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obligatorio de salud contributivo POS) and the subsidised obligatory health plan . Ministerio de la Protección Social. Decreto /23rd December. 8. La crisis del sistema de salud es estructural. cuales fueron “graciosamente” consignados en los considerandos del Decreto de [7]. Decreto No. Descargar el con la Ley de y en desarrollo a lo dispuesto en el Decreto de 23 de diciembre de y. CONSIDERANDO.

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Thank you very much. Code of Administrative Offenses No.

Decreto No. 074

Deals with maternity benefits, benefits for child care until the age of 3 and older, and for a disabled or ill child. Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey on cooperation in the field of fight against trade of persons and illegal migration. Defines dangerous production factors and provides for organisation of workplaces.

Code of internal water transport No. Decree of 3 November to approve the Rules of labour protection during the accomplishment of agricultural works by minor pupils.

decreto de octubre 9 de pdf – PDF Files

Defines legal and economic bases of the protection of consumers’ rights, and provides, inter alia, for information on goods or services, consumers’ rights to security and quality, and producers’ obligations. Who could help me? Provides, inter alia, that full time work cannot exceed 40 hours per week and that crew members are entitled to various daily rest periods, weekly leave, paid leave as well as to labour and social leave.

Los precios bajaron y las mejoras en acceso fueron innegables. Provides for the procedure for putting forward demands, conciliation committee, mediation, labour arbitration, procedure and conditions relating to strikes. Application of minimum wage Article 7.

Hourly minimum wage Article 6. Also deals with technical inquiry into the causes of industrial accidents and experts in the field of industrial security.

Unofficial English translation available. Contains provisions on requirements for persons engaged to transport dangerous freight by car, especially their training and medical examination Chapter VI. Defines the main tasks of establishments created in order to improve vocational knowledge of staff, increase their working abilities and prepare them to new vocational functions.

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Provides for calculation of salary scales and qualifying periods of free zone workers. Contains provisions on electric safety, fire security and means of individual protection. Defines legal bases of State regulation in the field of citizenship and regulates the procedure of grant and loss of Belarussian citizenship.

Università Degli Studi Di Genova

Deals with ed conditions, level of benefits, means of calculation and payment. Specific regulations regarding several categories of workers, Part IV: Deals with heating, ventilation, lighting, noise protection, technological processes, electrical protection, and general requirements decerto production equipment.

Also establishes State inspectors’ rights and functions of the Department director. Provides for instructions on means of material assistance to old persons in need and citizens with work incapacity by the Fund for social protection of the population under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

Defines the basic tasks of the Department State supervision of the devreto of labour legislation and training of employers and employees on labour legislation and provides for its rights. Agreement of 3 March between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of Latvian Republic on promotion and mutual protection of investments.

Establishes the fundamental principles of legal regulation of the system of social care, and determines financing sources and social services. Presents a consolidated text of the Act of Amends provisions on wages of workers of the apparatus of Presidiums of Belarussian Academies. Contains provisions relating to health and maternity benefits, old age, disability and survivor benefits, unemployment and family benefits.

Adds a second provision to the first part of section 3 providing that the activity of trade unions can be limited in the cases provided for by the legislative acts of the Republic in the interest of national security and public order, or to guarantee rights and liberties of other persons. Recreto emergencia social tuvo como uno de sus desencadenantes el exagerado crecimiento en el costo de los medicamentos No POS[1].

Contains provisions relating to work permits, labour contracts and wages. Regulations of 21 October on State registration of political parties, trade unions and other social action organisations and their unions. Amends, inter alia, provisions relating to indexation of benefits, right to benefits ve taking care of an ill child, of a child under 3, and a disabled child under 16 in the event of the mother’s illness, and right to benefits for a single mother with a child under 18 months. General 20009 for the regulation of collective labour relations, Part V: Done at Moscow on 8 December Entitles decteto to decrwto contracts with employees for a term of at least one year: Passing of Public Service Chapter V: Done at Dushambe on 23 April Provides, inter alia, for organization of occupational safety, security requirements on construction sites organization of workplaces, security of ed and lighting decrego, for work with construction engines, work with stone and concrete, assembly work, and work with toxic substances, and in cold weather.


O si prefiere en http: Sources of financing of the expenses for the payment of minimum wage Article 8. Provides for rules to be followed by employers for the safety of workers engaged in painting at all stages and sets forth a list of the most toxic substances.

Contains a consolidated version of the Refugees Act of 22 February and amends section 4 of the Act on the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons.

Amends 209 Pensions Act, the Act on principles of State social insurance and the Act on individual personal registration in the system of State social insurance.

Provides that contributions to trade unions shall be paid by members themselves and not taken from their wages.

Contains numerous amendments, inter alia, on recidivism, arrest, and breach of labour legislation section Contains provisions on ships ownership, registrationthe ship’s crew qualifications, labour relationsrights and obligations of the crew.

Regulates the procedure of grant of benefits for temporary work disablement and maternity benefits. Que incluyan contenidos, enlaces o nombres de usuarios que razonablemente puedan considerarse insultantes, difamatorios o contrarios a las leyes colombianas.

Act of 30 December on gatherings, meetings, street processions, demonstrations and picketing, as amended.