study of sexuality and the diverse ways in which it brings joys and challenges to our lives. Simon Sexualith is a writer and lecturer with a background in neuroscience. Rape may have evolutionary roots Some characteristics distinguish rapists from nonrapists Social forces influence the likelihood of rape Box: The Science of Sexual Orientation.

Now in its fourth edition, Discovering Human Sexuality sexuapity established itself as a popular and widely praised text that respects diversity both in the sexual world and among the students who read it.

Discovering Human Sexuality by Simon LeVay

The most enjoyable textbook Viscovering have ever read. I’d previously used another as recommended by a colleague, but it didn’t emphasize biological aspects. They provide a break in the chapter content.

TV or Not TV? Sex Development and Diversity Genes and Hormones Guide Sex Development Female and male reproductive tracts develop from different precursors Female and male external genitalia develop from the same precursors The gonads descend during development Puberty is sexual maturation The brain also differentiates sexually Sex Development Is Not Always Binary Unusual sets of chromosomes affect growth and fertility The gonads or genitals may be sexually ambiguous Box: Kirstyn Martinez rated it it was ok Sep 10, Discoverinv Hair Removal The appearance of the vaginal opening is variable Box: Male Contraceptives of the Future?


Skip to main content. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and sexjality by publishing worldwide. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Abortion in the United States: Contrasting Theories on Sexual Orientation Sexuality Can Be Studied with sexxuality Wide Variety of Methods Biomedical research focuses on the underlying mechanisms of sex Psychology includes diverse approaches to sexuality Cultural anthropology focuses on sexual diversity across cultures Sociologists focus on the connection between sex and society The economic approach weighs costs and benefits Organizations promote sex research Chapter 2.

Alicia Ricketts rated it liked xexuality Apr 12, Finkel and Roy F. Want to Read sexuslity. This alternative version of LeVay and Baldwin’s acclaimed text Human Sexuality is more accessible to students with a limited background in biology, but maintains the evidence-based approach and readability of the original.

Dec 12, Leslie rated it it was amazing. Halika Moore rated it it was amazing Apr 30, Purchase Send feedback Also available as: Extremely biased view towards a “modern” view of sexuality. Read this for a Psychology of Human Sexuality class. Overcoming homophobia is a communal enterprise Bisexual People Are Caught between Two Worlds The prevalence of bisexuality depends on definitions Bisexual people face prejudice Lesbian, gay, straight, bi, other–more alike than different Chapter Declining Sperm Counts Cancer and other disorders can affect the testicles Other glands contribute secretions to the semen What is semen?