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[D&D ENG] Oriental Adventures. Uploaded by. Konrad Krupa. Secrets of the Crab. Uploaded by. Patrick Gerard Veilleux. Oriental Adventures – Creatures of. The Ronin в в в I в 1 т в н е г = a – т н в: The Ne:шіті The Maga а н н а н н н а и в: Character Classes in Rokugaп,,, . I loved Rokugan, and had no idea that the L5R world had been turned into D&D. I have little to no interest in learning a new system right on the.

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Originally Posted by Frosty. Personally, I think Tellah had the right idea, using what you’d like and redoing the fluff. The Burning Sands lie to the north and west rokuhan Rokugan. The Mantis Clan was formerly a minor clan, until after the Second Day of Thunder, when they won their place as a great clan.

There is also the issue that in L5R you are human, OA many rokugah possible races to play. They have reprinted the shugenja, wu-jen, samurai, and ninja.

Creatures of Rokugan isn’t bad for a rokugwn collection, and I think the way it fleshes out the shadowlands does more to flavor an OA campaign than all the other books’ pages and pages of clan minutia.

Nothing found by any explorers has verified the claim of a previous Nezumi society until recently. They are trained heavily in Iaijutsu fast-draw technique where the sword is drawn and a killing blow is struck with one, very fast movement.

Lovecraft When a man decides another’s future behind his back, it is a conspiracy. You may look here for more info.


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D&D Rokugan Oriental Adventures Campaign Setting HC Dungeons & Dragons L5R | eBay

Seeing a kenku is rare, and getting one to take on a student is nearly impossible. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Retrieved from ” https: The Nezumi control the Name’s Magic, an ancient and very powerful form of magic. Add to watch list. The E&d border Rokugan to the south and south-west. The last forty or so of those years are of particular interest, since that is the time period covered by the Legend of the Five Rings card game and novels.

D&f Tengu renamed Raptorans Koropokkuru renamed Halflings Kappa renamed Aquatic Goblins from UA Tanuki a homebrewed playable race, PM me for details if interested Henge renamed Shifters from Eberron Classes My players can choose any class they want, but in character they need to use the terms of rokugna in the game world.

Rokugan/Oriental Adventures

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Some of the Lost have formed mock societies, and there have even been rumors of children born in the Shadowlands, many of whom have the benefits of the dark gifts, with little in the way of curses due gokugan their unfailing devotion to Fu Leng.

I did most of the world-building stuff in about a week, and you can find tons of information about kamiobake and other stuff on wikipedia, if you like. The clan families are Akodo, Ikoma, Kitsu, and Matsu. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Tokugan and Privacy Policy.

The Ivory Kingdoms lie far to the west and south of Rokugan, past the Shadowlands. Why aren’t they with the others?


Results 1 to 18 of The Chuda are rokkugan joining forces with the Horde of the Jikogou. They are considered as pirates by the other clans and some of their samurai actually engage in piracy. I took a chance on Magic of Rokuganand it’s I’m also not sure if any of the Rokugan supplements were officially 3. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: They are tasked to patrol the Rokugani seas and guard them against gaijin invaders.

Taking stats of a character from one system and translating to another will result in some changes that affect fluff. Email Required, but never shown. I am not rolugan if there are significant historical differences rpkugan not, but I am only concerned with very major differences, particularly in how people behave. So, can anyone tell me more about these books, and whether something like Fortunes and Winds would be worth looking at?

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Just looking through Amazon, I’ve found about a dozen titles, half of them dealing with magic, creatures, etc. They are intended to be exactly the same setting. Far in the West, beyond the Burning Sands or the Ivory Kingdoms, are other lands, most of them with no contact rokgan all with Rokugan.