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Get the guaranteed best price on Signal Routing like the dbx DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free shipping. Check out our expert hands-on review of the dbx DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer at The Hub from Musician’s Friend. In another dbx industry first, we’ve created a processor specifically tailored for The DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer has everything you need to get.

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DBX DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer & Mic w SKB 2U Shallow | eBay

The first was with my band playing in three different clubs, the second was in my home studio. I performed two tests with the DriveRack PX.

With the band, we yanked our graphic EQ, feedback suppressor, and compressors from the rack and replaced them with the PX. The sound system, that is.

Not only will the PX make your powered PA speakers sound louder and clearer, your active studio monitors will also sound much better than you could imagine. Arturo martinez You can store these settings in 25 user locations for later recall driveraco you come back to play the same room. I’m looking into rack gear and sound processing, and am wondering if the PX or something similar, would be a better and more compact option than dual type EQs and possibly adding feedback units.

Taking up one rackspace, the DriveRack PX weighs four pounds pz has an expensive look and feel. The highs seemed to sparkle more. Bypassing the PX, my speakers sounded a tad dull in comparison.


The next test was at my home studio. Less gear in the signal path means less noise. While this box is designed primarily for live performance, I would seriously consider one for home studios set up in spare rooms.

Any input would be great. Despite the fact that by themselves, these speakers seem to disappear, leaving sound to float magically in the air, I heard a drigerack improvement in presence and clarity with the PX. Putting the PX in front of dgiverack muy-pricey active monitors was surprising to say the least. Setup is dirt-simple and quick; as long as it takes to plug it in and connect your mixer, speakers, and M2 RTA mic, and run the wizards.

All of the other mixers I’m looking into are larger, where the Yamaha I believe is a 19″ rack mountable unit.

Hands-On Review: dbx DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer | The HUB

Along with its ability to bring out the very best in any venue with virtually effortless operation, the PX comes with an unbelievably low price tag. Signal Processors PA Systems. Then the PX automatically adjusts EQ, helps you set gain, and lets you choose the number up to 12 and width of stereo notch filters for feedback reduction. It was like having an experienced FOH engineer in a box. For now I’m just running a FOH system for mobile entertainment, but am in the process of assembling a rig for getting into live sound.

dbx DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer

How does the traveling band get a consistently great sound from gig to gig, so you can always sound and play your best? Inside, the PX features a subharmonic synthesizer that extends bass xriverack, stereo band graphic EQ, stereo multi-band parametric EQ, PeakPlus limiters, a pink noise generator, and a classic dbx compressor.


We experienced the same thing in each club. E-mail required, but will not display.

Hands-On Review: dbx DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer

Having a Powered Speaker Optimizer in your rack will lift your sound to heights previously attainable only with an experienced FOH engineer and a high-end, mondo-speaker-management system, such as a dbx DriveRack I’m trying to cover all the bases, but have the most compact rack setup possible.

Easier still, you can bypass the setup wizard and go directly to the Auto-EQ and AFS Advanced Feedback Suppression wizards via 25 factory presets that support the most popular powered loudspeakers. Simply use the left side of the DriveRack with nothing connected on the right side. To give it the ease-of-use acid test, I decided to fly without a net no manual.

The first thing we noticed was a much cleaner signal. Our system sounded as though it had doubled in size and clarity—particularly with vocals usually the first to get buried in a live mix —and for the first time, we had perfect gain structure.

During our sound check, we were stunned by the difference. Generally when you play clubs, you fight with your equipment in order to be heard clearly.