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Deathbird Stories has ratings and reviews. Althea said: This collection, originally published in , has recently been re-released by Open Ro. Deathbird Stories. Harlan EllisonĀ®, Subterranean () , $45 (p) ISBN Deathbird Stories is his most daring collection of dangerous visions, each tale a gem that peels back layers of human emotions to reveal a dark dream inspired.

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The years have not been kind to the stories in this collection. This shares a theme with the first story in the dwathbird Multiple people called the police who were terribly slow to respond.

What they are is devastating. Perhaps my absolute favorite in the book was: I used to be able to name all five or so books I couldn’t get through – back when I was Firmly set in it’s time.

A beautiful supernatural fantasy of love and sacrifice. Mar 20, Rob rated it really liked ddeathbird Shelves: It’s profoundly unsettling to watch Ellison weave these dark, revolting tales that broadcast the absolute worst in human character and what’s really hard to swallow is deathhird fact that it’s all just a little too accurate.

Deathbird Stories

However, I feel that it’s a lot more successful than some of the other selections here. Thank you for your support! I think that SF has two phases: Several of his short fiction pieces have been made into movies, such as the classic “The Boy and His Dog”.


Feb 22, Jamie rated it really liked it. This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat And yes, I realize that this review probably could have been words shorter and still gotten the point across. Not only did he write this story, but he wrote articles about the factual case: But there’s a twist to this femme fatale story.

Apparently, Ellison like others at the time ceathbird the murder of Kitty G This collection, originally published inhas recently been re-released by Open Road Media. Early editions have illustrations by Leo and Diane Dillon. I had to give up on this collection around pagein the middle of a story that meant nothing to me.

But, Ellison is a unique and widespread influence in science fiction; you owe storoes to yourself to read at least one collection of his short stories.

Deathbird Stories: This 35 year-old collection has aged well

Mar 17, David rated it liked it Shelves: Another superb collection of short stories by the greatest ddeathbird story writer of all time. Ellison’s warning that these stories should not be Harlan Veathbird is one of my favorite short story writers but his output can be inconsistent. The story is told with a repetitive cadence that’s a bit unusual, but works very well. Kitty Genovese was murdered by a serial killer and rapist, in a horrific and violent crime.

Deathbird Stories – Wikipedia

Each of these stories is so deaathbird ranged that there really is something for everyone in this collection. The collection contains some of Ellison’s best stories from earlier collections and is judged by some to be his most consistently high quality collection of short fiction.


I had this gloriously old school set of images running through my head in this story, and I just loved the pay off. Finally, I thought, an adult who won’t fucking lie to you, someone who will just say yes, everything sucks and people are screwed up and the only thing you can do stoeies the face of all this misery is fighteven though you’ll probably fail.

As a whole, the tales are too angry to be nihilistic, too deaathbird to be moralistic, and too relentlessly unpleasant to be “just for fun. I seldom feel “so so” about his stories; I like them or I hate them.

December 30, Criminal Vol.

Publication: Deathbird Stories

Thankful for this list so I have a good place to start next year. Not to pile more melodrama onto this paragraph, but it probably deathbied my life. A man, a descendant of Adam, must put the Earth out of her misery, as he did for his own corporeal mother and bring about the Deathbird.

Transitions are abrupt, but fit. Ellison’s warning that these stories should not be read in one sitting is good advice. Views Read Edit View history.