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Ctags is first run on its own to generate a “tags” file, then it is invoked from within These commands were tested with Vim (), but will likely work with Vi or. I absolutely love Vim, and I use Vim for all my coding and writing from Depending on command line arguments and the language ctags is run. Ctags lets you navigate code fast, and is perhaps the single most useful productivity Coupled with some integration with your editor (shown: Vim’s that’s got multiple definitions, use these commands to sift through them all.

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To help, Vim uses a tags file that lists each word you are likely to want, and their locations file path and line number.

You just re-invented upward search. See this plugin for a relevant example. Depending on command line arguments and the language ctags is run against, a lot of information can be obtained from this index. Permission denied” while ctags is building the tags file. Get viim Get updates.

After that, C-o will bring you back one level, C-i goes deeper again. Install it, and map a key to it I use ,b:.

vim-tags – The Ctags generator for Vim : vim online

Like all Linux programs, Ctags has a man page man 1 ctags. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question.


You can define which tag file is searched first: Ctags vm make it much easier to find the Linux kernel files that you have to modify for your Ctagz projects.

The first command is probably the one you will use most often: Depending on command line arguments and the language ctags is run against, a lot of information can be obtained from this index. Ctags is a tool that will sift through your code, indexing methods, classes, variables, and other identifiers, storing the index in a tags file.

Also you can use Ctrlp to search for tags instead of vvim. This tip provides an overview of creating and using tags files for the details, see: Ctags Tutorial Ctags is a tool that makes it easy to navigate large source code projects.

Check this official doc for installation and setup.

Ctags Tutorial

Ctags also supports many languages besides C, so you may find it useful for future projects. If you have questions or remarks about this site, visit the vimonline development pages.

What is the advantage of cscope over ctags? There are many misconceptions, here. The tags file has to be created by a utility, and has to be updated after significant editing has occurred.

Good comprehensive answer, but he’s here to learn. TagsGenerate This command generates one or more tags files. Often Exuberant Ctags or other ctags program is used to create the commande tags file. If you are not on forkbomb or attumake sure that the system you are using has “Exuberant Ctags” installed, rather than the original “Ctags,” by running ctags –version.


They use ctags and cscsope. Home dev Learn to code for free. Note Even the list of all definitions given by tags-apropos may be too large to find the definition that you’re looking for.

The second command can be used to search for any tag, regardless of the file that is currently opened.

Browsing programs with tags | Vim Tips Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The main hotkeys are Ctrl-] to jump to a definition, Ctrl-t to go back, then there are also commands, for example: CtrlPTag will let you search through your tags file and jump to where tags are defined. TagMenu has been moved to ctqgs Each wanted word is known as a “tag”, for example, each function name or global variable may be a tag.

Sign In Don’t have an account? If there are multiple tag matches, you can browse through all of them in the preview window using several of the Vim ex commands.