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DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering Standards. DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Title (German). Rührer und Stromstörer für Rührbehälter;.

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Agitator – Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

The media osmolality 0. Agitators in bioreactors are essentially used to equalize temperature differences and differences of concentrations of various constituents. Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions.

An agitator for use on an agitator shaft having an axis of rotation. An agitator blade 1 may consist of equally large segments 5with different angles of attack.

An agitator according to claim 1, wherein the agitator has two to eight agitator blades. In contrast to the inclined-blade agitator type 2, the outer segments were bent in the same direction C shape.

United States Patent NS The number of pages: By browsing this website you expresses your consent with using cookies. Here are the instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. This has hydrodynamic properties coalescence behaviour, oxygen saturation concentration similar to the medium.

Reaction vessels and their components. By using the inventive inclined-blade agitator type 3, 2131 markedly higher increase in k L a value could be achieved, compared with all other agitator systems used, not only with increasing speed of rotation but also with increasing gas-introduction rate. These corrections apply to this standard: In the vessel there are four baffles having a width of 0.

Fin Determination of k L a 21831 JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Annotation of standard text DIN An agitator according to claim 1, wherein said blade mount further comprises means for fixing the agitator to the agitator shaft.


DIN 28131:1992-09

An agitator according to claim 9, wherein the agitator blade has a height measured parallel to the axis of rotation equal to the distance from the end of the upper segment not in contact with another segment to the end of the lower segment not in contact with another segment, wherein the ratio of the height of the agitator to the agitator diameter is 0. Dimensions of some agitators are set forth below: The segments of the agitator blades are arranged radially to the axis of rotation 2 and inclined at an angle of attack in the direction of rotation relative to the axis of rotation 2.

SS-EN Expression of performance of fluorometric oxygen analyzers xin liquid media. The dissolved oxygen concentration increases to the saturation concentration of approximately 6. Each agitator blade has a plurality of segments, including an upper segment relative to the axis of rotation and a lower segment relative to the axis of rotation.

The fall in k L a value which occurs dn a speed of rotation of rpm when the inclined-blade agitator type 1 was used occurred in this agitator in the form of a reduced increase.

The direction of rotation was chosen to be anticlockwise. It is possible that some feature will not work. Packaging and distribution of goods It represents a series of agitator types which dkn often used in practice. Each segment was 32 centimeters in length. The reactor is constructed with dished base, flat lid and longitudinal inspection glass.

The oxygen transport coefficient k L a is determined according to the following formula:.

GRW Geared Agitators » Geppert Mix

You must have JavaScript djn in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The drive unit consists of a bench construction having a suspended electric drive motor. DE 94 00 U discloses an agitator in which the agitator blades have an inner main blade connected with an outer side blade. Subscribe on standards with our subscription service.


Aircraft and space vehicle engineering The number of agitator elements per fermenter was three for the standard disc agitator and two for the inclined-blade agitators.

Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions

Please note that the selected standard is invalid. The agitator elements therefore preferably di a radially inner hollow ring region which encloses the agitator shaft 4to which ring region two to eight agitator blades are attached at regular intervals from one another. A stirred-tank fermenter with a working volume of 10 l is used for culturing a CHO cell line. In contrast to the type 1 inclined-blade 28113, the inclined-blade agitator type 2 was designed with a narrower but longer paddle surface.

Fundamentals of agitator technology in bioreactors are disclosed, for example, in Riet, van’t, Tramper, J. Our offices will be closed from December 24, to January 2, inclusive. Do you want to make sure you use only the valid technical standards? The standard is now in your shopping cart. JavaScript is required for the online shop to function fully. The invention relates to an agitator for use in a bioreactor.

Click for automatic bibliography generation. Mechanical systems and components for general use The pH of 7.

In biotechnology, various types of agitators are used. Materials handling equipment